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Farewell to Std. X Students

On the 17th of February, 2017 our school arranged a farewell party for the outgoing STD 10 batch of 2016-17. The students were called along with their parents to attend a formal function. It began with the speeches given by our 10th graders, Vibhuti, Akila, Harsh, Shashwat followed by the speeches of parents (Mr Deshmukh, Mr Ratna). After the speeches of parents, the coordinator, Mrs Swapna Nair and the class teacher of STD 10 spoke a few words. Our Principal also spoke a few words taking the students to the memory lane and wished them luck for their future endeavours. The students of STD 9 wished the outgoing batch a good luck for their future through a song. Grade 10 was given a memento from the school. The students of Grade 10 presented the school a gift. Grade 10 showed a PowerPoint presentation which they specially made for their teachers.

Soon after this the informal function started. To refresh their memories the outgoing batch was shown a PowerPoint presentation and then an enactment on Purani Jeans, which showed them their daily life at school. Dyuti recited a poem in which she emphasised on each person’s trait. To cheer up the atmosphere two games were conducted. Soon after which there was a play showing a reunion of Grade 10, after 7 years, where they meet and relive their school life again.

The lads and lassies added charm to the evening by flaunting themselves in their amazing outfits. We had a musical night presented by Mr Deepak Deokar and our Principal, Mrs Mrinalini Bhosale, which made the evening even more magical.

And finally the most awaited moment of the evening came and Grade 10 students received their titles. The function ended with grade 9 and 10 dancing to the beats of music. Dinner was served to all the students present. Everyone had a gala time and took a bag full of memories, home, to cherish.

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