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Inter House Group Dance Competition: Std I – II

Culture of a country is communicated through language, music, dance, storytelling, festivals and rituals. These are known as the living culture. Understanding traditions and the part dance plays in national and global culture is very crucial.

With this objective, Inter-house Dance Competition was organised for classes I&II to help children become a part of that culture by inculcating those ideas and customs, through songs and dance. 

Students got to witness myriad hues of India through the folk dances of Rajasthan (Ruby House), Jammu & Kashmir (Emerald House), Nagaland (Coral House), and Goa (Sapphire House). Their vibrant movements, music, lyrics, and costumes were a feast to the eyes. It was a delight to watch kids dance in an inhibited manner with élan. The coveted First position was won by Ruby house and Coral house clinched the second spot with Emerald house on Third position.

This activity exposed students to multitude of culture and made them realize that folk dance is more like a daily ritual in all states and that a common thread binds our nation together.

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