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Driver’s Day


The programme started with the prayer song ‘Hum ko maan ke Shakti do’. The students enacted a skit to depict their journey in the school bus to and fro. They enacted the pranks they play while they travel by the school bus.

The skit also enlightened the students as to what consequences could be anticipated if they do not obey to the instructions given by the bus driver and the bus attendant. The skit was very informative and set the students to reflect upon their behavior when they travel by the school bus.

The drivers took an oath on the occasion of driver’s day. The Principal, Mrs. Mrinalini Bhosale made the students applaud and thank their bus drivers and attendants for their self-less service. She also gave them a rose and a badge made by the Art teacher Mr. Deepak Jadhav.

The Transport contractor Mr. Bharat More and the Transport Manager Mr. Pradeep More were also felicitated. The students were thrilled and gave a thunderous applause when their bus driver and attendant were felicitated.

The drivers and bus attendant were very touched by this gesture from the school.

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