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Newsletter – October 2014

Jr. KG

THEME: My World In Colours

LANGUAGE: Conversation : Colours of rainbow, name the colour and  show the object by saying following lines –

“I love(colour) things, yes I do, let me show some(colour) things to you”

Story : Trustworthy Tommy, Shopping for colours, A walk in the rain, The sky is falling

Songs : It’s time to put the toys away, Everybody do this, If you are happy and you know it, 1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive

Picture Reading : My world in colours

Sight Words : Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Rainbow

Writing : Pattern half circle, Capital letters P and B

Reading : Story of letter P, B and R from Phonic reader

Revisiting the sounds of letters ‘s’, ‘a’, ‘t’, ‘i’, ‘p’ and words starting with these letters

EVS: Keeping environment and surrounding clean by participating in “Cleanliness drive”, observing reflection of colours using mirror

MATHS (PRE-MATH ACTIVITIES): Writing of numeral 3

Identify and sort objects on the basis of one attribute

Matching of colour cards

Counting and representing a collection of 1-7 items

Count and name numeral and toss objects

Play at the number spinner

FINE MOTOR ACTIVITIES: Writing individual names on creations by observing name labels, Making rainbow streamers

Decorating picture with appropriate texture (worksheet S10.1)

GROSS MOTOR ACTIVITIES: Sing and dance, cross obstacle course

CREATIVE: Colouring activity of rainbow, Colour wheel ( group activity of pasting pictures of red, orange, yellow, green and blue and orange colour), foot printing, Diya painting

Sr. KG

THEME: Jobs People DoENGLISHKWL  chart related to the topic of post office – What I  know, What I want  to learn, what I have learnt, make sentences using CVC words  and blends, introduction of this and these ( singular and plural).Sight WordsJob, teacher, gardener, fire fighter,  driver, doctor, maid, helper, guard, school, home, librarian, sweeper, cook,, do doing, he, she, help, socks, shoes, toothbrush,  toothpaste, fork, lock ,key, jar, lid, mortar, pestle,  bread, butter,  nail, hammer.ConversationImportance and information  of a postman, , envelope, address, stamp,, discussion on field trip to post office and fire station,   importance of a fireman, and role of a chef and farmer, importance of community helpers in our life and . discussion on what the students want to be  when they grow up.WrittenWorksheet S1.1,S3.2,S4.2,S5.1,S6.1,S7.2,S8.2,S9.1,S9.2,S10.1,S11.1,S15.1.ReadingGame

Read  words using blends bi,sl.,tr,br, make sentences using blends and CVC words using vowel u, Reading Express page 34  51, Communicate in English  all CVC words ,on the road.

Game of reasoning and imagination = picture grid using picture cards, identify 2D shapes in the surroundings, pairing game, role play of a postman in the mock office,  dice game -collecting  sticks  and making bundles of ten  to understand the topic of tens and ones,   passing the parcel game  and recollect the word beginning with a particular blend, quiz on community helpers  and then speak on them, game of clapping eg, 3 claps  for


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