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Field Trips

Field Trip – Std I- II – Aga Khan Palace

The students of Class 1 and 2 visited the Aga Khan Palace, one of the important land marks in the Indian history and is a part of the Indian Struggle on 21st February, 2019. . It’s a majestic building located on Nagar Road. The students learnt that it was served as a prison for Mahatma Gandhi and his wife Kasturba Gandhi. The palace archives a number of photos and portraits depicting glimpse from the life Mahatma Gandhi and other personalities of Indian freedom struggle. The museum also has a Samadhi of Mahatma Gandhi and Kasturba Gandhi. The students were amused to see the belongings of Gandhi like clothes, footwear, utensils and a few more things. They had a walk in the garden before leaving the palace. It was indeed a delightful trip.

Field Trip – Std III – Tribal Museum

The field trip for the students of Std. III took place on Thursday, the 21st February, 2019. The venue was the Tribal Museum in Yerwada.

At 10 pm, after the first period, the students got organized and then boarded the buses to go on their second field trip of the year. Their excitement could be heard from the incessant chatter and laughter amongst themselves. They reached the venue in forty minutes, given the heavy traffic on the roads.

They were taken on a tour of the entire museum. There were paintings of the various tribes of India along with the ornaments they wore, the musical instruments they made and used, and the different vessels they used. The various other things displayed and showcased in the numerous rooms of the museum were cultural and religious artifacts, tribal deities, agricultural implements, hunting gadgets and other weapons, tribal art and craft, wooden and cane craft, musical instruments, household items and articles used in marriage by the tribal people. There were many life size and larger than life statues also on display inside and outside the museum. There was a mask section also which displayed masks of various types. There were models of huts used by the different tribes. The beautiful warli paintings were no doubt the main attraction of the museum.

The students were then shown a short movie that threw light on the lifestyles of the different tribes still existing today in remote places.

Finally, it was time to come back. The students boarded the bus and we were back to school in a short while. The students no doubt had a good field trip in which they gained a lot of knowledge of the way of life of the different tribes of India. They saw firsthand how man, no matter how simple or complex, has always had a creative and musical side of him apart from other.

Field Trip – Std IV – Tribal Museum

As a part of the field visit students of grade 4 had been to the Tribal museum on 15th Feb,19 along with their teachers. This is a museum of tribal arts and artifacts belonging to the different tribes of Maharashtra. This museum was established in 1962 and started its display in 1965.The school bus reached the museum at 11 am. They students were very excited to visit the place and explore it. The museum welcomes the visitors with it beautiful Warli paintings. There are various rooms displaying things of different tribes that include their ornaments, cooking vessels, weapons etc. One of the rooms displays pictures of the different tribes like warli, thakar, kawar, koli dhor etc. Outside the rooms are beautifully made huts of some tribes. Here the children learned the different ways in how these tribes lived. The bamboo art of these tribes was splendid and so were adored by the students. After visiting the museum students were shown a small movie based on the life of the ‘Pavara’ tribe. The video showcased some amazing information on the life of this tribe. It was a fun filled and an enriching trip.

Field Trip – Std V – Tribal Museum

A visit to museum is a search for beauty, truth and meaning our lives, Go to museums as often as you can.

As a part of our school curriculum a field trip was arranged for grades V A, B and C. In this field trip students visited to Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum. They acknowledged the creativity of our ancestors. They also came to know their various means of entertainment used during olden times. They were surprised to know their technical knowledge. They were awestruck after seeing the displayed antique pieces which were made in olden days without the help of technology we have today. Students also got the chance to see the ancient artifacts, lifestyle and culture of their ancestors. Students thoroughly enjoyed this trip.

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