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Newsletter for Parents – Std. I, II, III

Std. ISubject/ UnitTopicsClassroom ActivitiesContent Book (Green) and Student WB (Red)Note book workEngLs 3 Chirpy’s WishPhonic words- BlendsSight wordsParts of a sentence ( naming and telling )Spell Drill – using flash cardsReadingLs 3 Chirpy’s WishWorkbook-    S 22.1 to S27.1Sight wordsPhonic wordsEVSLs Family and NeighbourhoodRole playGroup Discussion –                                            – how to keep our neighbourhood clean- ways  to take care of our belongings and immediate surroundings.Ls 5 Family and NeighbourhoodWorkbook-   S.9.1 to S 13.1Spell drill                                        Word webFill in the blanksMathAdditionStory – Choco BunnyRabbit and the carrotAddition  using- Number line- Number Grid

– Objects

– Ice – cream sticks

– Rajma seeds

Game – Roll the diceContent Book –  AdditionWB –  S 10.1 to  S 14.1| Addition- with the help of a number lineAddition sums – horizontal and            verticalHindiकविता, कहानी, य, र, ल, व ( वर्ण)कविता बोलना, य, र, ल, व ( वर्ण) बोलना और लिखना|वर्णों से शुरू होनेवाले चित्र बनाना|य, र, ल, व ( वर्ण)बोलना|कविता याद करवाना|य, र, ल, व लिखना|वर्णों से शुरू होनेवाले चित्र बनाना|Marathiगाणे , श्लोक “ओ,औ,अं,अ:   स्वर,  गोष्टगाणे म्हणणे , श्लोक म्हणणे.ओ,औ अं,अ:स्वर मौखिक चाचणीओ,औ अं,अ:      ’  अक्षर पुस्तकात लिहिणे

Std. IISubject/ UnitTopicsClassroom ActivitiesContent Book (Green) and Student WB (Red)Note book workEngAffirmative and Negative Sentence.Possessive Form of Nouns.Compound wordsDiscovering Meanings.Use of flash cards – Possessive form of words.WB – Pg No. 23 to 28Notes on Compound words.EVSL-5 Keeping Healthy.L-6 My Family.Demonstrated the correct posture while sitting and standing.Sticking photos of the family members on the family tree.Content book – Pg No 28 to 48WS – pg no 4 to 9Family tree.MathAddition – Word ProblemsSubtraction – Properties and sumsWS – Pg no 33,34.Eight word problems on addition.Properties of Subtraction.Hindi१वर्णमाला२मात्राएँ३.शब्दरचना४. ( ओ) मात्रकीशुरुआत५.कविता –१.मात्रा लगाकर शब्द बनाना |२. वर्णों से शब्दों का सफ़र |३. हाव-भावसेकविताकागान–_१वर्णमाला२मात्राएँ३.शब्दरचना४. ( ओ) मात्रकीशुरुआत५.कविता –Marathiघटक१,२चित्रपाहूनशब्दलिहिणे, मौखिक,लेखीचाचणी,पृष्ठक्र.१४ते१८ह,प.य,च,अक्षरे वहीत  लिहिले .

Std. IIISubject/ UnitTopicsClassroom ActivitiesContent Book (Green) and Student WB (Red)Note book workEngLit : RevisionGrammar: Adjectives, Synonyms & AntonymsSpellings: Phonic words and sight words, Simple and compound sentencesProject- Review of restaurantWriting of informal letterSkill based worksheetsWork book : Adjectives, Synonyms and Antonyms, Simple and compound sentencesAdjectivesEVSLs.4 Food contd.Game on food groupsProject- creation of food log, its analysis, drawing and write up on Food pyramid.Skill based worksheetsContent Book : Reading of lessonWorkbookMaking my own foodFood we eatFunctions of different foods

Food for allMath2 step word problems.Logical Reasoning.MultiplicationLab ActivityProject

Solving two step word problems.

Math Lab Activity- Multiplication.

Project- Food

Skill based worksheets2 step word problemsmultiplicationTwo step word problems.Multiplication as repeated additionMultiplication factHindiपाठ.३भेडियाआया, कार्यपत्र, पत्र –लेखनकार्यपत्र ,  पत्र – लेखन , मौखिक परिक्षापत्रलेखन, पाठवाचनव्याकरणMarathiतोंड़ी व लेखी परिक्षातोंड़ी व लेखी परिक्षातोंड़ी व लेखी परिक्षातोंड़ी व लेखी परिक्षा

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Newsletters – Stds I and II

Std I Sub Topic Class Room Activities Content Bk (Green)/ Student Wk Bk (Red) Note Book Work Activities to do at home ENGLISH B-3 Keechu Monkey can’t sleep B-4 Doing words B-5 Cheenu’s Grandpa& My Fri