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Month-End and Club Activities – Jan 2015

Std.I & II

Activity : Best out of Waste

Many waste things like unused bottles, CD’s, pencil shavings, boxes, straws, coconut shells, dried leaves, ropes etc were used to make lovely articles like wall hangings, flower vases, clocks, penstands, bangle box, bangle stand, photo frame, wind chime, houses, caterpillar, pistachio shell greeting cards, tabla, lady bug, ice-cream and many other beautiful articles.It was a good learning experience for the kids on how to make use of waste things and make best possible use of it. The kids enjoyed the activity to its fullest !!!

Std. III

Activity : Review of Documentary – Lego

Review of a documentary was planned for the students of Standard III as a part of their month end activity for January. The objective of the activity was to improve their aural-oral skills and also to enhance their knowledge about ‘Lego’ which most of them were exposed to since early childhood. They were shown an animated short film on the history and making of “Lego”. The students enjoyed the film as they could relate to the topic and had a good time watching the same. After the viewing of the short film, there was a discussion which was followed by a written review on the movie. It was interesting to go through some of the reviews in which the students had laid emphasis on values like ‘Hard work’, ‘Perseverance’, etc. The activity was fulfilled in terms of the objectives achieved while providing enjoyment to the students.

Std IV &V

Activity : Story telling

On 30th of Jan. 2015 the’ Art of Storytelling’ was organized in association with British Council, Pune and NIE, Times of India. A British poet Mr. Godfrey Duncan aka ‘TUUP’ was the performer who began his career as a performance poet and later on he became a professional storyteller in 1981. The students of Std. IV and V enjoyed the performance very much. It was a wonderful interactive session. The way he involved the students in the story telling was just amazing. His musical instruments which he used during the performance were just perfect for the show.

Std VI

Activity : Market Day

The month end activity for the month of January 2015 for Std VI was market day. The activity was enjoyed by the students of Std VI who hosted the activity as well as all the other students who had attended the market day, especially students of Std V and IV. The enthusiasm of Std VI students knew know bounds when they set up stalls and displayed their stock as they had put in a lot of planning and preparation towards this from a very long time.

They sold eatables which were mostly home made , hygienic and reasonably priced, set up game stalls and also sold jewellery and greeting cards personally made by them.. Students got to learn about costprice and selling price as well as profit and loss. More so the valuesthat they carried back after the activity was that of team building, team spirit, sharing and valuing the money earned or spent by them.

Std. VII

Activity :Nutritional Snack Making

The activity was conducted by the students in their classes with the respective class teachers. Students were briefed about the importance of balanced diet. Keeping the same in mind students prepared various nutritional snacks.


Activity : SUPW – Best out of waste

The activity was conducted in the respective class rooms with the class teachers.

Students made beautiful things like flower vase, flowers, photo frames etc. from waste material.

They were asked to bring their own materials .Students enjoyed the activity and were engrossed in it for two periods. Through this activity they could show their creativity and talent.

Std. IX

Activity : Know Your Continent

Each class was asked to choose a continent and present the information about its various aspects like its history, geography, culture etc. in a creative manner. The activity was held on 29th January 2015 in the Audio Visual Room.

Std 9 A chose the continent of North America. They started with a short film on the geography of North America. Later a tribute was paid to Michael Jackson in the form of a dance on his popular songs. This was followed by a rendition of the famous country song ‘Country Roads’.

Std 9 B chose the continent of Europe. They started with a presentation on the different monuments and tourist attractions of Europe. Later the girls of 9 B highlighted the different languages of Europe by saying “Hello” in them. Then they presented information on ‘food of Europe’ and showed the actual samples of them to the audience. This was followed by an informative video on the most popular sport of Europe – Football.

Std 9 C chose the continent of Australia. They started by speaking about the history of Australia. This was followed by a collage on monuments and wild life of Australia. Then they presented information on the Australian sports like mountain biking, rugby, Australian Open Tennis Tournament etc which was followed by a presentation on the geography of Australia. The program concluded with the national anthem of Australia.

This activity provided a platform for the students for showcasing their talents along with gaining knowledge outside the book.

1.Investiture Ceremony 2015-16

The programme held on the began at 9am in the morning The students of Std IV and V witnessed the prefectorial body receiving badges from our Principal Mrs. Nandini Charles. the newly nominated prefectorial body stood tall all geared up to take charge of the new responsibility bestowed upon them by the school. After the oaths from the newly nominated student council, the programme ended with a vote of thanks.

66th Republic Day Report

On 26th January morning, school gathered on the ground for celebration of our 66th Independence Day . All students and many parents were part of this auspicious Day. Teachers and students put up programs to communicate their feeling of gratitude towards the freedom fighters and also convey a positive thought of liberal India. Instrumental Performances, Yoga and gymnastics, patriotic song , Play and speeches were part of Republic Day Celebration. Program was well anchored by students of Std XIth . It began with the School prayer “Hamko Maanki Shakti Dena..”. Followed by Salute to the Flag and National Anthem after the Flag Hoisting by our Chief Guest Dr. Manoj Narwade(Director PCMRD, Trustee and Secretary of Dr. Vikhe Patil Foundation). To brighten up the Day, students of Std VII and Std VIII sang with full energy a Marathi Patriotic Song “Jayostute..” written by Poet and activist Veer Savarkar. Speech in Hindi was by Std XI student, wherein she spoke of how all youngsters should positively contribute and be part of progressive India. Std I, II and III beautifully put up small act which was a tribute to the Martyrs and Sang song “I Vow to thee my Country”.

The “ Modi Effect “ could be sensed through the Speech in English by Std XI students who spoke of the drawbacks as a Nation but also a positive Vision with a solution. Similarly constructive steps taken by the government of implementing “Swach Bharat Abhiyaan“,” Sarwa Shiksha Abhiyaan “ were highlighted through the Play put up by the students of Std IX. Fun, Humor and a serious thought all very beautifully put up by them in the play. A feeling of oneness with their motherland was expressed through the Hindi song “Bharat Ham ko Jaan se Pyara Hai…” by Std IVth , Vth and VIth . To enhance and animate the song, a fusion of Dance, Gymnastics and Yog performance was displayed by students of Std VI th ,VIIth. The instrumental composition by the students playing table, violin, guitar and harmonium added rhythm and beauty to the song. The program concluded by Instrumental performance of “Vande Mataram “played on the sitar by the students of Std IV. As part of celebration, sweets were distributed to all the students.

Report of Workshop Attended on 20th and 21st January

Ms. Jyothi Menon and Ms. Mrinalini Rao attended a workshop conducted by Swanand Foundation for Identifying Gifted children in Mathematics and Science on 20th and 21st of January. The resource person was Dr. Anitha Kurup From The National Institute of Advanced Sciences. The Concept of Giftedness, Traits of giftedness and the needs of gifted children were explained with the help of Presentations and group discussions. As per the programme, 21 characteristics have been identified to help teacher spot gifted children in their classrooms. This was the first teacher training session conducted in Maharashtra. NIAS expects the trained teachers with the help of Swanand Foundation to take it forward and help the gifted children to become assets of the nation.

Club Activities

Space & Astronomy Club

In the January session a power point presentation based on the History of Space and Astronomy was shown by Mr. Amit Pundare helping the students to understand the importance of the predictions and calculations made by Ancient astronomers.

Students of class 8 prepared a quiz based on Space which was conducted in the next session held on the 24th January 2015

2. Eureka – The Science Club

January: Exploring the space odyssey through movie – The sixth session of the club was screening of movie Apollo 13, followed by discussions. Apollo 13 dramatizes the aborted 1970 Apollo 13 lunar mission, which is based on the book Lost Moon: The Perilous Voyage of Apollo13 by astronaut Jim Lovell and Jeffrey Kluger.

3.Gourmet Central Club

A feedback session was held in the month of January wherein the members shared their experiences and gave constructive suggestions for the better working of the club. A party was also organized for the members and they enjoyed it.

4.Human Matrix Club

The January session concluded with a very thought provoking activity of creating a healing altar. They prayed for the victory of humanity over divide of religion and also being kind and sensitive to animals and all living beings. Many sessions were laced with various TED talks by prominent psychologists sharing their insights from years of research and studies.

5.Little Chefs Club

In the month of January, the students were given the liberty to prepare a nutritious and heavy snack with a healthy drink to accompany it. This activity was performed in groups and called for team spirit, co-operation, time management and systematic planning. The students enjoyed this activity thoroughly and put in their maximum.

6.Robotics Club

January: The agenda for the day was to create an Air Pump and to complete the work on Solar Robot. The students could complete the work on Solar Robots and could test them. They had fun working on the air pimp and using it to inflate the balloon.

7.Adventure Club Activity

January- This month’s activity was conducted in the school on Sunday, 25th January 2015. Children did the activities like rappelling from the terrace and Valley Crossing in the school building from the 3rd floor across the corridors.

8.Film Appreciation Club

January session was held at the multiplex ‘ E-Square’ as part of our Visit to the theatre. ‘ The theory of Everything’, a beautiful bio-pic based on the life of a famous scientist ‘ Stephen Hawking’ was shown to the students. Like all other films, they were asked to write a review of the film to be presented in the next session.

9.Tout a’la mode ( An Over view ..)

10.Cyber Masters Club

January- The club had organized a field trip to Seamedu (School of Media) for the students of the cyber masters club. The students learnt the styles used in music, the budget for putting up a good show, the hard work put in by sound engineers and the software for assisting a good musician followed by a talk on films and how VFX (Visual Effects) contribute a great deal for making a good film.

11. Ramanujans of Today

January – The students of the club went for a field trip to Ravindra Furniture Factory owned by Mr. Pungalia (parent). Mr. Pungalia explained the standard measurements for cupboards, table, stands etc. The students experienced the methods of cutting plywood in the correct measurement, beading and transform it into various types of furniture. Various types of screws and hinges and the techniques of fixing it also was demonstrated. Mr. Pungalia also shared his experience in China and the furniture market there. It was a great exposure to the students and they understood the importance of measurements and their precision.

12.E Club

January – Students watched a movie on Alan Turing, who played a vital role in deciphering the messages encrypted by the German Enigma machine, which provided vital intelligence for the Allies. Turing is widely considered to be the father of theoretical computer science and intelligence.

13.साहित्यिक मस्ती

विद्यार्थ्यांना पुण्यातील स्वातंत्र्यसैनिक, त्यांचे कार्य व त्यांची निवासस्थाने यांची माहिती व्हावी या हेतूने जानेवारी महिन्यात ‘हेरीटेज वॉक’ चे आयोजन करण्यात आले होते. ‘इतिहासप्रेमी’ मंडळाचे संचालक श्री. शेटे सर यांच्या मार्गदर्शनाखाली ही भ्रमंती विद्यार्थ्यांसाठी अविस्मरणीयठरली. सरांच्या प्रभावी वक्तृत्वकौशल्याने भारताच्या स्वातंत्र्याच्या इतिहासातील आठवणी मुलांच्या मनात जागृत झाल्या.

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