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KMM Workshop – Second session

On 26th September, the students of STD IX attended the second session of the KMM workshop conducted by Mr. Suraj Jagdale. Filled with enthusiasm the students interacted with Mr. Jagdale about the 1st session. The session then continued with Mr. Jagdale emphasizing on the importance of creating a right mind set for the precious upcoming years. The students were told about three kinds of people in the world – Survivors, Above Average and Peak Performers. He spoke about how the students could strive to become a Peak Performer. The students were also advised to have a role model, someone they could look up to for their success and achievements. He also explained, with the help of real life examples as to how too much laziness or hyperactivity is a demerit to ourselves and our path to success.

He also spoke about the 4 stages of human mind, Beta (Hyperactive), Alpha (Calm& Composed),Theta (Peak Performer) and Delta (Saint like). The students were given tips on meditation; to master the art of controlling and coordinating the mind and achieve peace. The session ended with the students being told about a 5 finger prayer which is to be done for 5 minutes every day.

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