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Newsletter – November 2014

Jr. KG

THEME: Shapes and Seasons

LANGUAGE : Conversation:Discuss about different shapes and colours. Discuss about Weather/climate, clothes we   wear in different seasons. Letters – S, A, T,  P, I, N

Story Shapes to Eat

What to wear

Carrie the Caring Cat

Adventures of Boond the Raindrop

Water Cycle


Songs: It’s Raining, A Helper I will be.

Picture Reading My world In Pictures ( Shapes, Seasons)

Sight Words circle, triangle, star, semicircle, rectangle, square,  umbrella, clouds, rainbow, rain, ladyfinger, watermelon, sun, heat, seasons, summer, mango.

Writing Capital Letter R, U, C, O, G with words related to the letter. Pattern writing of semicircle.

Reading Phonic Reader R, U, C, O, G

EVS: Shapes – Observe and name the Shapes.

Seasons – Departmental Store of clothes,accesories according to

different seasons.Treasure hunt of Fruits and

Vegetables,Popcorn Making,Share

information about thunderstorm and water

evaporation,Absorb water on different fabrics.

MATHS (PRE-MATH ACTIVITIES): Sorting of shapes according to colours

Write no.9(make sets of 9 objects)

Write no.8(make sets of 8 objects)

Measure rain water through Rain Gauge

Identify, count and represent numbers 1- 5

Draw house using different shape cutouts.

FINE MOTOR ACTIVITIES: Threading beads, Blocks, Puzzles

Clay work

Making Rainy Season collage, Design tree with shape cutouts

GROSS MOTOR ACTIVITIES: Crawling under the web, Play game of different colours of circles, Musical Chair, Obstacle Race.

CREATIVE: Making umbrella through paper plate , draw objects related to summer, Make collage of Rainy Season,Making of paper boat.

Visual – Watched the movie – Finding Nemo.

Sr. KG


ENGLISH: Clapping game with splitting spellings according to syllable e.g.  tem-ple (2).

Introduction ‘cl’&‘dr’ blend words.

Revision of CVC a,e,i,o,u words.

SIGHT WORDS: in, my, there, is, go, to, next, up, down.

WRITTEN: ‘cl’ and ‘dr’ blend words in the work book.

READING: The Reading Express page number 55 to 60

Reading of ‘cl’ and ‘dr’ bled words and CVC vowel words Reading of sight words of neighborhood , Communicate in English page number 10, 11, 12, 13, 16, 17, 20, 21.

GAMES: The sound game – tippy tippy tap tap, hop scotch game.

Memory game. Simon says :- using positional words and words related  to spatial awareness..

Dum, Dum , Da, Da

STORY: The enormous carrot. 

ACTIVITY: Neighbourhood : walk to the school, model and graph

MATHS: concept of bundles of 10 up to 40.

Number name & Numerals 31 to 40.

Concept of one more than (1 – 40) with help of number grid.

Written: Number names, numerals&values:31 to 40.


ENGLISH: Helping them to create different labels for safety on the playground, in school. Identifying initial blend ‘dr’, ‘fl’, ‘gr’, ‘cl’, ‘gl’, use of preposition. Reading out the syllables like dan – ger (2) Stran – ger (2) 

SIGHT WORDS: yes, no, safe, unsafe, go, tell.

WRITING: blend words of ‘dr’, ‘fl’, ‘gr’, ‘cl’, ‘gl’, use of preposition.

READING: Reading out the syllables like dan – ger (2)

Stran – ger (2) Reading the blend words ‘dr’, ‘fl’, ‘gr’, ‘cl’, ‘gl’

STORY: Zippadeedoo, Sparky and mini’s safety adventure , Kidnapping of

Sita, The little red riding hood, Play safe

SONGS: Children, children, Red says stop,

EVS: Discussion on safety rules and traffic policeman, traffic lights, road signs, zebra crossing, safety rules while walking on streets.

ROLE PLAY: Role play on safety events.

MATHS: greater and smaller numbers till 40 (<, >, =) concept of ‘tens’ and ‘ones’

introducing number and number names 41 to 50

missing numbers.

ACTIVITY: Display of safety exhibition, making traffic signal and zebra crossing using bread, chocolate powder etc. 


ENGLISH: Identification of initial and final round of letters.

Create a story with words in focus and stick puppets of animals.

SIGHT WORDS: then, she, sent, a, it, I, me, was, him, so, very, on, my have, this

EVS: Reminder of safety norms to be followed when outdoors.

Discuss safety rules to be followed at the zoo.

SIGHT WORDS: Zoo, wild, animals, cage, lion, elephant, monkey, crocodile,  giraffe, snake, zebra, bear, jungle.

STORY: Mister goodies factory, Nanoo zoo keeper.

SONGS: We are All going to the Zoo.

ACTIVITY: Setting up a class Zoo

Making animal : cut outs , painting and cages

MATHS: identify ‘ones’ and ‘tens’ place with the sticks.

Revision of concept of skip count of 2’s and 5’s with the puppet and number grid.

WRITING: Value up to 50 (41 – 50)

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