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Moment of Pride and Happiness

Author: Pritam Hasabnis

I never knew about MIME until my daughter (Vaidhei) told me that she is going to play a role of a narrator in this drama act, thought it must be another in-house drama act; didn’t bother to give that close attention. Until the day I saw all toddlers rehearsing in the school. Stage fear has never been in Vaidhei’s books, she blossoms in front of house pack audience (yeah! yeah! That’s proud father’s word ;)).

This inter-school theatre festival is organized every year since last 7 years and schools all around Pune participate enthusiastically. Organizers come-up with the burning environmental topic and ask schools to come up with an innovative act. This festival not only raises awareness about our environmental issues but also gives an opportunity to students to voice their ideas and thoughts through the medium of Art.

This year’s topic was “Water”. Though there were no restrictions on no. of students in the act, they laid out some rules for judgement like:

  1. Relevance to the topic,

  2. Usage of props,

  3. Storytelling,

  4. 100% participation of kids &

  5. Minimum 20 mins

VPMS cleared all the initial rounds (amongst 30 schools) and entered tall in final 5. On 19th Jan 2018, the grand finale was to take place in Pt. Bhimsain Joshi auditorium. All kids performing for the act were supercharged and got more inspired when their act teacher sent this short, sweet but beautiful message on the day of final act:

SMS - Mime

In today’s fiercely competitive world, a motivating message like the one shared by the teacher really meant a lot to every student. More than a result, it meant to enjoy the journey towards it. As a parent, we felt more proud of the fact that our kids are in safe hands of such a knowledgeable & caring teachers.. 🙂

10:00 AM was the kick-off time given to us, with high anticipation and excitement everyone from family turned up to watch the finale. With well setup stage, fancy lightings & with full occupancy; we were sure to witness some magical performances from all the 5 selected schools. VPMS was lined-up 4th to perform.

First 3 acts were almost perfect – awesome props, superb dramatization and touching theme. Made us more nervous on how our tiny toddlers would compete against such a well-accomplished acts. Announcement for VPMS school to present the act gave me goosebumps, we were on the edge of our chairs to get a best possible glimpse of my little narrator. She just surpassed all our expectations, not only her narration was confident but her voice modulation, speech clarity & voice throw really stunned everyone in the family.

Post her introductory speech; beautiful MIME act was presented. Every small speechless element of there act was hitting us loud & clear. They completed act flawlessly and with well-deserved applause from the crowd.

After completion of all acts, we were sure VPMS’s MIME act would have a chance to be amongst top two (if not less). That may be biased father’s opinion, but I felt equally happy for other kids & acts they performed. The talent they exhibited on stage was close to the professional stage performances. Acts were so close that judges had to take 15 mins break to decide the winner & runners-up!

The time arrived when judges were ready with the results – they started with giving consolation prizes, and none went to VPMS. On one side I was disheartened, but on the other, I was happy that they would have better chance to win.

After complimentary prizes, we were left with last two. Runners-up & Winner.

Judges decided to give VPMS runners-up trophy & we all were jubilant with the announcement, winners were Pawar International School.

A daughter may outgrow your lap, but she will never outgrow your heart. 

I am awestruck by the commendable job Vaidhei & whole of her MIME team did. Thanks to all teachers, who have worked so hard to bring this innovative idea into reality and guiding every student to achieve excellence.

Greater learning always happens outside the four walls & your success has proven that once again.

Keep delivering such fabulous performances. Cheers!!!

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