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Industrial Visit to Alfa Laval

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The visit was organized on 21st March 2014, Friday. Students from MBA II of all specializations attended the visit. 

The company manufactures heat exchangers, separators, pumps and valves used to heat, cool, separate and transport products in industries that produce food and beverages, chemical, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, starch, sugar and bio fuels.

It also produces bio fuels and waste water treatment system, extending to cover many different industries since it started its operations in the dairy field in 1883.

The equipment are used for;

  1. Extraction and treatment of crude oil

  2. Treatment of fuel and lubricating oils in vessels and electric power plants

  3. Treatment of industrial fluids

  4. Dewatering of sludge in wastewater treatment plants

  5. Cleaning of crankcase gases from truck and ship diesel engines

These separators are exported to other countries and also used for domestic customers. 80% of the production is exported to countries like china, Russia, Japan, Korea, Sweden, Germany etc. China is the largest customer of separators for this plant; almost upto 40% share of the total production goes to china. 20% of the products are supplied to customers within India.

The separators are classified into sizes ranging from 1 to 13. The size 13 is the largest separator that has been recently developed at this plant. The price of these separators range from 3-40 Lacs. The company also offers complete module of separator which consists of operational console and controls which is used to operate a machine. The other components and parts that are required to build the console are outsourced by the company and are assembled at the plant; ultimately building up the complete module of the separator.

Sales procedure

Alfa Laval maintains direct contacts with its customers; it even seeks customers directly no intermediaries like agents, etc. are employed by the company to seek its clients.

Distribution Channels

Alfa Laval’s finished goods from the manufacturing plant at Pune are not sent to any of the customers directly. The finished goods from pune are sent to their main distribution centre at Thane. From this location the products to be exported are sent to the specific countries by cargo ships or aircrafts.

Orders Processing

At Alfa Laval, manufacturing takes place only at the receipt of orders. It does not maintain stocks of finished goods. After the order is received the finished goods are supplied to the customers within 8 to 40 weeks depending upon the size of the separator. Time limits for both manufacturer and customer are set, violating which penalties are set for whosoever exceeds time limits.

After Sales Service

After sales service is very important aspect after completing the sales operation and Alfa Laval takes this operation very seriously. It does not trust on any external source for their after sales service. It has got its own set of customer assistance teams in India as well as across other countries. In India it has service centres in different states in major cities and these teams provide complete assistance on behalf of Alfa Laval to its customers. No outsourced service agencies take part in the after sales service of Alfa Laval.

This was very informative industrial visit.


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