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Month-end Activities – November 2015


To develop the interest in creativity and artistic skill finger puppet and mask making activity was conducted for the students of k.g on Monday 30th November 2015. Incharge teachers gave them primary instructions regarding activity children used their gained knowledge and prepare various types of finger puppets and masks enthusiastically. This activity helped the children to develop their creative thinking ,listening &Speaking skills.Winners of the activity were declared on the basis of the criteria like Imagination, neatness & over all presentation. Students enjoyed activity a lot.

Ornament Making

To give an exposer and develop creative, artistic &thinking skills of the students, Ornament Making activity was conducted for std. I, II and III. It was informed to the students to bring required materials as beads, green peas, flowers, grains, colour strips, dry nuts, thread and needle. In charge teachers guided the students to prepare ornaments within the given time of one hour. Each student used his/her innovative ideas and prepared beautiful ornaments like bracelet, necklace, bangles, hair belt & ear ring. The creations of the students from each class were really outstanding. Students enjoyed the activity a lot. 

Reading Aloud 

To develop the reading skills ‘Reading Aloud ’activity was conducted for the students of std IV &V. The teachers explained the students importance of loud reading and called each student ahead to read a paragraph from the given lesson. Each participant of the activity tried to prove their best and read lesson with great interest. The participants of the activity were judged on the basis of fluency, grammatical accuracy, accent and pronunciation.

Pot decoration activity

To enhance the creative and thinking skills, ‘Pot decoration’ activity was conducted for the students of std.VI. Each student of the activity participated very enthusiastically and showed competitive spirit to prove best by decorating their pot in the stipulated time of one hour. They used their innovative ideas and decorated their pots beautifully by using various material like colour, glitter, glue, thread, bindi, flowers, beads etc. The winners were declared on the basis of creativity, artistic skill and overall presentation.

Hand ball inter house competition

Hand ball inter house competition for boys and girls was conducted on Monday 30th November, 2015 for the students of std VIII. The students from each house participated very enthusiastically and tried to give their best. The student audience cheered their own house with great interest. The physical teacher Mr. Aher guided the other teachers to record the score of houses. The result was declared at the end of competition. The sapphire house scored more and declared as winner house. This activity could develop competitive spirit of the students.


On 30th Nov. 2015 the school conducted quiz activity for the students of class IX and X . Mrs. Sangita the quiz master, conducted it in seven rounds. The question bank included questions based on the scholastic and co-scholastic areas like literature, science, mathematics, geography, history economics, value education, IT etc.. The students divided into four teams as Ruby, Sapphire, Coral and Emerald worked very efficiently and enthusiastically. Each team gave a healthy presentation and worked with unity and full spirit. Ruby house scored the highest and bagged the first position and Sapphire the second.

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