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Field Visits and Workshops

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Field Visits

Students of following classes went on a field visit to –

Std – X : Police station, Ambad. Students closely observed the activities that were conducted by the police officers in the police station, to keep the city free from crime and maintain proper discipline in the public areas. Students also had a glance in the entire police station departments.

Std – VIII: Students of Std – VIII were taken to Lokmat Newspaper Press. Students had an opportunity to closely observe how the printing press and print media works 24/7 hours. Students came across the knowledge of compiling news and how it is displayed on the newspaper without wasting any space.

Std – VII: Students of Std – VII were taken to Sahyadri Foods – Food packaging factory near Ozhar. Students were able to learn as to how the fruits and vegetables are being cleaned and packed for export purposes. They also witnessed the packing of fruit juice in the tetra packs and exported for different purposes. Detail information of the plant, storage of food at different temperatures was shown to the students including the importance of cleanliness of equipment and the maintaining high level of hygiene and sanitation.

Std – VI: Students of Std – VI visited Artillery Museum at Artillery Centre, Deolali. Students had a glance on different arms and ammunition.

Std – V: Students of Std – V were taken to the Traffic Park where the team of retired police officers interacted with the students. In the traffic park students were taught practically how to cross a heavy traffic road, why it is important to use the foot paths while walking. Basic rules and regulations of traffic were taught to the students and if lost how to ask for the help from the traffic police department. Students were also taught why and how the traffic signs and signals are important and how should we obey them to avoid chaos.

Std – III: Students of Std – III were taken to the Bakery for a field visit. Student had an opportunity to see the making of bakery products.

A days’ workshop was organized for the group of students involved in the editing and collecting information for the School Newsletter ‘InspirED’. The workshop was focused on the writing skills mainly differentiating between articles and reports. They were guided to follow the model and structure to be followed while writing a report or an article.

Students of Std – VIII and IX were taken to Atal Tinkering Lab (ATL) in Deolali Cantonment High School for the workshop based on promoting students to make their career in Robotics and Electronic Engineering. Students, in this workshop were taught to prepare moving projects like plough, bus, car, crane with pulley.

In the Interschool Science Project Competition organized by Nanote Engineering and Industrial Training Center, Ambad, students of Std – VI: Vidhya Upadhyay and Mukesh Prasad won 3rd Prize on the topic Rain Water Harvesting and Students of Std – VIII: Mrudul Agrawal & Dhananjay Prasad participated and presented their project on the topic Water Conservation.

A Guest Lecture on Career Guidance and Tricks on Mathematics was organized for the students of Std – Xby Ram Rajya Institute, Nashik.

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