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Newsletters – December 2014

Jr. KG



THEME: Seasons, TransportLANGUAGEConversationDiscuss Weather and seasons, summer, monsoon, winter and spring

Discuss food and clothing in each season

Discuss different modes of transport

Discuss road transportStoryThe Mittens

The three little butterfly brothers

The enormous CarrotSongsThe counting snowmen

If you’re happy and you know it

Spring is here

A Helper I will bePicture ReadingMy world Pictures (Seasons)Sight Words:Cold, winter, apple, orange, carrot, peas, snow, spring, flowers, bloom, butterflies, beeReading:Phonic reader –K, X, Y, Z, S

3-letter words of s,a,t,p,I,n,c,k,eWriting:Capital letters – Pattern of standing and slanting lines, K, X, Y, Z, SEVS:SeasonsMaking fruit salad

Planting seeds

Sprouting of seedsTransportExploring cars, buses trucks, vans, etc.MATHS (PRE-MATH ACTIVITIES):Making graphs for favourite seasons

Shelling peas and counting them

Concept of far-near, in-out

Making graphs for favourite outdoor equipment

Explore different shapesFINE MOTOR ACTIVITIES:Threading beads,



Clay workGROSS MOTOR ACTIVITIES:Mass Drill / Exercise

Skipping ropes

Playing hopscotch

Walking on balancing beams

Jumping in and out of hula hoopsCREATIVEMaking a snowman

Flower Craft

Handprint flowers

Sr. KG

Theme: Amazing AnimalsENGLISHDiscussion :

1: How to take care of pets, things required and people who look  after them .

2 Animal habitats, why I like my house.

3 Why wild animals live in jungle   and cannot be kept as pet.

4 When was the last time I felt lonely and sad.

5 Characteristics of farm animals and how they are useful to us.

Talk about different emotions happy ,sad, surprised, angry.

Pet riddles.

Discussion on flesh eating/ plant eating animals. Eating habits of   animals.Sight  WordsThen, me, am, sent, a, took, it, she, there, here, swish, zoo, wild animals, cage, lion, elephant, monkey, crocodile, giraffe, snake, zebra, deer, jungle, lake, half, laugh, pant, where, walk, made, then, eat,  was,  him, so have,  bear,  cow, sheep, hen,  horse, duck, water.ConversationIdentify pet animals and pet need , different body  parts of animals, pet homes. Talk on the pet food.  The animal I liked to be …….Written

Worksheet no. S 6.2,S7.1,S8.1,S8.2,S9.1,S11.1,S11.2,14.1.Ask the child to write  the name of his favourite animal and write  where it lives .Reading

READING EXPRESS page no. 59  to 68  ANIMAL FAIRY. Reading words beginning with blends pl, pr, gl, gr, sk, diagraph sh.

Read and match the words in the story to the words in the word wall and reading words from the word wall with initial and final sounds.StoryAnimal FairySongs

Paws, claws, tail and fur.

Old MacDonald had a farm.

In my farm I have.

Danger/ Danger.EVSAmazing fact  ; Longest living animal : tortoise

Fastest animal:  Cheetah   200 km/hour.

Most loyal, friendly   animal  : Dog.

ACTIVITY  : Draw a zoo , pet animals in the sketch book , make animal zoo pet homes and habitat models .Identify the shapes, patterns in the words of the word wall. Pretend like animals


Number grid 1  to  70.

Comparing animals and talking about  their characteristics eg big small, tall short.

Introduce ordinals 1 to 9.READINGReading the numbers from 1   to  70 ,number names upto 60, read ordinals 1  to 9 .

Read the number/ number names and match it to the same number/ number names to make a pair.WrittenWriting number names  from 51 to  60

Values upto 50 in the notebook.

Writing numerals   from 1  to  60 .

Worksheet  S 6.1, 15.1

Write ordinals in the notebook.ConceptsOne more than from 50   to 70:   after, before and between numbers  till 70.

Sorting of animals as per their size and to make patterns .GameSimon says, pass the ball and say the numerals from 1   to   60, make pairs of same animals and move  like  different animals...

Std. ISubject/ Unit

TopicsClassroom ActivitiesContent Book (Green) and Student WB (Red)Note book workEngEnglish Reader : That  Naughty pass- along Yawn

Answering questions

Retell a story

Alphabetical order

Dictionary skills

Singular and plural nouns

Comparing characters

Spelling and GrammarStory Sequence Chart

Finding meanings in a dictionary

Finding of singular and plural words from lesson –That naughty pass along yawn.

Word game

Drawing Of graphic organiserWB S 15.1, 17.1, 22.1, 22.2,  26.1,  27.1, 27.2, 28.1Phonic words

Sight words

Singular and plural nounsEVSLs.8 Materials (cont)

Ls. 9 Houses and clothingGroup Activity – Visit around the school to collect materials, smell and feel the materials, collecting samples of sand, clay and stones

Poem – Our little house

Drawing activity – Picture of a house

Activity-  collecting and pasting pictures of clothes and houses.WB (Materials)- S 4.1 , 5.1 , 5. 2; 7.1;9.1;

WB-( Houses and clothing)   – S2.1 , S5.1Sticking of pictures


Naming of resources with examples

Sticking of pictures


Fill in the blanksMathStandard Algorithm( subtracting of one digit numbers horizontally and vertically)

Subtract from ten( finger counting)

Counting forward to subtract

Counting backward to subtract

Subtraction of one digit from two digitPair work – Using of dice and number strips to subtract.

Pair work – Number cards, ice cream sticks

Story sums

Number gridWB S9.1, 10.1, 11.1, 12.1, 13.1, 14.1)

CB  pgs 66 to 83Subtraction with pictures

Subtraction with tally marks

Subtraction of numbersHindiदोऔरतीनवर्णवालेशब्द, आकीमात्रा, इकीमात्राऔरईकीमात्राशब्द बनाना, वर्णोंपर आ, इ, ई, की मात्रा लगाना|

नएशब्दबनाना| पाठवाचनकार्यपुस्तकpg no. 27   to  35शब्द बनाना, वर्णोंपर आ, इ, ई, की मात्रा लगाना|

नए शब्द बनाना| पाठ वाचनMarathiगाणे , श्लोक ट,ठ,ड,ढ,ण,त,थ,द,ध,न      व्यंजन गोष्टचिऊताईचे गाणे म्हणणे , श्लोक म्हणणे.  ट,ठ,ड,ढ,ण,त,थ,द,ध,न  व्यंजन पान क्र. २७ ते ३६ट,ठ,ड,ढ,ण,त,थ,द,ध,न  अक्षर पुस्तकात लिहिणे .

Std. IISubject/ Unit

TopicsClassroom ActivitiesContent Book (Green band) and Student Workbook (Red band)Note book workEnglishSight Words, Phonic Words, Prepositions, Prepositions of time, Explore Story Elements, Explore Characters, Feelings, Shane and Bunny, Position or Location, Scaredy Sam, Reading Comprehension, Kinds of Adjectives-Quantity and Quality, Creative Writing.Ball and Book activity, Role play

Content book – Page Nos. 45 to 58

Workbook – Page Nos.51 to 66Reading Comprehension, Prepositions, Kinds of Adjectives, Exploring Characters, Creative Writing –My Grandfather or My GrandmotherEVSLesson 8- Houses and Clothing [continued]

Lesson 9– Travel and Transport

Lesson 10- Work and PlayModels of Houses, Feel different materials- cotton, wool, plastic, Picture chart on different means of transport, Rhyme- The wheels of the bus go round and roundContent book –Page Nos. 57 to 75

My Body- Page Nos. 22, 23

Workbook– Pages Nos. 26 to 33, and Page Nos. 2 to 5Notes of Lesson 9- Travel and TransportMathMultiplication- Repeated Addition, Equal Grouping, Skip Counting, Magic rule of 10, Vertical Multiplication, Tables of 0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 10Rajma activity of grouping, Simon Says, Magic rule of 10, Drawing out number cards and multiplyingContent book- Page nos. 56 to 66

Workbook- Page nos.2 to 12Properties of multiplication

Exercises on multiplication-

*Write as repeated addition

*Simon Says

*Magic rule of 10

*Arrange vertically and find the product of

*Tables of 0, 1,2,3,4,5,10Hindiछुट्टीदिन ( कविता )

सुरज चाचू छुट्टी पर ( पाठ )पाठ वाचन, प्रश्नोत्तर, कविता पठन,

पाठ वाचन, प्रश्नोत्तर, कविता पठन,

नए शब्द लिखना|

अपने शब्दों में कहानी बनाना|कार्यपुस्तकनए शब्द लिखना|Marathiघटक  ३listening skill श,ड,ळ,ट  letters, ू ची मात्रा नवीन शब्द लिहिणे, वाचनपृष्ठ क्र . १ ते ६ू ची मात्रा  चे शब्द, श,ड,ळ,ट अक्षरे वहीत  लिहिली . शब्द  लिहिणे

Std. IIISubject/ Unit

TopicsClassroom ActivitiesContent Book (Green) and Student WB (Red)Note book workEngLiterature –  Ls 10 It’s Only A Story




Question Words




Exploring story elements


Learn by art (preposition)

ReadingContent Book – L 10 (Pg 76)

Workbook 3

Prefixes un-, dis- , im-

Word work


It’s Only a Story

Reading on my ownLiterature

Reading comprehension L9, L 10


Prepositions (Learn by Art)


Question WordsEVSLs. 8 Travel and CommunicationCollage making-modes of transport

Role-play (telephonic conversation)Content Book –Reading of lesson


Visiting Different Places

Vehicles-Long distance & Short distance


Say it without wordsDrawing of word web for long and short distance travel

Question Answers

Drawing modes of transportation

Project on Travel and communication- telephonic conversation, newspaper, greeting cardMathDivision, Tables 2 to 20Rajma Activity

Finding halves

Inverse relationship

Division factsContent Book– L5- Division

Workbook– Finding halves, Number FactsDivision Facts

Long method of division

Story problemsHindiअभ्यासपुस्तिका

लेसनक्र. खरगोशऔरशेर

व्याकरण – वचन

१प्रश्नबनाना |२स्टोरीमैपिंग

३ प्रश्नोत्तर ४ वचनअभ्यासपुस्तिका

पृष्ठ क्र .प्रश्नोत्तर

वचनMarathiघटक – ६,७सृजनात्मक लेखन-चित्र पाहून त्यावर २ वाक्य लिहिणे , जोडाक्षरे ,reading skillपृष्ठ क्र . ३२  ते४०विविध शब्द व वाक्ये लिहिणे.

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