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Field Trips – September (Sr. KG, I, III)

Sr. KG – Field Trip to University Post Office and Aundh Fire Station


They visited the Post Office where they saw sorting of letters , parcels, speed post and envelopes. They saw different sections of the Post Office. The children got the opportunity to interact with the Postmen. Later they visited the Fire Station. Here the firefighters explained the different objects used by them to extinguish fire. They demonstrated the working of a hose pipe which the children enjoyed.

Thus it was a good learning experience for the children.

Std. I – Field Trip to Joshi Museum


The students of class one visited Joshi Museum on 29th September, 2014. The museum is a miniature railway museum located in Karve Road, Pune. The museum hosts working models of various types of trains. The model trains on exhibition run through a miniature city. The city shows flyovers, roads, parks, restaurants etc. The students were thrilled to see all the trains move through tunnels and the city. The layout also showed a circus, hot air balloon moving in the air, cable cars moving on ropes and many more exciting scenes. It was a one of a kind experience for them. They not only enjoyed the trip but also learnt many more things like – different types of trains, uses of electricity, modes of transport etc. Overall, it was an enjoyable, educational trip.

Std. III – Field Trip to Kamayani School


With this objective, we, the teachers of std III decided to take our students to the Kamayani School for the mentally challenged on a field trip.

On reaching the school, we were first oriented by Mrs Shevete who is a member of their teaching staff. She told us about the kind of students who attend their school. Soon she was joined by Mr Shinde, who is a psychologist. He spoke about the institution. He informed us about how, apart from basic academics, skills for daily living are also taught at their school. Within the same premise, there is also a workshop where, mentally challenged persons from the age of 18 to 50 are trained in various activities. Mr Shinde also patiently answered all the questions asked by our students.

After the orientation we were taken on a guided tour of the workshop and then to the school by Mrs Shevate. The students were really impressed when they saw the book binding , weaving and stitching unit of the workshop.

We were then taken to the school building, where we got to meet the students of Kamayani in their respective classrooms. We were greeted with a warm; ‘Namaste’ in every classroom we entered This was soon reciprocated by our students, once they overcame their initial apprehensions and fear.

At the school we got to see the kind of education that was imparted to the various age groups and how it was very different from the education imparted to our students. The disciplined manner in which the students of Kamayani conducted themselves was truly impressive.

This field trip was an eye opener for our students as they were exposed to a section of the society they were almost oblivious of. It was indeed a true learning experience as along with information about the mentally challenged; (which was an extension of an EvS lesson), the students also learnt the core value of sensitivity.

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