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Keep Moving Movement (KMM) Workshop

On 31st August, the students of STD IX attended a motivational workshop conducted by Mr. Suraj Jagdale a social worker and entrepreneur. He is part of the Keep Moving Movement (KMM). The session began with Mr. Jagdale narrating his dream where he was granted a boon by God. He could grant any child any of their wishes within an hour. Once all the children had expressed their wishes, he asked a thought provoking question as to ‘What would happen if everyone got what they wanted just like that?’. The students understood his point that everyone gets what they deserve to get and one must work hard towards achieving it by putting in right efforts to accomplish their goals.

The students were given a mantra to achieve their dreams – CRSE –Consistent Refined Self motivated Efforts. Mr. Jagdale explained these through various thought provoking and motivational stories. Without any of these, a person can only dream but not achieve it. The students also realized that people around them can support to an extent but self realization, practice, perseverance and hard work must be put in by oneself to achieve our goals.

It was quite an interactive session and the students were left in awe with the stories and real life scenarios narrated. One student put up a question ‘How do we know when we are on the wrong path?’ Mr. Jagdale ended the session leaving the students to think out the answer for this question till the next session which would be conducted in the last week of September.

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