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Newsletters: January 2017

Jr. KGSubject/ UnitTopicOral / ReadingConversationWritten workEnglishTales and Tunes

Tales and TunesStory: The Caterpillar’s Story, The Hot Cake, Where is My Home, The Big Race

Songs: A Pretty Butterfly, Hot Potato and Cold Spaghetti, My Home, If I was a bird (confirm)

Picture Dictionary: Pages – 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53

‘a’ vowel, three letter words (ap, at, am, an)

Make rhyming words.Talk about butterfly and caterpillar

Talk about hot & cold things

Talk about ‘where animals live’

Talk about the race they like and whyWriting cursive letters – w, n, m, p, h, b, k, fEVSCaterpillars & Butterflies

Hot & Cold


The Big RaceSight Words: butterfly, flower, leaf, park, egg, caterpillar, pupa

Sight Words: hot, cold, cake, water, ice, snow, boil, sun, tea, summer, winter.

Sight Words: home, rain, tree, bird, nest, long, near, for

Sight Words: race, puppy, forest, animals, winsDiscuss how caterpillar turns into a butterfly

Discuss abut difference between hot & cold, discuss about clothes worn in summer & winter and why

Discuss about different kinds of homes.

Discuss about trying out new things, togetherness & familyRed Activity Book: Pages – 39, 40, 41, 58, 16 & 67MathRecognition of numbers 10, 11 through games and activities.

Understand if a thing is near or far from a place by visual representation.Concepts:

Find 1 less than a number (up to 9)


After numbers (1 – 5)

Seriation – small, big,                      biggest

Long/ShortWriting numerals  10, 11, 12, 13

Count and write

Draw objects (1 – 5)HindiSongs:

भारत की शान

सबसे प्यारा अपना घरऊ ए Words beginning with the soundCreativeDecorate cutouts of caterpillars

Butterfly painting

Magic painting of different animal homes

Pretend play of ‘The Big Race’

Drawing and coloring activity

Making stick puppetsGross Motor Skills

Fine Motor SkillsPedal a tricycle forward and steer around obstacles

Kick a ball at a given target

Throw a ball at a given target

Blocks & puzzles, threading beads, play dough/clay, lacing boards.

Sr. KGSubjectTopicsClassroom ActivitiesStories and PoemsNote book, Pattern book and WorkbookEnglishMoney Magic

Pictures Tell a Story

Ticking Time

Little Discoveries

All Time Rhyme

-Introduction of Singular/Plurals

-Matching of picture card with word

–Money Magic

Draw what money can buy

-Making of treasure box

-Etching of coin

-Draw what you want to be in future

-Making of provision store

-Draw a wish list

-Draw a need/ want

-Draw things under one/many columns

-Draw a love card for your parents

-Pretend Play(Provision Store)

Pictures Tell a Story

Making of word chart with “ a” vowel

Draw a rainbow story

Make  bow and arrow

Making of flower

Draw favorite part of “Uncle Knit” story

Ticking Time

Making of clock

Little Discoveries

Experiments with water to explore shape(dish, bowl, jar, can)

All Time Rhyme

Making of head bands of mouse

Draw characters, places or things in a rhymeStories

Money Magic

Sikka and the toy shop

Pictures Tell a Story

“a” vowel story

-Uncle Knit

-Sam the Bat and his Pals

Ticking Time

“i” story

Little Discoveries

o” story

All Time Rhyme

u” story


-Dotted Frog

Hickory ,Dickory Dock

On a Gardner’s Apple Tree

Jack and Jill

Humpty, Dumpty

Pussy Cat

Baa-Baa Black Sheep

Pat a Cake

Old Mother Goose

Old Mac DonaldWorkbook

Money Magic- W/S-S2,S3,S5

Pictures Tell a Story-W/S-S1,S1.1,S3.1,S3,S5

Revision of a, e, i, o, u vowels three letter wordsEVSConversation(Money Magic)

–Importance of money


-Talk about where do we get money from

-Distinguish between need/want

-Talk on what money cannot buy

Little Discoveries

-Talk about water shape

-Uses of Magnet

-Concept of Wet/Dry

-Things that can be squeezed

All Time Rhyme

-Making of new rhyme by changing the name ,place thing of traditional rhymes

-Sentence makingTicking Time

-Talk about clock

-Talk on how clock works

-Days of the week

-Months of the yearPicture Tell a Story

Describing the picture and complete the story

Predicting the content of the story

Similarities and differences of two storiesTicking Time-W/S-S4,S5

Little Discoveries-W/S-S3,S4,S5

All Time Rhyme-W/S-S2,S3,S5MathMoney Magic

-Mark similarities and differences of coins

-Talk about the two sides of the coin(head/tales

Little Discoveries

Introduction of Addition/Subtraction–Money Magic

Patterning with coins

-Draw pictures with price tags and then draw the coins you use to pay

-Draw a web of coins

Pictures Tell a Story

Draw a log(note book)Ticking Time

Talk about minutes

All Time Rhyme


Pictures Tell a Story

Addition(with the help of Dotted Frog rhyme)Number Names 51-100

Number Values 51-100

Ascending/Descending 1-20Hindi    त  –  मRhymes : Vitaan

Page :54,58,61

Std. ISubTopicClass Room ActivitiesContent Bk (Green)/ Student Wk Bk (Red)Note Book WorkActivities to do at homeENGLISHB15- Likes and dislikes

B 16 – Reading for a purpose

B17 – A rain game

ContractionsReading, discussion, reciting poems, Activity- Talk about likes and dislikes.Making words with _a_e .Writing a story.KWL chart. Words with ar and or.Reader :  87 to 101

W/S : Block 15, 16 and 17Notes on :  B 15, 16 and 17Reading the lesson, making rhyming words, making sentences, writing a story , revising the notes given in the notebook.EVSB 15 All about insects

B 16 Plants around Me

B 19 Plants are differentBody parts of insects, homes and food of insects.

Observing plants – walk in the school. Parts of  a plant.

Collecting different leaves and observing them and comparing them.Textbook : 4 to 110

W/S: Block  15, 16and 17Spellings, notes on 3 lessons, drawing picturesVisit  to a garden and observe atleast 3  plants.Collect different kinds of leaves

and observe them.MATHB -16 Comparing numbers 0 – 49

B 17-Numbers 50 to 59

B18 –Numbers 0 – 100Ordering numbers  , place value using ice cream sticks or rajma beans , skip counting using the number line.Textbook :99  to 111

W/S : Block  16 ,17 and 18Compare , Ordering numbers, number names ,, tens and onesComparing numbers, odering numbers, skip counting, writing number names.HINDIऊ , एऔरऐकीमात्राऔरउसकेकेशब्द

७. नटखटझपटू

८. किसके पीछे

९. रेत का घर* वर्णों पर मात्रा लगना|

* ऊ, ए और ऐ मात्रा के शब्द

* शब्द भंडार , चित्र का वर्णन अपने                              शब्द में करना|

  1. चित्रों को निरीक्षण|

  2. मौखिकपरीक्षा

  3. कविता याद करना|

  4. कार्यपत्र करवाना|शब्द लिखना|

सभी वर्णों पर ऊ,ए और ऐ  की मात्रा लगाना|

पाठ से नए शब्द लिखवाना||MARATHIलेखनसराववाचनसराव

मूळाक्षरे वाचन लेखन

अंकउजळणी.मूळाक्षरे लेखन. वाचन सामान्यज्ञान,

अंकवाचन ,माझेपुस्तक१लेखनअंकलिपी ,मराठी चार्टलेखनवाचनसरावउजळणी ,लेखनसरावV.EdEmpathyActivity – Story telling , Discussion————————Journal work –Quote, Write an incidence where you had shown kindness towards others,Life Skill – to respect, being humble , a good listener

Std. IISubjectTopicClass Room ActivitiesContent Bk (Green) / Student Wk Bk (Red)Note Book WorkActivities to do at homeEnglishBlock 17- Elements of a Folktale

Block 18- Writing about the past

Block 19- Making predictionsDraw pictures and events of the story, draw a ‘wh’ web chart, share stories about fun trip, retell a story, listen to a rhyme and find homophonesCB Pg Nos.- 105 to 123

WB Pg Nos.- 5 to 18Notes on Jun’s Seeds, ‘e’ sound words, Notes on Khin and the magic powderParents will ask what happened in the story and what will happen next, look at old photographs and talk about what they did and how they looked using past tense, help children to make homophones.E.V.SBlock 17-  Ice, Water and Steam

Block 18- Air and Breathing

Block 19- Moving AirDraw a water cycle, forms of water, read a story, observe picturesCB Pg Nos.- 105 to 122

WB Pg Nos.- 5 to 18Notes on

Ice, Water and Steam;

Air and Breathing;

Moving airParents will help to-

Observe formation of water vapour; Practice steps to keep the air clean; Discuss about the storm ‘Phailin’MathMultiplication

Block 11, 12 and 13

  1. Repeated addition with the help of beads/seeds

  2. Understanding tables of 2, 5 and 10 with the help of beads

  3. Tables of 3, 4, 6 and 9 with the help of rowsBlock 11– CB- pg. 70 to 74

WB-2- pg. 16 to 19

Block 12 – CB- pg. 76 to 80

WB-2- pg. 21 to 24

Block 13 – CB- pg. no. 82 to 86

WB-2- Pg. No. 26 to 29

  1. Multiplication sums

  2. Tables of 2, 5, 10, 3, 4, 6 and 9Block 11 – write story sums on multiplication using any items in your house.

Block 12 and 13 – look for situations when you can ask how many times.Hindi१३. चिड़ियाँनहाई

१४. कैसाशोर

* व्याकरण* चित्र का वर्णन अपने शब्दों में करना |  * मौखिक परीक्षा

* कविता याद करना

* कार्यपत्रकरवाना, पाठवाचन

* व्याकरण* चित्रकोनिरीक्षणकरकेउसकेबारेमेंबताना, मौखिकपरीक्षा

* कविता — तारे

* पाठकेनीचेदियागयाकार्यकरनानएशब्दलिखना, व्याकरण, प्रश्नोत्तरMarathiमूळाक्षरे, सामान्यज्ञान

वाचन ,लेखननोटबूकमध्येमूळाक्षरेलेखनवाचन

सराव, रंगाची नावेअंकलिपी ,मराठी चार्टलेखनवाचनसरावलेखन वाचन सराव  उजळणीValues Education/ Life SkillsEmpathyLife Skills: Show respect, Exhibit manners, Learn to be good listenerDiscussion, Story Telling, Sharing SessionJournal work- Quote, write an incident when you had shown kindness, feelings accompanied

Std. IIISubTopicClass Room ActivitiesContent Book / Student Workbook Note Book WorkActivities to do at homeEngLITERATURE- Pink & Giya(Block 16, 17), Another Day(Block 25)

GRAMMAR- ‘Wh’ questions, Future Tense

  1. Asking questions

  2. Chart activity-questions before, during and after reading

  3. Chart Activity-Promise Chart

  4. Converting paragraph into a poemContent Book – Pink & Giya (Block 16, 17) ), Another Day(Block 25)

WorkbookBlock 16S1, S2, S3, S4,Block 17- S1, S2, S3, S4 Block 25 – S1, S2, S3, S4Literature – Spell Drill, Word Meanings, Questions & Answers

Grammar – ‘Wh’ questions, Future Tense, Revision of Present & Past Tense.Reading of the lesson. Parents can encourage their children to stop and ask questions about what they have read while reading new stories or watching movies at home, talk about their future plans or dreams, and encourage them to use ‘will’ in their answers.  Parents can read aloud paragraphs from stories, newspapers and magazines and ask questions to help students identify the key details and write a poem with them.EvsSocial Science B 12- Accidents and safety,B 13- Cooking food. Social science– B14- Diversity in food we eat,Crayons for drawing, Raw and boiled potato slices ,sprouts for food activity ,boiled peas, idlis,fried potato ,slices of cake,a package of food,map of India,sheets of paper to draw.Content Book:-Accidents and safety, Cooking food, Diversity in food we eat.WB – B12- S1 to S4;-B13- S1 to S4, B14- S1 to S4.Spellings .Fill in the blanks

Question and answers and drawing.Children can go to a traffic police and meet them. Parents can help the child to prepare a dish that does not involve cooking like sandwich, salad or bake a cake, try to cook some food of other region from cookery magazines.MathBlock 12-Multiplying using column method.

Block 13- Length , Meters , and Centimetre’s.Solve the sums using the column method. This method will encourage students to multiply numbers splitting them into hundreds, tens and ones. Measure the table using the hands span and then using the ruler to establish the need for standard units. Measure their parts of body, such as hands span, cubit, foot print etc. Using the ruler to the nearest ½ cm.Block 12-S1 to S4.

Block 13 -S1 to S4Dogging numbers, Numbers names, Tables from 2 to 20, Odd even numbers, Word problems based on multiplication, Addition and subtraction sums.Sums based on estimation. Measuring with the help of ruler. Conversion of units. Standard weight, kg, g. Convert kg to g .Converting Millilitres to litre.Children could be asked to measure various objects using body parts and verify the length by measuring them using a ruler or meter tapeHindiपाठ ११ ( contd)  कविता – १२बातपते| वाचन,स्वतंत्र रूप से उत्तर लिखना, विशेषण, समानार्थी और विलोम शब्दप्रश्नोत्तर पर चर्चा और लेखन, समानार्थी और विलोम शब्दों का लेखन |कठिन शब्द,प्रश्नोत्तर वाक्य बनाओ, विशेषण सम्बंधित अभ्यासक्रम |पाठ के नीचे के स्वाध्याय की पुनरावृत्ति, पाठ पढ़नाMarathiमात्रालेखनवाचनसराव , वाक्यलेखनसराव,माझे पुस्तक ४  वाचन , लेखनसरावसामान्यज्ञानअंकलिपी ,मराठी चार्ट , माझे पुस्तक ४लेखन वाचन सराव ,लेखन वाचन सराव  उजळणीValue Ed and Life skillsEmpathyDiscussion, Story Telling, Sharing sessionLife skill- Show respect, Exhibit manners, Learn to be a  good listenerJournal-Quote on empathy, write an incident of kindness shown by you.Importance of Empathy in our lives

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