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News Letter for Parents – Std III August 2014

News Letter for Parents – Std III August 2014SubTopicClass Room ActivitiesContent Bk (Green)/ Student Wk Bk (Red)Note Book WorkEngLit: Ls2-The Tale of Peter Rabbit (contd)Poem: Where Go The Boats

Gram: Sequencing : of Events, Singular Words

Spellings: Phonics Words Sight WordsWord formation – Putting letters togetherKnowing the Setting

Making Sentences

Singular/ PluralContent Bk: The Tale of Peter RabbitWhere Go the Boats

Work Bk: Putting Letters Together

Word Work 1

Comparing and Contrasting charactersLit: Where Go The BoatsGram: Phonics words

Singular/ PluralEvsLs 2: Animals, Birds, Insects (contd)Story : The Magpie’s NestMaking nests with clay

Story : The Sparrow

Role play: How birds that care of their young ones

Chart: Movement of AnimalsContent Bk: Reading of the LessonWork Bk:  All About Animals

Diff birds, diff nests

Come Walk with Me

Animal Movements

Knowing AnimalsVenn Diag- Food habits of animalsWhat are predators?

Homes of Animals

Use of Feathers/ ClawsMathLs 2 AdditionWho’s my Partner?Addition Facts

Estimation –Addition

Puzzle- Addition (Without carryover)Content Bk:  Pgs 15 to 26Addition Facts

Making a total of 100

Estimating Sum of Any Number

Addition of 4and 5 digit numbers

Addition with carryoverAddition FactsMaking a total of 100

Estimating Sum of Any Number

Addition of 4and 5 digit numbers

Addition with carryoverHindi१ जादुई आम२ छोटी चिड़िया लंबी बात१ १   जादुई आम का वचन२  सार लेखन ( project )

३ कविता लेखन

४  छोटी चिड़िया लंबी बात का वाचनअभ्यास पुस्तिकापृष्ठ क्र .१०.१पाठ के कठिन शब्द |Marathiघटक -१संवाद सादरीकरण, श्रुतलेखन , चित्राचे वर्णन शब्दाचे ज्ञान वाढवणे.reading skillपृष्ठ क्र . ११  ते १३चित्राचे वर्णन करणारे  शब्द लिहिणे..

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