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Industrial Visit to Sandvik, Pune

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The industrial visit to Sandvik was organized on 17th September 2013. The aim was to get to know the general manufacturing system of inserts, tool holding devices, their sales, marketing and distribution .These cutting tools are used for metal cutting. Metal cutting is carried out by mounting this carbide insert along with its tool holding device on Computerised Numerical Controlled (CNC) machines. These tools are used in any industry where metal cutting is done.

Sandvik Coromant was founded by Göran Fredrik Göransson. He was the first in the world to succeed in using the Bessemer method for industrial scale steel production in order to meet growing demands.

The real history of Sandvik Coromant begins in 1942 when Wilhelm Haglund was assigned the job as a manager for a new production unit for cemented carbide tools in Sandviken, Sweden.70-years later the company’s tools are used all over the world in the manufacturing of diverse products as aeroplanes, smart phones and beverage cans.

After the initial security check the students were taken to the Inserts Production Facility. Mr.Avinash More, Quality Technologist, guided the students through various departments.

The production process of the Inserts starts from the time the raw material; the carbide powder is imported from Sweden. It is imported in the form of an RTP (Ready to Process) powder. The powder is then transformed using pressuring machine to give the desired shape of the inserts. The Inserts are then put into a furnace which heats the pressurized Inserts at 1400-1500 degrees Celsius and then put through the grinding process to smoothen out the periphery and circumference of the Inserts .Then they are transferred for packaging.

After the Inserts production facility, the students visited the Tools Production Facility. In this department the whole product profile of the Sandvik Coromant was seen. The distribution facility is divided into separate areas where production of the Tools is classified on the basis of type of Tools manufactured. The range varies from general Tools to highly specialised customised Tools as per specific requirements of the customer.

There are only three distribution centres in the world. One of them is Singapore. The finished products are sold to any part of the world from these three distribution centres.

The Industrial visit was a worthwhile learning experience.


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