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Faculty Development Programme On Universal Human Values


The Programme aims at enhancing the academic and intellectual environment in the institutions by providing faculty members with enough opportunities to pursue their interactive session participation in such programmes would enable faculty members to update their personality and pedagogical skills. 

Under the able guidance of In-Charge Director, Dr. Puja Bhardwaj, a two-day FDP on the topic “Universal Human Values – 2” was held in the PCMRD campus on 15 & 16 July, 2013. It was conducted by Dr. Lesan Azadi Director of Bahai Academy, Dr. Sashi Gaikwad eminent educationist and Dr. Bharat Bhushan professor of environmental planning, Dean & Secretary at YASHADA.

15 & 16 July, 2013

The first session for the day was conducted by Dr. Lesan Azadi and Dr. Sashi gaikwad

Dr. Lesan Azadi is a Metallurgist (REC Rourkela) by basic educational background, and has had postgraduate studies in Education for Development from (Colombia) and Sustainable Development from (UK). Since 1986 he has been working in the field of training and education in universal human values. He has extensively conducted educational tours to 20 other countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and Pacific for offering workshops and courses. He is the Director of the Bahá’í Academy (www.bahaiacademy.org ), Panchgani, which initiated a programme on “Education in Universal Human Values” for institutions of higher learning in the year 2000.

Dr. Shashi Gaikwad is an eminent educationist. She has an experience of over 45 years at different levels and in diverse positions.She was the principal of Pondha Education Society’s College of Education, Goa and presently associated with Bahai Academy as Director Research

The session commenced with the welcome of the guest and introduction by Prof. Sadhna Kumari & Prof. Divya Lakhani. Then both of the guest were felicitated by the In-Charge Director Dr. Puja Bhardwaj.

The delivery format of this programme is on two day basis. The two days were devoted to understanding the universal human values are co-operation, unity, peaefullness, harmony and the pursuit of knowledge, moral development, stressing such universal human values, must have a central position in our time tables and programmes and micro lesson plan along with varities of games which is related to group dynamics, co-ordination, goal achievement and team building and moral capabilities. During these two days Dr. Lesan Azadi extensively on developing subject knowledge and human relations that will help in becoming good facilitators. Each faculty has participated in the discussion and game has given new ideas. The areas of development were discussed by him at length with each faculty.

He also guided the participants through ‘Human Universal Values’ a wide range of approaches and techniques in education have been developed during the past century or so. He spoke about the qualities which are essential in the process of teaching, learning outcomes, self-assessment, motivation, communication, classroom management & discipline, faculty self-improvement, special activities, and assessment. He stressed on developing our reading skills, teaching skills, presentation performance to become a good Human on the basis of moral capabilities. The three basic ways which is essential steps for understanding the human behaviour i..e.. co-operative learning , individual work, competitive learning. He also spoke and discuss about the positive attention for the co-operative learning management, importance of groups, pair discussion, pair discussion share, think-pair-share, pair discussion- write-share and at last team discussion.

The second session for the day was conducted by Dr. Lesan Azadi, Dr. Sashi gaikwad and Dr. Bharat Bhushan.

Dr. Bharat Bhushan (M.Sc, Ph.D in Zoology) is the professor of Environmental Planning, Dean & Secretary at YASHADA. Dr. Bhushan is having 35 years plus rich experience. He is recognized as a research guide in Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Powai, Mumbai, Masters in Botany, Department of Botany, and Masters & Ph.D in Environment Sciences, Inter-disciplinary School of Environmental Sciences, University of Pune, Masters & Ph.D in Agricultural Communication YCMOU, Nashik.

The session commenced with the welcome of the guest and introduction by Prof. Sonal Charthad. He was then felicitated by Prof. Sadhna Kumari

Dr. Bhushan sir guided us through his speech which is based on the the attitudinal change – caring for our health and simplifying work – keep it simple safe and easy. He spokes about the emphasizing the positive attitude generate interest through the case study and diffusing the negative attitude, a better quality or approach towards human behaviour, accept challenges and few more discussion about the most common irrational assumptions.

After completion of Dr. Bhushan sir speech vote of thanks given by Prof. Navreen Wani. In the world at large there is often competition and co-operation. When there is competition some people try to be better than others and when there is co-operation, people work together towards a common aim.

The session concluded with the valedictory session by Dr. Shashi Gaikwad and Dr. Lesan Azadi sir handed over the certificate of participation to all the faculties present. In the end, vote of thanks was delivered by Prof. Minal Waghchoure to all the guests, teaching and non-teaching staff for their active support and cooperation.

The session concluded with enthusiasm and zeal among all the faculties to reach greater heights in their chosen profession.

Faculty coordinator : Prof. Sadhna Kumari. 

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