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Maths Workshop

On the occasion of their book launch ‘My Pals are Here’ ,NIIT n guru in partnership with Marshall Cavendish Education Singapore organized a workshop on the teaching methodologies adopted in primary section in Singaporean schools. Ms Hooda, a primary teacher from Marshall Cavendish Education took the audience through the Model Method of teaching adopted there. She stressed on the CPA concept i.e. Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract way, which is a gradual transition of giving concrete examples in math for Grade I to III, then using pictorial method for grades IV and V and then moving on to abstract way for the higher classes. The stress in the classroom should always be on ‘Problem Solving’ so that the child develops the analytical and logical skills required. She also took the participants through George Polya’s problem solving steps which is 1) understanding the problem 2) devise a plan 3)carry out the plan 4) check or look back. The workshop also included life skills in the teaching of Mathematics The session was quite informative and was a good refresher session for all the Math teachers.

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