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Lakshya 2014-15

Date : 17-Oct-2014


Lakshya, Intra-Institute Competition is held every year to forge healthy competition among the students of PCMRD (MBA year 1 & year 2). The students compete with each other in various competitions. The overall winners are finally decided on the basis of their performance in the various events. These events are broadly classified into Management – Quizzes, Debates, Treasure Hunt, Dumbcharades. Sports included Cricket, Table-tennis, Chess, Carom, Volleyball, Throwball, Badminton and Tug-of-war, while the Cultural events include Singing, Dancing, Drama, Comedy Ka Baadshah etc that helped to bring out new creative side of students of PCMRD. Along with the participation, students themselves double-up as organizers of this wonderfully managed event. This event does much to bring the students together and instill a feeling of bonhomie and camaraderie. The winners of Lakshya 2014-15 were MBA 2nd year students who won with a tough competition of 850 points as against 800 points of the MBA 1st year students. Happy memories of “Lakshya” remain etched in the hearts of PCMRDians where “success is not judged by laurels alone but also by the efforts that were put in.”

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