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Industrial Visit to Parag Milk Foods

The visit was organized on 9th August 2017. The company is in the field of producing dairy food products. Specialty of the company is in providing nutritious and delicious products at affordable prices .It is founded in 1992 and Founder is Mr.Devendra Shah.

Popular Brands of the company are Gowardhan, Go, Topp Up and Pride of Cows. Various delicious products produced are ghee, fresh milk, skim milk powder, whole milk powder, paneer, processed and natural cheese, cheese spreads, butter, dahi, dairy whitener and gulab jamun. Specilaity of the products is, they all are made from 100% fresh cow milk. Pride of Cows is a brand of fresh farm- to -home milk and the Topp Up is a flavoured milk .

Parag Milk Foods is located in the milk belt of Manchar on the Mumbai Nashik highway. Unit 1, processes raw milk into processed pouch milk, curd, paneer, ghee, and shrikhand. It processes up to almost 12 lakh litres of milk daily. Total number of staff is 600 .

In the process, milk is collected from farmers .It is accepted or rejected after performing stringent quality check .Liquid and solid substances are then separated. Solid slabs are maintained in cold storage which are used to produce various products.

Visit was very helpful as students had an unique opportunity to see an esteemed organization, one of the prominent companies in the field of Dairy products in the world. Students observed living ambiance of cows in Bhagyalaxmi Dairy Farm, Milking process backed by semi-automatic German Technology, Isolated process for milk packing and Fully mechanized process for milk delivery to customers.

Students of MBA I and MBA Agribusiness Management specialization, Prof.Devkumar Mahisekar and Prof.Sayali Joshi were present for the visit.

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