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Month End Activities – June 2017


Name of the activity – String Flag Making

The student’s created various string flags. The string flags were displayed in their classrooms. They enjoyed the hands-on experience and memorised the flags of different countries.


Name of the activity -Finger Puppet Making

All the students turned out to be very innovative as they created interesting characters. The students then used their puppets to present stories, to talk about their characters and to highlight different topics they wanted to discuss about. It was an opportunity for the students not only to display their artistic skills but also to showcase their speaking skills and storytelling abilities as well.


Name of the activity -Cloth Puppet Making or Grain Stack Bottle Decoration

The activity witnessed the spirit of share and care. Unique puppet characters were made from cloth. Soon, the models took shape and the children were showing off their beautifully decorated grain stack bottles and cloth puppets. Some enthusiasts quickly weaved a story with the puppets and presented it.


Name of the activity -Me N Myself (Poster Swot Analysis)

This activity gave teachers a brief idea about favorable, non-favorable and motivational environment for each child. It was a nice platform for every child to express himself, know each other and care for each other.

Students enjoyed the activity and made beautiful posters about themselves.


Name of the activity- Mask Making

Some of the interesting and innovative masks made by the students were –

  1. Chinese Dragon Mask

  2. Chicken Mask

  3. Cat Mask

  4. Elephant Mask

  5. Flower face Mask

  6. Fox Mask

  7. Harry Potter Mask

  8. Jack-o-Lantern Mask

  9. Koala Mask

  10. Maori Tattoo Mask

  11. Masquerade Mask

  12. Panda Mask

  13. Rooster Mask

  14. Styracosaurus Mask

  15. Wolf Mask

Some of the masks were put up on the soft board for display.


Name of the activity- Enact A TV Commercial

The students were divided into 5 groups having 8 students in one group. They had to enact the commercial in English and use relevant props to present their act. They sang jingles and danced to its tune. It was a great opportunity to the students to showcase their creative skills and also taught them to work in collaboration as a team.


Name of the activity –Collage Making

  1. Air Pollution,

  2. Sound Pollution

  3. Water Conservation

  4. Flora and Fauna 

The objective was to bring an awareness on conservation of nature and inculcate the value of co-operation. Students also kept their classroom clean after the activity.


Name of the activity –Chart Making/Collage

The children enthusiastically got into their groups and created their charts/collage. A lot of collaboration and camaraderie was noticed among the group members. The thought process of the children seems to have matured and they are aware of their rights as citizens and have also tried to imbibe values of conserving their environment and their planet.


Name of the activity- Salad making, Mocktail making Flower arrangement and card making.

Card Making – The groups involved in this activity designed beautiful cards using crape paper, colour and glitter using simple ideas to enhance their creativity with keenness and enthusiasm.

Salad making– Another group of students make salads. They learnt a lot from this enjoyable activity, team work, cooperation, nutritional value of different salads, creativity in preparing and presenting the salad with the right combination of sweetness and acidity of the ingredients

Mocktail making The third group participated in Mocktail making. The students made use of varied flavours and fruit punches and mixed them to give a colourful presentation of their work.

Flower Arrangement – Beautiful bouquets were made by students with colourful flowers like Rose, Orchid, Sunflower, Lily and different kinds of leaves too. Few arrangements were made using flowers made from paper to make it ecofriendly.


Name of the activity- Film Review

The students of Std XI and XII were shown the movie ‘Hindi Medium’. The movie is about the struggles of getting admission into reputed schools.

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