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Corporate Day 1

10th February 2015

In all first meetings, whether it is casual or business, a person’s looks play a large part in forming the initial impression about them. This goes far beyond just clothing and includes grooming and unconscious body language. Impressions formed by the first few glances of a person impact thoughts about their personality, diligence and intelligence. First impressions tend to last a while and can be hard to shake off. When it comes to work and business, it definitely pays to find out about the company’s culture and dress code and determine how people at your level dress.


Corporate dressing helps one develop a magnetic personality which attracts other individuals.

In order to inculcate a good and healthy culture at the workplace, PCMRD had organized A Corporate Day on 10th February 2015 for the students of MBA.

Winners: Miss Rubina Pathan MBA 1st Year & Mr. Jayesh Harwani MBA 1st Year.

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