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Month End Activities – Dec 2014

Std I –   Greeting card making

Month end activity for the month of December 2014 was Greeting Card Making. Students were asked to bring the required material on 17th December. Each one brought colourful beads, stickers, ribbons, glitter colours and other decoration material. Students put in a lot of effort and used their creativity to make beautiful Christmas and New Year greeting cards which were all put up on the soft board.

Std II – Quiz

The Month End Activity for December 2014 for the students of Class II was Quiz Competition. The Quiz was conducted on Monday, December 22, 2014. The students of each section were divided into four groups giving each group some different name such as North, South, East, West or something similar. The objective of the quiz was to understand the awareness of the students and their interest in other matters apart from what is taught and learnt in a class. Students of all the four sections thoroughly enjoyed the quiz. All actively and enthusiastically participated in the same and were seen to be eagerly waiting to give answers to the questions asked.

Std. III- candle decoration

With the onset of December, children were waiting for the Christmas celebration in the school. Keeping this in mind our month end activity ‘Candle Decoration’ was planned for the students of Std. III.

Students were very excited and came prepared with all the things like candles, ribbons, glitters, flowers etc. the candles lit up the class with warmth and happiness.

Std: IV – Clay Modeling

The enthusiasm of Std IV children knew no bounds when they were told about the month-end activity – Clay Modeling. To make the activity more exciting and interesting the classes were divided into eight groups. The topic ‘Christmas’ ignited the young minds into action. As the topic was given to them well in advance the children were able to plan it well amongst the group members. This fun-filled activity was taken in the 5th and 6th periods in the respective classes. Each group got their own materials and with a lot of eagerness and excitement came up with beautiful and unique clay models depicting the essence of Christmas. The students’ ability to work as a team, cooperate, plan and display their artistic skills was clearly exhibited through this activity. Active participation and the sparkle in their eyes truly showed that it was thoroughly enjoyed by the children.

Std V.- Movie Review

The Students of Std V (A, B,C,D) were shown a Hindi Movie called Hawa-Hawai. The students enjoyed the movie tremendously because it taught them some values of life like working together in a group to achieve a goal and how to assist a friend in need. Its about a poor boy and his aiming to achieve excellence in the skating game. The story was nicely narrated and presented. All Class teachers asked their respective students to write a review in their own words.

Std VI- Nutritional snacks/ salad making Students of STD VI enjoyed their month-end activity of ‘ Nutritional Snack/Salad making’. It was an individual activity with hundred percent participation. Dishes varied from sandwiches, fruit chaat, custard, salads, bhel, ladoos etc. Their interest and enthusiasm was reflected in the creativity and health consicious nature in their preparations. They enjoyed and shared their preparations.

Std VII- Market Day

Students enjoyed Market Day activity by being sellers and keeping record of their profit. Children put up their stalls with various items like eatables, handicraft, games. Preparation was done by the students. Objective of the activity was to learn various mathematical concepts like cost price, selling price, profit and loss which was well achieved. Their enthusiasm was remarkable. It was an enjoyable learning experience.

Std VIII – Enact a character

As a part of the month-end activity the students of class VIII  got a platform to enact their favorite  character from their course books , films and story books. The students performed monologues, worked in groups to bring out a sequel from their favorite Television serials like CID , Castle and Harry Potter.

This brought out their creative side along with team work which made them enjoy their contribution in the skit. The students worked on the dialogues and emotions expressing them with ease. 

Month End Activity for December 2014 – Candle Decoration



As the month end activity for December 2014, students of all the three sections of Std IX were fortunate to watch a presentation on the making of polyfuel from plastic. The activity was conducted in the Seminar Hall on Tuesday, the 23rd of December, 2014. Mr. Shirish Pansare, the owner of Rudra Environmental Solutions Ltd. had come to the school to give the presentation.

If plastic is not disposed of properly, it can clog storm water drains and rivers, thereby causing flooding in the monsoons, as was witnessed in Mumbai recently.

Their company is doing pioneering work in the field of converting plastic non biodegradable waste into fuel by using the process called gasolysis. They have 3 plants in Pune, with a capacity of 50 kgs, 300kgs and 500 kgs. In a plant with a capacity to process 300 kgs of plastic waste, about 150 litres of fuel can be produced. This fuel, if very clean can even be used to run a scooter. If it is not very clean, it is used in generators and gensets to produce electricity to work tube lights and fans. They use any kind of plastic waste, such as plastic bottles and plastic bags.

Our students will be visiting their plant shortly, after the Winter break and also will be bringing plastic waste from home, which will then be collected by Rudra Environmental Solutions, to be processed into fuel.

This is indeed a commendable effort and initiative undertaken by Rudra Environmental Solutions Ltd because otherwise the PMC only disposes of the plastic waste in landfills, which then takes a further 200 years to decompose.

To conclude, our students of Std IX will be contributing their mite to avoid pollution and improve the environment in Pune city.

STD X – Dealing with exam stress

Objectives of the session:

To help understand stress and anxiety

To be aware of the signs of stress that builds up during examination

And learn to deal with it.

Descriptive report:

First part of the session was focused on understanding stress and some of the signs of stress to help us identify when we are stress out. One important point for students to remember was that we are not aiming at a stress free life and zero stress also reduces performance and hence the idea is to not eliminate stress altogether but to develop ways of dealing with it so that it works to our advantage. This session was conducted by Ms. Purvi Gohil.

Healthy Lifestyle and living, a session that focused on the importance of our food and sleep during exams and other stressful situations. This session conducted by Ms. ShubhangiBapat emphasized on how healthy eating aids not just in combating stress but there is also a connection with our memory and concentration levels. Students were surprised when it was shared that because of their developing brain and physical body they actually need approximately 9 hours of sleep during the teenage years. Most of the children sleep for less than 8 hours per night many only for 6 hours.

MsBabita Dang focused on the time management and study organization as important tools to appear for exams confidently. Children attentively listened to various time management tips and advice given, especially the combination of urgent and important task and how scheduling can be done. Tips given for before the exam and the day of exam were taken well by the students

Session concluded with a Guided Imagery technique where the students followed an audio script and not only felt relaxed but also confident and certain. Ms. Smita Kulkarni initiated the process of medication and the students felt a difference in their energy levels feeling calmer after the session.

Overall the students were attentive throughout the session and the topic selected was the need of the hour. Many students thanked personally after the session for helping them with this topic.

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