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Newsletter (Pre-Primary): November & December 2018

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Subject/ Unit

Oral work

Classroom Activities

Stories and poems

Written work






Fun with Water

Story Fun

Magical World Underwater

Give words beginning with the letter sound

Picture Dictionary: Describing pictures in 3-4 familiar words

Fruits, vegetables

Sight words: octopus, olives, office, holiday ,rainy season ,suitcase, wet, jellyfish

Sight words: water, light, heavy, up, down, ladybird, lake, lily, cup, full, half, empty, same, fit, mix, pour, glass, Freddy, frog

Sight words: crow, thirsty, story, help, character, event, lion, mouse, net

Sight words: sea, seaweed, coral, fish, sea animals, bus, butterfly, book, octopus, seahorse, jelly fish, eels, underwater, live, breathe, gills, fins, tail, scales, jaguar, starfish, sting ray, rainbow fish

Phonic drill- a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h

Discussion on Summer, rainy & winter: clothes, food, fruits vegetables and games, Explanation of Water Cycle

Hands on experience of sinking and floating, discussing the concept of soluble and insoluble.

Pretend play of the story ‘The Thirsty Crow.’

Creating waves and asking children to pretend as sea animals, discussing special features of fish that help it to live under water.

Related letter stories from Phonic Fun


What do you like to do in summer?

Summer, Winter, Snowflakes, Rain,

Rain, Rain oh! Lovely

Story: ‘The Little Raindrop’ ‘Freddy’s Long Tongue’

Rhymes: ‘Plant is born’, ‘Water, water everywhere’

Story: ‘The Thirsty Crow’, ‘The Lion and the Mouse’

Rhymes: ‘Let’s Count Numbers


Story: ‘Bugsy Paints A Bus’, ‘Jumping Jammy’

Rhyme: 6 Little Fish’, ’Underwater Fun’, ‘If you are happy and you know it’

Writing serially A – Z

Write letters a – h

Writing Serially a – h


S2, S5 ,S5.1

Fun with Water


Story Fun


Magical World Underwater



Rote counting 1 to 25

Identifying numerals 1-20

Showing number 5 using the five-box frame, Drawing objects 1- 5 in a book,

Sequencing with story cutouts, hopscotch numbers 1-6 using dice.

Concept: Full, half-full, empty

Write numeral 9 –12


Recognition of letter उ

Name words beginning with उ

Rhyme:लालाजी ने केला खाया

मम्मी की बिंदी गोल गोल


Drawing of seasons in sketchbook, Mixing colours in water, collage of underwater scene with different sea animals and plants.

Gross Motor Skills

Fine Motor Skills

Climb and go downstairs using alternate feet, running, jumping (forward/backward), walk on straight and curved line, tunnel crawl.

Blocks & puzzles, threading beads, play dough/clay, lacing boards, water pouring activity.

Value Education: Keep your room tidy Life skills: Save Water

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Classroom Activities

Stories and Poems

Note book, Pattern book and Workbook


  1. Me a Story

  2. Toys

  3. When the Wind Blows Tell

  4. Marvellous Machines

  5. Phonic sounds

  6. Revision of “a, e, i, o, u” vowel 3 letter words.

Making sentences using a, e, i, o u words

Sight Words:

churn, lump, shallow, narrow, long-necked, yummy, chase, trick ,reflection ,greedy, shape, size, move, chips, cheery, cheese ,chocolate, chips ,shoe, shirt, shop, shillong, spin, swirl, wind, move, blow, thunder, thorn, thick, thin, thumb, Thursday, thread, thermometer, three, burst, prick, bloat, brown, bread, bracelet, brother, bridge, broom, brick, brush, blew, black, blue ,blob, blanket, blouse, blade, blackboard.

  1. Ten Tiles

  2. Hopscotch

  3. I sent a letter to my father.

  4. Weaving Coaster

  5. Make your own toy vehicle.

  6. Show and Tell

  7. Drawing on story “Thirsty crow”


  1. 1little,2 little Finger

  2. I can feel the wind

  3. Brother browns brown bread

  4. Black and blue bubbles ‘I blew’


  1. The Frog who Never Gave up

  2. The Fox and the crane

  3. The Blue King

  4. The Dog and The Bone

  5. Chennai Chandigarh Express.

  6. Thiru and Thapki

Note Book

‘u’ vowel: Three letter words

Making sentences

Rhyming words

Words related to diagraphs ch , sh ,th


Tell me a story-S1,S2,S3,S4


When the wind blows-S2,S3,S3.1

Marvellous machines-S1,S2,S2.1,S4



  1. At the circus

  2. Air

  3. Kitchen tools

  4. Discussion: Toys

  5. Discuss about toys shape, colour, remote controlled, battery operated.

  6. Discuss about weather ‘Windy’

  7. Discuss about sounds and movements of different machines.

  8. Information about different simple machines.

  9. Clay Pots

  10. Dog mask

  11. Blow painting

  12. Make wind catchers

  13. Draw See-Saw


  1. Numerals- 50 to 70

  2. Values- 26 to 30

  3. Before and After numbers1-20

  4. Number names 14-20

Note Book

Number Names: 14-17

Number Values – 26 – 30

Numerals – 50 – 70

Before & After numbers: 1-20


Hindi letters: – च, छ, ज, झ, त्र

Reading and listening skills revision of Swar अ–अः

Akshar rachana

LIFE SKILLS: Do not waste food and Help in kitchen. VALUES: Nutrition and Sharing.

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