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Doctor’s Day – Special Assembly

Doctors day special assembly was conducted by Class V A, B&C. on 3rd July 2017.

It was celebrated in our school with great enthusiasm .Children of class V combined together and had a special assembly. The assembly began with prayer followed by thought for the day and the news. Then there was a welcome song sung by kids welcoming the esteemed guests and the whole gathering.

The show was anchored by kids of class V .Welcoming of guest was done by respected Principal madam and the show began with anchors speaking about the importance of ‘doctors day’ celebration and the noble service provided by the doctors to the society. It was followed by a poem on doctors and a small Musical skit by the kids, which showcased the relationship between a doctor and the patient and also told us about the unconditional support provided by them to us. The play emphasized on the kind of faith a patient has on the doctor. Doctor is considered as God by the patient & his family.

Later the dignitaries were invited to share their thoughts and enlighten us on ‘doctor’s Day’.

The special assembly concluded by vote of thanks by our Principal Madam followed by pledge and national anthem.

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