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Field trip to French Café

A field trip was organized to a French café La Bouchée d’Or at Boat Club road for the Students of STD VIII on 20th December 2017. The objective of the trip was to know and discover about the French food and to learn more about the culture of France.

The students were taken in two batches of 30 students each. The presentation about the café and the kitchen operating details were given by the French Head Chef, Mr. Cyril in French and English. The children were shown the Kitchen and explained about the usage of each machine.

For the First batch, the chef demonstrated how to make the famous bread Brioche and samples were provided for the students to taste. A complimentary bread was provided for the School as well. The second batch was shown how to make Chocolate Mousse. They could also use their baking skills to pour the chocolate batter onto the tart.

The children enjoyed this visit as they learnt about the French food and the authentic taste of the food. It was a new learning experience with practical knowledge.

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