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A workshop that aims at providing the basic knowledge of space science, satellites, electronics and embedded systems followed by on-hands activity by students’ groups under the guidance of experienced trainers was conducted for select students of VPMS Lohegaon on 3rd and 4th Oct’18 in the School multipurpose hall. The fee of the workshop was Rs 9,000. Students received a scholarship of Rs 4,500 and had to pay Rs 4,500.

Prof. Suresh Naik, founder of Suresh Naik Space Education Centre and ex-group director of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) was present for the inaugural function. The function was also graced by Ms Mrinalini Bhosale, Principal VPMS, Pune. 39 students from Classes V to IX had enrolled for the program. The parents of these students were addressed by Prof Naik on 3rd October.

Eight teams of five students each were constituted. On the first day, they learned theory on rocket science, space science and on the second day they constructed the satellite-a miniature satellite weighing 300 grams fitted into a small structure like a soft- drink can, which is why it is called CanSat, and equipped with a parachute. The satellite had three sensors to measure air, temperature, pressure and humidity. This data was collected on the ground computer. The satellite was raised 10 to 20 meters in height with the help of a drone. This CanSat had similar features as like of a micro-satellite sans thermal system. Parents were present for the launch of the satellite as well on 4th October.

The workshop helped to create awareness among students about space science and build their interest in this field.

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