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Hill Cleaning Activity

As a part of Community Development, PCMRD Community Development Cell (PCDC) had organized Hill Cleaning Activity at Vetal Tekdi on Friday, 04th January 2019.

Students of MBA 1st year and 2nd year along with faculty members (Prof. Devkumar Mahisekar, Prof Vijay Deshmukh, Prof.Sneha Joshi and Prof. Umesh Gramopadhye, Prof. Shrikant Waghulkar, Ms. Shruti Joshi) cleaned a part of Vetal Tekdi. The students of PCMRD collected the garbage like empty pet/glass bottles, plastic/polythene bags, wrappers of chocolates, biscuits and food products, papers etc.

The students of PCMRD appealed to citizens and children to protect the hill by not throwing empty water bottles, polythene bags, plastic wrappers etc on the hill. The message of ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’ was very aptly brought out by PCMRDians.

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