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IUCAA Lecture Report – Sept 2014

Date: 13th September, 2014.

Venue: Chandrasekhar Auditorium, IUCAA

Topic: Visualizing Number

Speaker: Dr. Vishal Joshi


Timings: 10.00 am-11.00 am

Representative teacher- Mrs. Monika Mishra

Students who attended the programme:

Atharva Oak-8th B

Prathamesh Vyas-XA

Rutuja Sakori-8th B

Saurabh Shah-8th C

Pavan Kulkarni-9th C

Aditya Godkar-9th C

Tanmay Pardeshi-9th C

!. Dr. Vishal told us a story-

Mr. Richard asked his son about the height of Dinosaur, his son said approx. 20 mts. He said if you read about dinosaur sitting in your room, which is on the third floor, it can come and see you from the window reading about him. He actually asked his son to visualize the height of dinosaur.

2. He folded the paper 7 times and asked if fold the same paper more than 7 times than what will happen? Or how the paper has to be if he wants to fold it more than 7 times?

It has to be thinner or larger?

No. Of folds No. Of layers of paper

           1                      1

           2                     2

           3                     4

           4                     8

           5                     16

           6                     32

. .

N 2n

Let us assume that-

The thickness of the plain paper is t

The thickness of the folded paper is T

T=2 power 50Xt

3. Dr. Vishal explained the distance between all the planets by visualising them. He said imagine Sun as a football, Mercury as a gram, zip the distance between all the planets in mtrs. and imagine the distance between Sun and Mercury same as for other planets


We like this workshop very much. As a teacher’s point of view we tell our students the distance or height we give in numbers which is difficult for students to learn.

Always we should give some object and ask them to visualize the numbers, which is very interesting way. Not only for no.s but for other topics also we should tell them to visualize that topic first which will create students interest.

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