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Newsletters – August 2015 (Jr. KG – Std III)

Jr. KG

Subject/ Unit




Oral/Reading/written work


Jobs People do


Story: The Gingerbread man, The bus driver goes on a picnic. Rhymes: Everybody do this, Oh my didi, The wheels of the bus, Red says stop.

Enact using positional words. Rhymes: It’s time for a summer holiday, A helper I will be…

Oral-phonic drill-A-Z

Reading-My world in Pictures Jobs People do, Holidays.

Writing capital letters-N, C,K,E,H, M,R,D

Color blue


Jobs People do-Community helpers


Sight words: Chef, gardener, bus driver, school helper, kitchen, garden, bus.

Sight words: holidays, near, far, in, out, hotel, pack. Collage Family holiday, pizza making

Discuss about people who help us, safety rules on road, fire safety, postman, traffic police, uniforms community helpers wear and their tools.

Discuss about holiday with their family, different activities they do with families on a holiday, places they would like to visit.

Festival Independence day, Raksha Bandhan


Jobs People do


Sorting according to similarities, concept of one more than, concept of big and small, concept of few and more, concept of long and short, shape triangle.

Concept of one more than and one less than till 5, counting and representing numbers.

Oral-Rote counting 1-10

Numeral recognition1-5

Writing Numerals-4


Making gingerbread man, string of gingerbread man, making gardening tools of clay, planting a sapling, making tyre prints on the paper, stick puppet –stop, making cards for friends.

Gross motor

Fine motor

Mass drill, games knock knock(postman game), the smoke crawl, rhymes with actions, bowling game

Threading beads, Blocks and puzzles ,clay work

Life Skills for Month of August 2015

Encourage your child to follow these life skills mentioned below:

  1. Dress self.

  2. Hang towel after bath.

  3. Take care of belongings.

  4. Learn to be a good listener.

  5. Follow directions.

Value Education

1. Healthy living habits.

2. Respect for elders and self.

Sr. KGSubjectTopicsClassroom ActivitiesStories and PoemsNote book, Pattern book and WorkbookEngOut In The Garden

Introduction of   vowel ‘e ‘

Framing  simple sentences using ‘a’ word family and sight words

Introduce “am”  “ag”     “at”, “ ap ” word family

Sight words:

Garden, grass, green, plant, tree, leaves, seed ,flower, stem, roots, grow, bird ,butterfly, bee, ant, mother, father

I ,in ,the, can,, see, it and, this ,is ,my ,our, me

My Incredible Body

Framing simple sentences

Sight words

Body, head ,shoulder, knee, toe ,face, eye ,nose ,lips, ear, mouth,, neck, arm, hand, finger, leg, foot,  elbow,

look, what, I, can, do, this, is, myConversation :

Discussion  on garden tools

Interview of the gardener

Reading Express :

In the garden I can see

Framing and matching sentences

Show and tell about animals

Reading Express

My body

I canStories:

Jack and the Beanstalk

Manu finds a new home

Kimi the caterpillar



Clean up song

Out in the garden

I went to the garden and dug up the ground

On the gardeners apple tree


Two little apples



Bani gets a baby brother

Pia and the monsters


Head, shoulder,, knees and toes

Put our finger on our head

Two little hands to clap

Where is  thumbkin

This is the way we wash our handsNote Book   

e   vowel  – 3 letter words

i    vowel – 3 letter words


S2.1,S2.2, S3.1, S4.1 , S5.1, S7.1 , S8.1 , S9.2 ,S10.1





S9.2EVSOut in the garden

Weather Chart

Information  on plants

Parts of a plant

Garden tools

My Incredible body

Parts of body

Personal Hygiene

Importance of sleepMaking of sunflower

Journey of plant

Origami activity – monsoon  magic

Group activity – backdrop painting

Germination activity

Nature Trail

Growing garden

Collecting Insects

Graphic organizer

Imitate different animals

Dramatization –Slither like a worm, buzzing  bees, hovering over flowers

Month end activity – planting  25


Tracing body outline

Demonstrate actions

Interaction with mother and baby Workbook

S 9.1


S9.1MathOut in the garden

Numerals  1-50

Number Names  1- 15

Values 1 – 10

Concept of one  more

Number  Line

My incredible body

Concept of one less

Values 11 – 20

Greater and smaller numbers 1 – 20

Introduction of   after   numbers, between and before numbers.

Matching numeral to number name

Make patterns using leaves

Positional Words

Construct  Pictograph

Garden model  with 3D animals

Days of the week

Measuring height using different body parts like hand span and foot span,

cubit span

Measuring height of the children using height chart and weighing children

Timeline comparison of activities at different agesWorkbook





S10.1HindiHindi Vitan Book

Reading and listening skills

Practicing on slates Pgs  24, 25 , 28

Std. ISubject/ Unit

TopicsClassroom ActivitiesContent Book (Green) and Student WB(Red)Note book workEngNaming Words                                                        Action words

Alphabetical order

Proper and Collective noun

Recall a story

A letter, sound, one and many, big & small.Story-At the pet shop.

Word Web- (Things around us) sort as per alphabetical order.

Poem- Mary had a little lamb.

Decodable 2- Pop, the dog.

Poem- My books, My friendsUnit 2  -Amazing Animals.

Ls 4- Where Is Gola’s Home?

S24.1 –S28.1

WB -2 Amazing Animals.

S1.1 – S7.1Sight words

Phonic words

Proper nouns.EVSLs.3 My body.

Ls. 4 Food we eat.Puzzle – Assemble the body parts.

Activity- Body movements.(Dance)

Sense organ- Activity using an orange and observing your partner.

Food – Pasting pictures on food we eat on a paper plate.

Games – Types of foodWB- S2.1 , 4.1 , 5.1 , 7.1

WB-2   – S3.1 , S4.1Fill in the blanks

Match the following

Stick pictures

Name the followingMathNumbers and number names up to 100

I can name number names

Compare number names

I can order number namesGroup Activity with ice-cream sticks and bowl of slips.

Activity – passing the ball.

Quiz on number names.

Activity with placards- start and stop.

Pair work with number cards.WB S22.1 to S28.1

Content book- Page no.15,16,18&20Numbers and number names till 100.Hindi   व्यंजन, चित्र वाचननए वर्ण बोलना और लिखना|

चित्र का वाचन करना|अक्षर ज्ञान पुस्तक में से कुछ व्यंजन लिखना| Marathiगाणे , श्लोक, माझेपुस्तकभाग१

पान क्र. ९ ते १४गाणे म्हणणे , श्लोक म्हणणे.

पान क्र. ९ ते १४ व्यंजन झ , ह ,प ,य ,च  अक्षर समजून घेऊन वाचणे .  तसेचआवएचीबाराखडीसमजूनघेणे

संभाषण वाचणे. वर्गात सादर करणे.व्यंजन झ , ह ,प ,य ,च  अक्षर पुस्तकात लिहिणे . तसेच आ व ए ची बाराखडी समजून घेऊन शब्द लिहणे. मौखिक परीक्षा. V.Ed./Life SkillsValue- patienceMaking PlacardsJournal WorkLife Skill- To wait for your turn

Std. IISubject/ Unit

TopicsClassroom ActivitiesContent Book and Student WorkbookNote book workEnglishOne Dark Night, Concept of Beginning, Middle, End of stories and Concept of Happy, Sad, Surprise endings of stories, Identifying the Main Event in a story, Nouns – Common, Proper*Concept of Beginning, Middle and End introduced through activities done for the stories –One Dark Night; Naughty Rover.

Concept of Happy, Sad and Surprise endings to stories- introduced through group activities for the stories- A Tadpole Tale and Fox and the Crow. Concept of Identifying the Main Event in a story was taught by reading the story-Next Door

Nouns were introduced by making columns of name, place, animal and thing.Content book – One Dark Night on page nos.11 to 18 and A Tadpole Tale on page no.44

Workbook – Page nos. 7 to13.One Dark Night-Beginning, Middle and End, Make sentences

Nouns-Definition ,Common and Proper NounEVSLesson 2– Animals, Birds and Insects

Lesson 3- My BodyPicture chart of a bird showing the external features.

Butterfly Activity- Join the parts.

Activity of raising arms, picking up pencil, feel the hard thing in the wrist and fleshy part in the upper arm, bend the arm, identifying the various organs.Content book – Animals, Birds and Insects- Page nos. 18 to 21

My Body- Page Nos. 22, 23

Workbook– Pages Nos. 29, 30, 31, 34Lesson 2-Animals, Birds and Insects- spellings and notes. Draw a bird and label its parts.

Lesson 3- My Body- KWL ChartMathMissing Numbers, Increasing and Decreasing Order, Number Patterns (Skip Counting), AdditionGroup activity on Addition- Number cards given to the students and students asked to find the sum of the same.

Number Web on AdditionContent book- Page nos. 19, 20, 21, 22

Workbook- Page nos. 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 28, 29Properties of addition, Exercises on addition-

*Arrange vertically and add.Hindi१. साहसीबालिका

२. कहाँ सोऊँ, कैसी  सोऊँपाठवाचन, नएशब्दजाननाचित्रवाचनपाठ्यपुस्तक में दिया गया कार्य करवाना| पाठ वाचन,व्याकरणनएशब्दलिखना| प्रश्नोत्तरलिखना| व्याकरणMarathiगाणे , श्लोक, माझे पुस्तक भाग १ ,पान क्र. ९ ते १४गाणे म्हणणे , श्लोक म्हणणे.

पान क्र. ९ ते १४ व्यंजन झ , ह ,प ,य ,च  अक्षर समजून घेऊन वाचणे .  तसेचआवएचीबाराखडीसमजूनघेणे

संभाषण वाचणे. वर्गात सादर करणे.गाणे म्हणणे , श्लोक म्हणणे.

पान क्र. ९ ते १४ व्यंजन झ , ह ,प ,य ,च  अक्षर समजून घेऊन वाचणे .  तसेच आ व ए ची बाराखडी समजून घेणे संभाषण वाचणे. वर्गात सादर करणे. Value Education/ Life SkillsPatienceActivity- Role play on learning how to be patient.Journal work- making bannerLife Skill- Exhibit manners, Wait for your turn.

Std. IIISubTopicClass Room ActivitiesContent Bk (Green)/ Student Wk Bk (Red)Note Book WorkEngLit: Ls3-Fobo’s First Journey

Poem: Where Go The Boats (contd)

Gram: Sequencing : of Events, Nouns-Kinds, Number

Spellings: Phonics Words, Sight Words,  Spell drill – ReaderWord formation – Putting letters together

Knowing the Setting

Making Sentences

Singular/ Plural

Arranging words in alphabetical order, dictionary activityContent Bk: Fobo’s First Journey

Where Go the Boats

Work Bk: Putting Letters Together

Word Work 1

Comparing and Contrasting characters

Alphabetical order

Irregular Nouns, Gender, Coll Nouns

Discovering MeaningsLit: Fobo’s First Journey, Where Go the Boats

Gram: Phonics words, Nouns – kinds &

Singular/ Plural

Writing: Informal lettersEvsLs 2: Animals, Birds, Insects (contd)Story : The Magpie’s Nest

Making nests with clay

Story : The Sparrow

Role play: How birds that care of their young ones

Chart: Movement of AnimalsContent Bk: Reading of the Lesson

Work Bk:  All About Animals

Different birds, different nests

Come Walk with Me

Animal Movements

Knowing AnimalsVenn Diag- Food habits of animals

What are predators?

Homes of Animals

Use of Feathers/ Claws

InsectsMathLs 2 Addition

Ls 3 SubtractionWho’s my Partner?

Addition Facts

Estimation –Addition

Puzzle- Addition (Without carryover)Content Bk:  Pgs 15 to 26

Addition Facts

Making a total of 100

Estimating Sum of Any Number

Addition of 4and 5 digit numbers

Addition with carryover

Subtraction Facts

Subtraction of 5-digit numbers (With & without borrowing)

Real life story problemsAddition Facts

Making a total of 100

Estimating Sum of Any Number

Addition of 4and 5 digit numbers

Addition with carryover

Subtraction Facts

Subtraction of 5-digit numbers (With & without borrowing)

Word problems- Subtraction & Two step problemsHindiपाठ४तोतेकाजन्मदिन


प्रोजेक्टकविता पाठन्तर,  प्रोजेक्ट पूर्ण करनापाठ्यपुस्तक में दिया गया अभ्यासक्रम |वाक्य बनाना | प्रश्नोत्तर लिखना |Marathiघटक -१संवाद सादरीकरण, श्रुतलेखन , चित्राचे वर्णन शब्दाचे ज्ञान वाढवणे.

reading skillपृष्ठ क्र . ११ ते १४चित्राचे वर्णन करणारे  शब्द लिहिणे..Value EdnValue- PatienceDiscussions, Journal Work   Life Skills: Take turns

Exhibit Manners

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