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French Activities – August 2015


Aboli Marathe of Std X was declared ‘Student of the Year ‘ by NIE Times of India .She was awarded a trophy and a cheque of Rs. 1,000/-

2 Sanjay Kher and Dev Pandhare – Std VIII participated in the Firodiya Quiz Contest and were second runners up. They were awarded certificates, gift vouchers of Rs. 500 /- each and a trophy .

Inter House Debate competition –

The Battle of Words-2015-16

11th of July, 2015.

Vikhe Patil Memorial School, Pune.

The 25th year, the Silver jubilee of Vikhe Patil Memorial School ought to be a great one. Not only are a lot of activities and celebrations planned but a lot of learning experience comes along with it.

The new academic year, began with the senior secondary section of the school, racking their brains to come up with a creative activity that would not only include our own school, but this would be a platform for all young debaters, who love to voice out their opinions and if not a large but leave a slight impact on society, and so we came up “The Battle of words” an inter-college debate competition.

After a month of assessing on what the rules should be, the topics, the schools that needed to be called, where the program was to be conducted, who to call as the judges etc. The debate was a huge success.

It took us all a long time to come up with topics, that were both new and debatable, and so we all finally agreed upon “Should juveniles be tried as adults?” and “Is the Indian Democracy practised in all its sincerity” the debate took place in the league fashion. We had eight schools, participation including VPMS.We had them divided in 2 groups of 4 each. Each school was allowed to send two participants- one for the motion and one against the motion. The idea behind dividing the schools into two groups was to make the debate more interesting, else hearing 16 students talk about the same thing would be rather boring and monotonous.

Group-1 consisted of

‘The Bishops School, Camp’,

‘Kalmadi High School’,

‘Dayanand Anglo Vedic School, Pune, and

“Vikhe Patil Memorial School’

This group had a heated debate on whether juveniles should be given another chance or whether they deserve nothing less but harsh punishment. All the eight speakers spoke with immense confidence and the way they defended their argument, showed they were all well prepared and believed in what they were saying. The strong command over their language and the overflowing confidence of our participants made it very hard for our judges to choose the best. Our judges, Mrs. Bharati Kudchadkar and Mrs. Ashita

Pardeshi both of them heard out the aspiring and well prepared participants with patience as they rebuttal and proved their point, they also asked them questions and told them where they could improve. One very interesting and handy tip that Mrs. Bharati shared, was that humour always helps in holding the attention of the audience. ‘Getting your point across through humour is an excellent trick’ she said.

Group-2 consisted of

‘The Army Public School’ ,

‘The Orchid School’ ,

‘The Sanskriti School’ and

‘Indira National school’.

This room too saw a heated argument on whether the Indian Democracy still exists in every narrow part of India or not. The debate here got so heated that one of the For members from ‘The Orchid School’ ,who spoke exceptionally well, was questioned by a fellow member who himself was speaking for the topic, and to everyone’s surprise he was able to answer with confidence and logic. The judges here too were perplexed as to who should be declared the winner. The judges, Mrs. Deepti and Mrs. Aindrila Sinha, both told the participants what a good debater should always remember.

Both the groups, 1 and 2 had heated arguments and somewhere we all must agree that maybe our Indian Democracy is not to be blamed alone and maybe a ‘crime is crime, whether your 17 or 70’ quoting Aniket Ghatnekar

First Round Group 1 Results:

Aniket Ghatnekar, from VPMS bagged the best speaker award and Ayushman Chopra, from The Bishops School bagged the second best speaker,

First Round Group 2 Results:

Abhidnya Ramdasi, from The Sanskriti School, bagged the best speaker award and Nikhil John, from The Army Public School, bagged the second best speaker.

By the end of the preliminary round we had 4 teams that qualified themselves to the second round i.e the impromptu round, ‘The Bishops school’, ‘Vikhe Patil Memorial School’, ‘The Sanskriti School’ and ‘The Orchid School’

The basic idea that allowed a team to qualify to the second round was the summation of the individual scores of each participant from each respective school, so the individual score of each participant would fetch them the best speaker award but the cumulative score of both the participants from each school would qualify them to the next level.

By the time the first round executed, lunch was put up for the participants and at 12 noon they were told their topics for the impromptu round, the topic was- “Should Celebrities bear the brunt of the brands they endorse’ the 4 teams were given an hour to do their respective research and come up with a 1-1.5 minutes speech.

For the second round, we had two very special judges,

Mrs.Firoza Barucha, who is a well-known theatre personality and is a teacher at St.Mary’s school 

Mrs. Deepa Ghurtoo who is loved teacher at Gurukul School Pune.

The debate started with Ayushman Chopra telling us how celebrities play an important role in influencing people all around the world and they should be held responsible for the brands they endorse, while Nirali Hamirwazia disagreed as she pointed out how it’s their job, to do what they are told by the script writer and it’s their way of income, we are no one question it. Both sides put forward their points with utmost ease and exuberance.

One of the highlights of the debate was when during the rebuttal the members who supported the argument brought to our notice that a lot of people across the world buy certain products because their favourite stars advertise them, but those who were against the argument opposed as they said that every brand needs to be publicised and there is no better way than to have a celebrity be the face for your brand, like Hrithik Roshan for Hide and seek or David Bekham for Calvin Klein. After a lot of disagreements and reassessing on points and on constant debating the final round ended with a bang. One of the most enriching and informative speech was given by Mrs. Barucha who not only appreciated the participants on their commendable performance but also told us a bit about pronunciations, speed of speech, eye contact with the audience and judges etc. She was extremely impressed with the participants and congratulated them for their presence of mind and research in such a short span of time. Mrs. Ghurtoo quoted ‘praises ruin you, while criticism saves you’ she both ruined and criticised us. She told us how our research could be much more vast and rich, she mentioned the importance of newspaper and news in today’s fast world.

Just before we announced the results, our beloved chairman Mr. Ashok Patil, told us how happy he is too see our generation think on such an intellectual level and put forth our thoughts. He mentioned how his travelling experience has taught him a lot about how things work in the real world as he meets a lot of famous personalities and how he loves discussing nutrition, passion for work, the struggle etc. It was very nice to hear him tell us so many interesting things.

The audience seemed restless after a while and after the judges put down their pens, the results were given out.

Final Results:

Nirali Hamirwazia, from VPMS bagged the best speaker and Vikhe Patil Memorial Schools emerged as the proud winners of the first ever inter-college debate held in VPMS itself.

VPMS and Bishops had a neck to neck competition, there was only a 1 point difference between the two schools, but never the less, Vikhe Patil Memorial School emerged as the ultimate winners and at that very moment, the entire VPMS family was elated with pride. All the preparations, the endless arguments all that suddenly felt worth it.

This would not have been possible without Mr. Umashankar spearheading this entire program, Mrs. Anjali Naik, our Co-ordiantor for constantly supporting us, even when we went to her for the silliest things. Mrs. Kiran Jadhav, our vice principal for being a constant support, a special thanks to Mrs. Gambhir who helped us get those beautiful trophies and last but not the least we would like to thank our beloved Principal , who had faith in us and gave us the freedom to explore every opportunity and hurdle that we faced.

And of course cheers to the debate team, which worked extremely hard to make this debate a huge success.

Teachers workshops

Report of the Workshop on Values Education Conducted by Jyoti Kumta

The values and attitudes we live by affect how we relate to other people and to all our activities in the environment, and so are a major influence on our prospects for achieving a sustainable future.

Although they cannot be separated from cognitive understanding, values and attitudes relate to the affective (or emotional) dimension of human behaviour. While values and attitudes are similar in this regard, they differ in several important ways.

A workshop on Values Education was conducted on 3rd June 2015 for all teachers by Mrs. Jyoti Kumta in the seminar hall. As teachers we all strive to ensure the social and emotional well being of the child. This workshop revolved around the collaborative approach of Values education in the curriculum.

The Past objectives were – Vision statement, Shared lessons, Introduction of Edmodo, Teacher’s feedback, Student’s feedback and inputs from the school.

The present and Future objectives are – Collective decision about each and every aspect of the program.

The Strategies which worked last year and which did not work were discussed.

The topics – Choice Theory, Maslow, PERMA and Unity in values were discussed as a group.

Strategies for Integration of Values education were discussed.

The importance of Growth mindset feedback was explained.

The Effort rubrics werediscussed to understand the effective effort taken by the students.

An activity in Maths – Making and analyzing a Mobius Strip was effectively conducted to integrate How to deal with Expectations / Disappointments.

Mrs. Deepti Prasad demonstrated How to log in to Edmodosite and explained its features.

The workshop was interactive and enriching

2.Workshop Organizers: InOpenTecnologies

Workshop : Computer Masti Teacher Training 2015

Venue :Vidyashilp Public School

Days: 4th June to 6th June 2015

Teachers :MrsSusmitaCholkar, MrsMrudulaAthale, MrsVasantiPawar, MrsAlpanaSaxena

On June 4th 2015 the InOpen Technologies conducted a three day workshop for all the computer teachers from different affiliated schools. The objective of the workshop was to acquaint the teachers with various Computer Masti Applications. On the first day the teachers had to express their expectations about which applications they wanted to refresh their knowledge.

On the second day of the workshop the teachers had a brainstorming session on Assessments and then all the teachers had a programming session using Scratch or Basic where the teachers were taught the basic programming concepts like step wise thinking.

On the last day the participants were asked to have a role play on various teaching learning strategies intention was to outline the daunting challenges in teaching and using technology for education.

The workshop

was conducted well and all the participants were awarded certificates.

STEP is a leadership development program on value education in Education for Sustainable Development. There was a selection process that happened in April. It consisted of two rounds- one a written form and two a phone interview. It was a 5 day training camp that I attended in May. After the training camp a whole year will go by where we will have to implement our projects.  I expected the camp to be mostly related to environment where they would brief us about different environmental issues, but well it was totally different. There we were taught to be leaders. Day1 was an introduction to so many different people. There were people from 5 cities/states- Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Goa and Chandigarh. On the second day we had sessions on self exploration, where we really had to think a lot about ourselves and what kind of a person we really were. The third day we had sessions on Leadership, Teamwork and Conflict Resolution. We also had a village study where we visited a village in Goa. Day 4 and 5 were entirely devoted to our projects. All in all it was a week where we really shaped ourselves not according to other people’s expectations but our beliefs. Most importantly we learnt to not only be a good leader but a good person as well..

Training-cum-Workshop on Scenario of Water Resources Sector in India

Venue of the Training : National Water Academy, Central Water Commission, Pune – Sinhagad Road, Khadakwasla, Pune – 411 024

Date 30June,2015.

Teachers who attended: Mrs. Monika Mishra and Mrs.Nidhi Jain.

We reached the venue by 9.00 am[by the bus provided by the NWA]. After registration the workshop was inaugurated.

We had different sessions on Water Resources of India: Status & Prospects, Projected Demand for Water by 2025 and 2050,before the tea break.

This was followed by sessions on Droughts & Floods, Water Quality Management andthen we had a lunch break.

We visited theCentral Water & Power Research Station Models and saw replicas of the dams we in India. We had a direct experience viewing the Yamuna Barrage model.

We had sessions on Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources given by the Director of NWA, Pune Shri Sunil Kumar and Group Discussion and Drawing Conclusion Convenor by Shri D S Chaskar, Director (Designs).

We concluded the programme with a Valedictory Session & Distribution of Certificates.

It was a wonderful, informative and enriching workshop on the Scenario of Water Resources Sector in India, which was very well planned.

I am very thankful to our Organisation for giving us the opportunity to attend this Seminar.

Thanks and regards.

Report : CCE Training Programme on Co scholastic Assessment

Date : Tuesday , 2nd June 2015

Venue : AV Room , VPMS , Pune

Resource Person : Dr Aarthi Hemrajani from Next Education India ( P ) Ltd

Participants : 37 teachers : VPMS , Pune

Objectives : The workshop was conducted to provide an insight about the various tools and techniques involved in assessing the various co-scholastic areas as Life Skills , Performing Arts , Value Education ,etc

Course of the Work shop :


Quiz : To check the awareness level of the participants

A PPT and discussion on the integration of Life Skill Activities .

Writing of Anecdotal Record based on sample case studies.

Group Activities on self awareness.( SWOT analysis)

Fish bone concept : Group presentations

Check lists for assessing thinking / social / emotional / creative / critical skills.

Feedback session

Learning Out comes: The Workshop was successful in providing an overview about the strategies involved in observing , recording and assessing students in the various co –scholastic areas .


Date:15th July ‘2015

Number of students attended: 16 from STD VII, VIII, IX

Project ‘SEARCH’ was started by ‘Tetra Pak’ and TERI. The event started with a presentation which gave a brief insight about the positive work the organization has been doing since inception.

MrsMangalPanghare, the director of ‘SWACH’ enlightened the students with a speech on Waste Management.

MrsSmita Singhgave a motivating speech on saving the environment. This was followed by a short presentation of one of the ‘STEP’ leaders , whose project was given the award titled ‘The Most Innovative Product’. She tried to spread awareness regarding the deterioration of native river, The Ganges, through art and various dance performances , which she organized in school societies etc.

‘STEP’ leaders, who were the students selected by ‘TERI’ to start their own projects towards the betterment of nature for the present and future, gave a brief introduction about their respective projects. The projects were excellent and were related to saving of water, animals, helping children in orphanages etc.

Students of Vidya Valley school gave a brief presentation on their project which they named ‘NtyrelyEco’(Entirely Eco friendly) a part of Vasundharaproject. In this project , they used old tyres and made small chairs and couches using them. They have received many orders and are now running their own business.

This was truly an inspirational workshop which made us realize our responsibilities towards saving the environment.


The first two weeks of August were designated as French Activity weeks as a part of the ongoing Silver Jubilee celebrations taking place in school.

The French Department planned a number of activities for all those students who have opted for French; from classes VI to X. The students participated in the activities with enthusiasm and gusto.

The bulletin boards were put up by Emerald and Ruby House on ‘Le Tour de France’ and the ‘French Open- Roland Garros’ respectively

The students also decorated their classes using the three colours of the French national flag as the themes.

The Assembly also took on a French flavour with songs being performed and talks on French language, history and culture being given by the students.

In addition to all this, some special events were also planned. 

The first was the ‘Inter-House Concoursd’Orthographe’ or Spelling Bee. Three teams from each House took part in the Elimination Round and the best team from each House went to the Final Round. Sapphire House walked away with the honours and Ruby House came a close second.

To add a tangible French touch to the activities a ‘Food Festival’ was arranged. A chocolate croissant, a quiche and a macaroon were provided by ‘La Bouchée d’Or’, which is the only authentic French bakery in town.

The French film ‘Le Petit Nicolas’, based on the story idea of Rene Goscinny was screened for the students of classes VIII, IX and X. The students of class VIII also did a project on the film, in which they wrote about their favourite scene, character and why they liked the film. They also researched Rene Goscinny, who is the creator of the well-known Asterix and Obelix comic series.

We are very grateful to Ms Sonya Gole of the Alliance Francaise de Pune, who arranged workshops in the institute for our students. The 40 minute workshops were conducted by Kevin and Solene, interns at the Alliance and were attended by students of classes VI, VII and VIII, in batches of 18. They consisted of games and activities based on language, vocabulary and phoenetics. ‘Amazing’, ‘Awesome’ and ‘Fantastic’ are just a few of the words used by the students at the conclusion of the workshops and many of them even expressed a desire for more

All in all, the entire two weeks were an interesting experience for both teachers and students.

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