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Cyber Masters Club Activity – August 2014

As part of the Club activities, a cyber quiz named ‘Inquisitech’ was organized for the students of the Cyber Masters Club. This quiz was conducted by an ex student Krunaal Tavkar. There was a preliminary round comprising of 20 questions, after which the finalists were chosen. There were 6 teams of 2 members each. There were 3 rounds after the preliminary round. The questions were very interesting and some of them were extremely tricky. There were two buzzer rounds and the final round consisted of identifying 2 wrong answers out of the 4 answers provided.

Team No 1 comprising of Pranav Joglekar of Std X and Sakshi Kulkarni of Std IX won the first prize, with a whopping 315 points. They were leading far ahead of the rest of the teams. Team 2 consisting of Pavan Kulkarni and Revant Shah both from Std IX won the second prize and Team 4 comprising of Prasad Anklekar of Std IX and Tanay Sapre of Std X won the 3rd prize.

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