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Dr. Vikhe Patil Foundation’s PCMRD was privileged to have Mr. Ranganath Naikade (I.F.S) Conservator of Forest (Social Forestry) Pune and Mr. Pushkar Chaubal ,Trustee, Nature Walk to enlighten the students regarding awareness of an individual citizen for Wildlife and for Nature on 11 September 2018.

Mr. Naikade highlighted the basic steps every human should take to conserve nature and wildlife. And also provided brief information regarding nature and wildlife. While Mr. Chaubal dealt with the actual facts and figures and pin pointed the migration of wildlife from their natives to Western Ghats and Sri Lanka.

The students were also shown a film “Western Ghats” directed by National film award-winner Mr. Nalla Muthu Subbiah .It creates awareness about the flora and fauna available in Western Ghats. It also immense knowledge regarding nature and wildlife. The gist of the whole session revolved around providing awareness to the students regarding biodiversity in Western Ghats.

“The session was concluded with a small question and answer round where in Mr. Chaubal willingly clarified all the doubts the students had.

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