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Field trip to Precision Agritech Pvt. Ltd.

The students of grade II visited Precision Agritech Pvt. Ltd located in Theur, Pune as a part of educational field trip. During the journey they saw fields of sugarcane, papaya and guava plantations and the beautiful flowing water of Mulla Mutta river.

The students were greeted with toffees .There was a guide for every class who guided and explained about the various plants they grew in their nursery. The students learnt the process of growing plants and the way they have to be nurtured. They were shown the way the sprinklers help to water the saplings. The nursery has a huge RO plant which supplies clean water to the plants.

It was a good experience and the students learnt a lot as we walked around seven acres of land. The people of Agritech nursery distributed a flowering plant to each child before leaving. It was a joyous moment for the children as they got a sapling each. They carefully carried it home with them and promised to look after it.

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