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Marathi Divas

Recognising the importance of introducing young minds to our rich culture, VPMS Lohegaon has taken many steps. One such step is the celebration of Marathi Divas. Marathi Divas is celebrated to commemorate the birth anniversary of eminent Marathi writer and poet Shri V V Shirwadkar more popularly known as Kusumagraj. It is an occasion to acquaint everyone with Marathi culture and connect them to Marathi language. A language grows only when the people feel the connect and are able to express themselves in that language.

Marathi Divas was celebrated on 29 February with great enthusiasm in a colourful yet informative way. The programme commenced with the auspicious Marathi tradition of breaking the ‘Sriphal’ (coconut) by our Principal, Mrs Mrinalini Bhosale. This was followed by a unique Marathi cultural concept- ‘Vasudev’, a song and dance routine presented by STD VII. Vasudev is a colourfully dressed early morning visitor to the village who tells parables through his songs.

The morning assembly were presented in Marathi. A Marathi prayer song was sung by the students of STD III. Thought for the day and News was presented by the students of STD I. Then came the highlight of the event- the ‘Granth Dindi’. As books are considered storehouse of knowledge and help us to dispel the darkness of ignorance, they are treated as Akshar Brahma and serenaded with pomp and glory in a palanquin so that the younger generation also grows up venerating books.

The books arrived in a magnificent “palkhi to the accompaniment of Dhol-Tashe and tutari and escorted by children performing the “lejhim”

This was followed by a song ‘Mi Marathi’ presented by the girls of Std VI.

Next was a PPT showcasing the young achievers of modern Maharashtra whose immense efforts have contributed significantly in nation building. The list had names ranging from Shri Hemant Karkare to Scientist Raghunath Mashelkar to Vocalist Aarti Anklikar-Tikekar to activist Dr Prakash Amte to Miss Nila Vikhe Patil-political advisor to the Govt of Sweden. This was a perfect foil to the rich tapestry of culture presented earlier.

Then Mrs Meenakshi Thorat spoke about the importance of Marathi Divas and the legacy of Kusumagraj. The programme concluded with a religious folk dance-“gondhal” (traditionally an offering to appease the local deity during any auspicious ceremony). The vibrant dance performed by the students of STD VI and VII was a befitting finale to the showcase of Maharashtra’s rich culture and heritage.

The entire programme was put together by the Marathi department. Indeed, the celebration of Marathi Diwas at VPMS, Lohegaon was a grand one !!!

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