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Month End Report for June

Std  :  I

Activity  : Clay Modeling

Topic : Fruits / Vegetables

As part of month End Activity for June, students participated in ‘Clay Modeling  Activity’. The students were very excited as they opened their boxes of  colourful clay  and like creative artists began on a journey of pinching,  rolling, shaping, and moulding the wet clay. The students took pride in the fact that they were able to make beautiful fruits and vegetables on their own. They realized through this clay  modeling activity that each of their action has a reaction that shapes the possible outcomes. Soon the classes were brimming with effervescent students showing off their models to each other – taking pride in work well done and appreciating their peers work.

Std. II

Activity  : Clay Modeling

On Monday, 20th June, the students of Std II, had clay modeling as their month end activity. The topic given to them was: fruits / animals. All the students participated enthusiastically. Everyone had lovely coloured clays. Some had brought home made clay. The students came up with creative ideas for making animals and fruits. It was also a good exercise for the motor development of their fingers. Two periods were allotted for the activity. All the clay fruits and animals were displayed after completion. All the students enjoyed the activity to their fullest !!!

Std. III

Activity  : Newspaper Bag Making

This activity was planned in order to popularise paper bags as well as to encourage students to make their own bags which would eventually reduce the usage of plastic bags.

Students had come prepared with the required material. Those who already knew how to make paper bags went about making their bags on their own while others were guided by their respective class teachers. 

Children expressed themselves in a number of innovative ways. They used glitters, colour pencils, ribbons and stickers to decorate their paper bags. Some of them also wrote messages like ‘Go Green’, ‘Save your Planet’ on their bags!

It was indeed overwhelming to see all the students participate and enjoy this activity.

Std. IV

Activity  : Movie review “Rio”

Animated movies have always attracted the attention and interest of kids and a movie review is a unique way to express ones thoughts. So, in order to give the children a fun-filled and interesting activity , Std IV was shown a thought-provoking animated movie ‘Rio’. The activity was conducted in the AV Room in the first two periods. They were first shown the movie and later they were divided into groups. Each group was told to discuss, prepare and share the review in which they mentioned their likes, dislikes and most importantly the values that they learnt through the movie. The children thoroughly enjoyed watching the movie as well as were keen to give their honest feedback on the same. We teachers were overwhelmed to see the joy and the sparkle in their eyes and also got an opportunity to experience the beauty and innocence of young minds. It truly was an amazing experience for them as well as for us.

Class V

Activity: Best out of Waste

The children of class V came to school all enthused to go ahead with this activity. They unleashed their creativity and the results were truly spellbinding.  These young minds came up with a variety of waste material which was carefully reused to make some pretty candle stands, penholders, photo frames made from old CDs, jewellery boxes for their mothers, decorative articles for the home and the show stopper item of the day was a working model of a night lamp made from used plastic spoons. This was truly a wonderful activity which the children along with their teachers enjoyed.

Std. VI

Activity  : Greeting Card Making

The month end activity was Greeting Card making. Students were asked to make greeting cards of their choice where they could choose the materials needed to make their cards  Students were at their creative best where along with their creative minds, their magic hands too were working exceptionally well. The outcome was very good and  the teachers were awestruck with some cards that the students had made. They had used pieces of old wedding cards, quilling paper, sequences etc to enhance the appearance of their cards. The students enjoyed doing the activity and put in their best.

Std. VII

Activity  : Talent Search

The Month end activity was ‘Talent Search’. The objective for conducting this activity was to provide a platform to the students for show- casing their talents. They were seated in their groups according to their items. Variety of items like skits, mono acting, singing, magic shows and dances were presented.

As there were around 160 performers..The activity was not a competition but was just a performance opportunity to the students. 


Activity  :  Flower Arrangement

As a part of the month-end activity, the students of STD VIII actively took part in a skilful and creative arrangement of flowers to make their work look presentable. The students were encouraged to make paper flowers instead of getting the real flowers. Beautiful bouquets were made with a good team work put in by the various groups which was thoroughly enjoyed by them and was a sight of sheer delight as the students made beautiful designs and bouquets from cut flowers, foliage, ornamental grass and other plant material from the garden as well as flowers bought.

Std. IX

Activity  :  

A variety of activities were planned for the students of Std IX, for the month of June. Std IX students were given 45 minutes for preparation and display of their items. Salad Making, Sandwich making and Mock tail preparation activities were conducted . Menu card making, greeting card making and flower arrangement activities were also conducted . Mrs. Gambhir acted as the judge for Greeting card and Menu card making, Mrs. Joseph for salad making and mock tail and Mrs. Gohil for sandwich making and flower arrangement.

They were judged on various criteria, which were informed to them in advance. The salads, sandwiches and mock tails were extremely nutritious and wholesome and the flower arrangements were aesthetically displayed. The greeting and menu cards were innovative and a feast for the eyes. The students enjoyed the activities and prepared very creative and unique presentations in all categories. 

Std. XII

IT Quiz

The month end activity for the month of June for class 11th and 12th was a technology quiz, created, organized, and hosted by one of our ex-students, Krunaal Tavkar along with our  IP teacher Mrs. Alpana Saxena. Krunaal created the software for the quiz by using Java as the user interface. The quiz involved a preliminary round consisting of 20 questions, with a cutoff being 6. Then, 12 students were chosen, 6 who had scored the highest, and 6 who scored the lowest, were paired up into 6 teams of two. The main quiz consisted of 4 rounds, 2 direct rounds and 2 buzzer rounds. The competition was fierce and the audience was thrilled by the contestants and their answers. The winning team was Jay Patankar and Karan Pillai, the first runners-up were Pradyumna Indurkar and Vrajesh Iyengar, and the second runners-up were Ishan Divekar and Shagun Nevatia. The quiz was thorough packed with good information and research. 

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