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Industrial Visits 2016-17


Industrial Visit to Minilec India Pvt Ltd, Pune.

Minilec started its operations in 1965 .The company is into manufacturing of Motor Protection Relays, Pump Protection Relays, Phase Failure Relays, Microprocessor Based Annunciation and Event Monitoring Systems .

Visit to Minilec

The other special feature of the Yash Prabha Group under which Minilec operates ,is manufacturing variety of products such as machinery accessories, Oil and Grease, Powder Coating Equipments, Printed Circuit Boards and Bio Fertilizers. This is the first group to have variety of products produced at one location. 

We were taken through various departments where Motor Protection Relays, Phase Failure Relays, Microprocessor Based Annunciation and Event Monitoring Systems are manufactured and tested by skilled electronic engineers.

We also had the best opportunity to visit a Quality testing laboratory where it is nearly impossible to make entry for a person other than the company employee. The laboratory is equipped with highly sophisticated machines where all types of intricate testing are performed.

In the other department a Powder coating and liquid spraying is done on the equipments to protect and increase their life. In addition to these, powder coating plants are also built up in the company.

Siemens, ABB, Schneider Electric, LG, Kirloskar, Taj Hotel Resorts, Tata Motors, Blue Star and NTPC are some of the clients apart from a huge prominent clients base .It has its offices situated in Pune, Mumbai, New Delhi, Ahmadabad, Kolkata and Bangalore.

We were grateful enough have an opportunity to visit such a renowned company.

The visit was organized on 28th January 2017 for MBA First and Second year students.

Industrial Visit to Suzlon.


The first session was a Presentation about the company. Mr.Dnyaneshwar Manjare revealed a very interesting meaning of the word Suzlon; SUZ Means intellectual and Lon means financial assistance. This means financial assistance with wisdom.

The taglines of Suzlon is: We Innovate. We Create. We Nurture. We are Suzlon!

The company is Pioneer of Wind Energy in India and leading renewable energy solutions providers in the world. It was founded in 1995 and set up in India. Currently the company operates across 19 countries in Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa and North and South America. The founder of the company is Mr. Tulsi Tani .During inception only 20 employees were working in the company. Today it comprise phenomenal workforce of 6900 employees. It has installed 10000 wind turbines so far globally.

Suzlon has its operation in hakan, Vadodra, Pondicherry, Bhuj, Gandhidham, Coimbatore, Padubidri, Daman and Dhule. The company can produce power up to 30,000 GWH using 14000 MW power generators.

The company has many feathers in its cap. These are CMO Asia Awards for Best CSR Practices, Indian Digital Media Award, IAA Olive Crown, 6th IMC (Integrated Marketing, Communications) Effectiveness Awards across Asia Pacific and Golden Peacock Awards 2016 ,to name a few .Chairman and managing is Director is Mr. Tulsi Tani and Group CEO is Mr. J.P.Chalasani.

The Pune headquarter of Suzlon comprises of 9,000 employees. The company has amazing facilities like Power and electricity generation in the premises, Auditorium, Library, Gym, Canteen, ATM.The special and unique feature of the Parking area is, full fresh air circulation system works across the area. Therefore unlike other parking areas it is delighting to see the pleasant ambiance in parking area also which seems to be uncommon in present days. Various social and cultural activities carried out are; Tree plantation, celebrating certain important Indian Festivals.

There are more than 2600 wind turbines operate across six continents. The wind turbine consists of various components; Tower and Foundation, Rotor and Blades, Nacelle with drive train, Gear box, Generator, wind direction guides and coolers.

Efficient administration of the company creates the highest level of efficiency possible within an organisation. It is concerned with converting materials and labour into goods and services as efficiently as possible to maximize the profit of an organization.

We could not wait to clear our doubts and thus we started asking questions one by one .Mr.Manjare was also equally enthusiastic to clear our doubts.

1) Where is the manufacturing of turbine blades done? Answer: Coimbatore, Chakan .Vadodara has the only blade testing facility in India which is owned by Suzlon

2) What is the raw material used to produce windmills? And where is it procured from? Answer: – Steel is major requirement to produce various parts in windmills. The manufacturing plants are located in such a way that they are in a vicinity of availability of raw materials. For example Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh

3) How do you manage the changes in steel price? Answer: Suzlon has a large profit margin. With an investment of Rs.18 Crore for a single windmill, the rate of return is very high. And as per the studies the investment is earned back within first 8 years. The lifespan of a wind mill is 20 years.

4) What is the total manufacturing cycle of the company? Ans – Suzlon manufactures a windmill and installs it within 60 days of receiving its order which is considered to be efficient manufacturing cycle. Suzlon has its own shipping corporation to deliver outside India.

Suzlon – CLP India is one of the largest investors in the Indian power sector. Both entered into a joint venture for a 100 MW solar project at Velour in Telangana. 

Along with its associate companies in the group; company has positioned itself as an integrated solution provider of services related to wind energy in the global markets.

Company also provides after sales, O&M services for WTGs supplied by it.

The associate companies of Suzlon acquire sites identified by it and that is found suitable for wind energy projects. Then they are sold or leased to its customers and undertake technical implementation of wind farms including infrastructure development, supply and installation of WTGs and connection to power grids.

Currently Suzlon Energy Ltd is the largest Wind Turbine Generator (WTG) manufacturer in Asia. With RE power, it has become the third largest wind turbine manufacturing company in the world. It contributes 30% of global wind turbine business. The company has supplied wind turbines to generate 8,000 MW of electricity and has installed projects to generate more than 4,800 MW of electricity based on wind energy. Its operations are spread across fifteen countries and five continents. Market price of the share in BSE is Rs. 16.05 per share.

And thus the visit ended after acquiring valuable insight about Suzlon and Wind Turbine Generator (WTG) sector.

MBA first year students along with Prof.Devkumar Mahisekar were present for the visit.

Industrial Visit to JCB

JCB is a leading manufacturer of earthmoving and construction equipment in India. The company was started as a joint venture in 1979 and


Mr.Joseph Bamford was the founder of JCB .He started the company in 1979.

Mr. Dhiraj Fiske, Manager HR of JCB planned and organized a Plant tour .Mr.Deepak Nayar,Senior Manager HR Made a presentation about the company product portfolio and it’s working .He interacted with us about efforts of the company towards World Class manufacturing system .

He briefed about HR, Marketing and service systems of the company.

Mr. Dhiraj Fiske took us through Assembly department .Engineers in-charge explained about the assembly, welding and production process carried out in the company.

This was a unique and beneficial experience to visit a company that is into earth moving and construction equipment.

The visit was organized on 2nd September 2016. The First Year MBA students and Prof.Devkumar Mahisekar were present for the visit.

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