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Newsletters – Jan 2015

Jr. KG


LANGUAGE : Conversation : Different means of Land, water and air transport and their uses. Name Living and Non-Living Things

Story: The Enormous Carrot, A Big Fight in a Big Garage, Hugs, Nomi on a Treasure Hunt, Roy the Responsible Rabbit, At the Zoo, Sambhav 

Songs: On a gardener’s apple tree, Wheels of the bus, Row Row Row Your Boat, Five Little Men Flying In A Saucer, Five Little Monkeys

Picture Reading: My world in Pictures –Transport

Reading (oral): 3- letter words , Make rhyming words

Writing: Capital letters A-Z, Cursive letters – l ,t, i, c ,a ,d ,o , g, q Match Letters with Pictures

Sight Words: Vehicles, Car, Bus, Train, Boat, Ship, Yacht, Submarine, Motorboat, Canoe, Float/Sink, Aeroplane, Helicopter, Hot air balloon, Spaceship, Living, Non-living, Plants and Animals

EVS: Uses of different means of transport, Fastest means of transport, Concept of Floating/Sinking, Road safety and Traffic rules, Difference between Living /Non Living , Characteristics of Living/Non living

MATHS (Pre-Math Activities): Sorting according to shape, Count and match, Count, write the numeral, circle the numeral. Count by rote (0 – 10), Missing numbers, Number values up to 10, Recognition and writing numerals 1 – 10, Concept of Heavy / Light

FINE MOTOR ACTIVITIES: Threading beads, Blocks, Puzzles, Clay work

GROSS MOTOR ACTIVITIES: Drill / Exercise, Games

CREATIVE: Make different types of transport – Sail boat, Canoe , Hot-air Balloons, Aeroplanes . Draw different types of transport, Collage of Plants and Animals.

Sr. KG


ENGLISH: ‘sh’diagraph words, identify the beginning sound of words,

words with blends ‘sn’ and ‘sp’.

SIGHT WORDS: once, upon, time, soon, please, good.

WRITTEN: Blends, 3 letter words with vowels a, e, i, o, u

READING: The Reading Express page number 53 to 74.

Communicate in English page number till page 49, all blend 

words of dr,fl, gl, sn, sp, bl, cl, tr, br, reading short

sentences, sight words , Hindi letters from क से ण

STORY: Little Red Riding Hood, The brave and courageous beauty,

Cinderella, The Hare and Tortoise, The Lion and Mouse.

CONVERSATION: All these topics were included for conversation.

ACTIVITY: Making paper bag puppets of story lion and mouse, Collage of

all stories mentioned

EVS: Discussion on Bedtime stories, bedtime rituals. Introduction to

concept of time.

MATHS: Before, after and between numbers 50 to 70, count the objects

and match, numerals 1 to 80, add using objects 1 to 10,

Sequencing, backward counting 10 to 0, concept of 2 more

than with stories, concept of tens and ones by separating two

digit numbers.

WRITING: writing numerals 1 to 80, numerals randomly 1 to 80, number

names till fifty, before, after and between numbers till 

80, Ordinals1 to 10, values 1 to 80, count and match.


ENGLISH: Rhyming words, diagraph ‘ch’, complete the rhymes with

rhyming words, weave story on train journey,

EVS: Describe pictures of vehicles, match pictures, weave story using

pictures, Object talk on vehicles.

Discussion on wheels, match pictures of vehicles and sort,

Discuss on vehicles on special duty, Discuss on safety rules

while travelling through vehicles, Discuss on road safety,

Discuss on what are trains,

SIGHT WORDS: I, go, fast, in ,slow, a, car, bus, train, truck, aeroplane, bicycle,

rickshaw, auto rickshaw, scooter, cart, boat, wheel, driver,


MATHS: Concept of one less than, sorting, Concept of how many left,

measuring distance with steps.

GAMES: Wheel cap game.

STORY: The Busy Wheels, Story on ‘ch’diagraph.

SONGS: The train is carrying coal, The wheels of the bus go…, Rhyme

‘ch’, Travelling time, Rhyme on rhyming words.

ACTIVITY: Making a graph of different ways to come to school, making

car out of a soap box, Display of different means of transport,

making of a train. 

ROLE PLAY: Role modeling of vehicles, pretend play-Ride through a bus.

HINDI: Identification and writing of अ to अ: और क से ण .

Std. ISubject/ Unit

TopicsClassroom ActivitiesContent Book (Green) and Student WB (Red)Note book workEngSight words, Phonics words, Jumbled sentences, Opposites , Singular and plural, Building sentences, Making connections , Questions , Silent ‘e’ , silent ‘e’ with ‘i’, Pronouns Create a characters, Sequencing events,

Ls – I don’t like my hair.Decodable-7. Pair work- I like and I don’t like. Picture cards R9.1. Game for silent ‘ e’. Demonstrate opposites with objects.WB-S2.1 to S13.1Sight words and phonics words. Rules for singular and plural.EVSLs.Air and waterExperiment to show air is present everyday- Bucket , cloth and glass. Polythene bag to blow and burst to show air is present in it. Small potted plant to show that plants also need water to grow.WB – S2.1  to  S12.1Spellings and fill up.MathSubtraction

Geometry and patternsGroup Activity with ice-cream sticks .Class room objects and their shapes.

Activity – Command cards for spatial relationship. Crown activity for shapes.

Cut outs of different shapes.WB S16.1 to S18.1  and  S2.1 to S11.1

Content book- Page no.84 to 100Subtraction sums -Arrange and solveHindiईऔरउ,ऊकीमात्रा ,झिलमिलकाजादुईबस्तापाठवाचन , नएशब्दमौखिकपरीक्षाकार्यपुस्तिका१और२नए शब्द लिखना|

वर्णों पर मात्रा लगाना|

मात्रा लगाकर शब्द लिखना|Marathiगाणे , श्लोक प फ ब भ म य र ल व       व्यंजन गोष्टचिऊताईचे गाणे म्हणणे , श्लोक म्हणणे. प,फ, ब भ म य र ल व व्यंजन पान क्र. ३७ ते ४५प,फ, ब भ म य र ल व अक्षर पुस्तकात लिहिणे .

Std. IISubject/ Unit


Classroom Activities

Content Book (Green) and Student WB (Red)

Note book work


Tenses ( Past, Present, Present continuous)

Letter Writing ( Informal ),

Rinky goes berry picking,

Story writing, Antonyms,

Creating own poem,

Exploring Story Elements,

Describing a part of a story,

What do you like to do?,  Articles, Revision of Prepositions

Writing own story using the Story Map

Group Activity: Describe and draw Story Characters just by listening to a story (town side, country side, town mouse, country mouse)

Creating own poem

Creative writing skill test : letter writing

Content book (pages 59 to 70 )

Workbook ( pages 68 to 75 )

Notes and exercises on tenses, antonyms, articles

Literature – writing poem

Three informal letters


Air – Warm up, Air can move things, Importance and types of winds, its uses,

Water – forms, Fresh and salt water, understanding the usage of water, Calculating water usage, Soluble and Insoluble.

Experiments  performed  in the  class :

Air can move things (glass and balloon), wind can dry wet things (wet handkerchief), water can change its form on freezing and heating, shapes of different forms of water is different, fresh water and saline water tastes different.

Perform any activity based on air/ water (skill test )

Content book ( pages 76 to 85 )

Workbook ( pages 8 to 22 )

Notes on types of wind ( wind, breeze, gale, storm )

Notes on properties of water, different forms of water, uses of water


Multiplication ( Carry over ) , Division – Equal Sharing, by grouping, solving story problems, number sentence, division symbol, using repeated subtraction method

Rajma beans activity for equal sharing concept

Ball activity for grouping concept of division

Chalk/ pencil activity to explain the concept of division symbol and grouping

Crayon/ colour pencil activity to explain the concept of repeated subtraction ( division )

Content book ( pages 71 to 89 )

Workbook ( pages 12 to 24 )

Sums on vertical multiplication with carry over

Notes and exercises on Division


सूराज चाचू चले छुट्टी पर ( पाठ )


नए शब्द लिखना|

प्रश्न और उत्तर लिखना|

कार्यपुस्तिकान. १

किताब में  नएशब्दलिखना

प्रश्न और उत्तर लिखना|


घटक  ३listening skill activity based on  ध ग फ ज   letters, ओ  ची मात्रा नवीन शब्द लिहिणे,  पाठवाचनपानक्र११   पृष्ठ क्र . ७ ते १४  ओ ची मात्रा  चे शब्द, ध ग फ ज     अक्षरे वहीत  लिहिली . शब्द  लिहिणे

Std. IIISubject/ Unit

TopicsClassroom ActivitiesContent Book (Green) and Student WB (Red)Note book workEngLiterature – simple/poem: in the Park.

Grammar–  Tenses- Revision, Adjectival Clause, Verb,’To be’, contractions, Modal verbs, subject-verb agreement.

Creative writing: Personal Narrative/ Story writing

Analysis of story elements.

Partner Reading

Personal Narrative

Word SortContent Book –Simple, In the Park

Workbook 3- Adjectival Clause, Changing Tenses/ Tenses/ Verb’To Be’/ Story Elements/Contractions/ Subject Verb Agreement 1 and 2/ Modal verbs/ Word Work3-6Literature – ls.11 Spell Drill/ Meanings/ Reading Comprehension.

Creative Writing: personal Narrative/ Story WritingEvsLs.9 Work and Play

Ls. 10-WaterRole Play

Story Reading

Making Tool Model


Experiment/observation/Activity on evaporation and condensation

Water cycle

Poster making activity(water conservation)

Letter writingContent Book- Reading Lesson

Work Book-ls 9-Work and Leisure, People who help us, Professions, Tools

Ls10-water cycle, conserving waterNotes on ls.10-WaterMathLs. 6- Fractions

Ls. 7- Geometry and PatternsHalves, thirds and fourths.

Fraction of a collection by using seeds and bangles

Using shapes to show one half, one-third and one-fourth.

Lab activity- forming fraction and showing it on a shape.

Project-on travel and communication

2D-Shapes and PatternsWorkbook– exercise on fractionsFractions

Finding fraction of a collectionHindi





मौखिक परीक्षा


नए शब्द लिखना|

प्रश्नोत्तरMarathiघटक -७जोडाक्षरे, रंगाची नावे,प्रश्नचिन्ह , सृजनशीलता

reading skillपृष्ठ क्र . १  ते ११गोष्टतयारकरणे , गाळलेल्याजागाभरा

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