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Compassion Day

Date : 03-07-17 Class- VI

`The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others.´

`Compassion is what brings us together in unity and harmony , overcoming all forms of

` A prayer in the morning can bring your focus to the place where it needs to be.´ Prayer is the greatest way to discrimination. It brings us joy, connection and meaning.´

Compassion day special assembly was conducted by the students of grade 6 on 28th June 2017.

The assembly started with a prayer, Humko mann ki Shakti dena………. followed by thought for the day and news headlines.

A short skit was performed exhibiting the values of courteousness, respect, love for mankind, kindness, punctuality and also emphasised on imbibing these values in our day-to-day life towards all the spheres of our society ( our school-bus drivers, bus attendants, peons, canteen staff, etc.) The kids also dedicated a song expressing their love and compassion towards the entire administrative staff. They were greeted with a ` Thank You ´ card prepared by the students of class 6.

We could really feel the happiness, the delight in their hearts , how greatly they were touched by this small gesture of the kids.

`When the spirit of compassion becomes the bedrock of society, and is embodied by society`s leaders, the future will be bright with hope.´

The special day assembly culminated with the proposing of vote of thanks by a student followed by pledge and National Anthem.

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