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March 2019 Activities


Every day in the morning, packaged milk being delivered to households is a common sight. To give the students an insight into what goes into providing pure, healthy milk every morning, the students were taken to the Ranjan Dairy Farm, Nimgoanjali, on March 8, 2019. It was an educational trip where children were taken to the Pasteurization and Packaging Section a very popular way of preserving milk. They got to see the entire plant. Students also saw different types of machines and understood the uses of those machines. Students were very excited to see the formation and packaging of many Bi-products of the milk like Paneer, Cheese, curd etc and also how Ice cream is made. Overall the education trip was a successful trip and children found it quite interesting.


On 27th March class V gave a visit to the Laxmi Offset.The main objective of the field visit was to make students aware of the advanced techniques of printing. It was also expected that the students should get the experiential knowledge of these techniques. During the visit students observed the advanced printing techniques such as flex printing, laser cutting, 4 side colour printing, printing on clothes etc. Finally, they were guided for the working of the printing press The field visit is knowledgeable and enjoy by the students.

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