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Club & Month end activity for June 2014

The club activities conducted on 28th June, 2014.

Dramatics Club


The children were asked individually why they had joined the club and what their expectations were.

They were explained the importance of facial expressions, body language, clarity of speech and being confident when it came to acting or role playing. 

The children were then taught a poem “Elephants Holding Hands” with appropriate actions and expressions which they quite enjoyed. 

Then they were asked to go up on the stage and act like their favourite animal. Most of them did a good job of imitating and making animal sounds.  Let’s see how their talent unfolds as the year progresses.

Mulberry Gourmet Club

All the students gathered near the dining hall. The session was started with warm interaction and introduction by the teachers and students in depth. The students were asked the reason to join the club. All the students were able to express their opinions and interest towards the club. Since it was a huge number of participants so they were divided into six groups and student named their groups. 

The teacher discussed on the importance of cleanliness while cooking.The teacher also spoke about the table manners and  etiquettes. The importance of the use of aprons and chef cap was discussed. Few students share their experience of cooking and came up with new recipes. 

Finally students are eagerly looking forward for the next session. 

Astronomy Club

The club activity started with a video clipping, which introduced students to astronomy.

It was followed by a discussion between the students and the coordinators on what they viewed.

After that students were asked to create their own ‘Space Art’ from the video shown and with their own imagination. The students participated with great enthusiasm.

Two more video clippings were shown towards the end of the activity.

All the members and the coordinators enjoyed the activity.

Rhythmic Moves

The dance club members were divided into 2 Groups.

Primary group from Standard 1st to 5th was headed by Club In-Charge Mrs. Shweta Mehta and Mrs. Meenakshi Thorat.

Secondary group –Standard 6th to 9, headed by club in -charge Mr. Deepak Jadhav 

The senior students began their activity with a warm up exercise followed by Aerobics exercise. The club in charge taught few steps based on Aerobics dance form. The members followed him enthusiastically. The Primary group also began their session with a small warm up exercise. After that the club in charges Mrs Shweta and Mrs Meenakshi taught them few steps on the Song BUM BUM BOLE from the movie Tare Zameen par. The members learnt the step very easily and enjoyed a lot.

All the club members participated actively and had fun with this great learning activity.


We have started this club to make some efforts to train the young in the deft handling of tools and the practice of handicrafts.

The activities were very smoothly conducted by the teachers in charge. The students of Std I and II were helped by teachers for cutting the papers. Students had made beautiful finger puppets using pictures and stickers. Students of Std V to IX made wonderful newspaper baskets by weaving the paper strips. They demonstrated immense patience and creativity in their work. The details of next activity were explained to the students.  The session ended happily as students enjoyed their work thoroughly.

Geo Heritage

The Geo-Heritage club was held in the classroom of V B. As this club is introduced in the school for the first time, a brief introduction regarding its activities was given to the students. 

Then the students were told to make posters on how they could save the heritage sites in the country and what they understood from the term geo-heritage.

As they finished making the poster, each of them came forward to explain their views about conservation of the heritage sites. 

Nature and Adventure

74 students of std IV-IX along with Mrs. Rashmi Ansari, Mr. Prakash Poojari, Mr Anil Kumar Nikam and Mr.Krishna Pawar had a pleasure at Ramdara temple.  After breakfast children started trekking the hill; children were so excited to climb the hill as it was their first experience in the Nature and Adventure Club.  Then it was the time to visit temple, Ramdara Temple is an old temple with idols of many deities. There is an ashram of Shri Devipuri Maharaj also known as Dhundi baba.Children enjoyed the trip and happily set off to home at 2:00 pm with a refreshing experience.

Needle work 

The club member brought an embroidery needle, two-three embroidery threads, an embroidery frame, a plain cloth or an hand kerchief.  In this activity we taught the children different types of embroidery stitches, crotchet works and knitting.  In this club we have students from primary and secondary classes.  The student’s learnt running stitch.


The Robotic Activity was conducted by Mr Mitra. He introduced the activity to the students by explaining the meaning of the word ‘Innovation”. He gave an over view on what students will learn and do this year. He gave the brief insight on Robotics and explained the law of Robotics and how Robots will be used in future. He laid emphasis on the logic on which the robots work and function.

Students were very enthusiastic. Students were asked to make flow chart having 10 steps on the topic ‘How to make a friendship’ Students keenly completed the activity

: The Month end activity was conducted on 30th June, 2014.

STD I and II: Clay modeling 

Clay modeling was the first month end activity for class I.

 The children were excited and eager; they looked forward

 for this activity from the time it was announced. They all 

wanted to make something special – that was the punch line 

of the class. It was amazing to see some work with fine

 finesse like a car with precise window size, colour combination 

etc. Their little hands made wonderful models like swimming pool,

 a park, rainbow, mushroom, ice-cream, monkey, clown etc.

Kudos to the little hands and their creative minds.

The winners were:-


First:  Varad Ketkar 

Second: Vishnu Priya Lal

 Third:   Kabeer Ladwani  and  Sara Johary  


First:  Masumi Patel 

Second: Shlok Biyala 

Third:    Ronav Mehta


First:   Ojaswa Sharma

Second: Aaditya Balsara

Third:   ShrinivasKharade             


First:  Arnab Debnath

Second: Mihika Babhulkar & Arya Borde

Third:  Siddhesh Thanage & Parth Ghayal


First:  Prathyush Paul ,Abhinav Gupta

Second: Gauri Hulle, Soham Sawant

Third:   Meet Agarwal, Soumya Bhalerao


First:   Preyoshi

Second: Asher Rodrigues

Third:  Apurva Pawar 

STD III:  Paper bag making

The main objective of this activity was to enable them to prepare 

a news paper bag. Along with them we were able to instill in them 

the need to conserve the environment and the nature. Paper bags will 

minimize the use of plastic bags which creates environmental degradation.

The students are judged based on the following categories-Creativity, 

Presentation, Clarity, Neatness.

The winners were:-


First:  Devishree Harshini

Second: Girik Chavhan

Third:   Aranav Prasad


First:   Taranveer Singh

Second:  Tanishq Dhamne

Third:    Sanchita Das


First: Ansingkar Manaswi  

Second:  Singhal Mrudul

Third:   Maheshwari Arnav 

STD IV: Movie Review  

Reviewing a movie is the process of seeing a movie from a 

different perspective. A movie review not only highlights the 

strengths of the movie but also bring out its shortcomings.

Children were told in advance about the fundamentals of reviewing

 a movie.  The movie ‘Last Day Of Summer’ was screened for the

 students. The children participated in this activity with a lot of

 enthusiasm. The reviews submitted by them were pursued and 

the best review was appreciated and read out to the entire class.

The winners were:-


First:     Hiya Bhatt

Second: Dhriti Gupta

Third: Vihaan Kulkarni


First:   Kanishk Pandey

Second: Anvika Mulik

Third: Mahi Kulkarni

STD V: Best out of waste

The topic for the activity was best out of waste. The students took

 great interest in the activity and made the best use of their creative skills.

 The activity was conducted by the class teachers and was judged by 

Mr. Deepak Jadhav. The criteria for the judgment were- Creativity, 

Neatness, Presentation

The winners were:


First:  Yashomati Chavan

Second: Vanshika Joshiee

Third:   Srushtee Deshpande 


First:  Arnab Debnath

Second: Ananya Shinde

Third:  Monish Patil

STD VI: Greeting Card Making

Students made different greeting cards on different occasions

 like New year, Diwali, Birthday, Teacher’s day. The students 

are judged based on the following categories – Creativity, Presentation,

Clarity, Neatness. 

The winners were:-

First:     Siddhi Gargate    

Second: Diksha Gupta

Third:  Vaishnav Nambiar  and  Yamini Hingurani

STD VII: Talent Search

After discussion with the class we decided on the theme ‘Multi-Talent’. 

It was decided that students can exhibit their talent in areas of dance,

 poetry recitation, speech on ‘facts of environment’, singing, karate,

 gymnastics and paper quelling. Class VII saw 56% participation. 

Out of the 18 students 10 girls and 8 boys participated. The students 

were advised that they would not be permitted to sing Hindi

 Bollywood songs. The Talent search activity was carried out in 

the Multipurpose Hall and the students were given one hour to

exhibit their talent.  Overall it was an entertaining activity. 

Mrs. Dina Chirayil judged the event. Talent of the students were

 judged on the basis on confidence on stage, creativity of thoughts 

and presentation.

The winners were:-

First:  Muttu Krishnan 

Second: Rugveda Fulzela and Tina Bansal 

Third:  Gargie Deore, Shakshi and Vedanti Sanap

STD VIII: Flower arrangement

Floral design or floral arts is the art of creating flower arrangements 

in vases, bowls, baskets or other containers, or making bouquets and 

compositions from cut flowers, foliages, ornamental grasses and other 

plant material. Students were told in advance to bring the material 

needed for the activity. The students participated enthusiastically. 

The activity was judged by Mr Deepak Jadhav. The students were judged 

on the basis of following parameters-Presentation, Creativity,  Neatness

The winners were:-

First:  Yukta Chavan 

Second: Anshruta Jadhav 

Third:  Megha Hazarika, Snehaja Kadam

STD IX: Mock tail and sandwich making

The boys and girls alike were excited about creating a unique mocktail 

and a sandwich. Our Principal Mrs. Mrinalini Bhosale and 

Mrs. Dina Chirayil tasted and judged the drinks and sandwich 

based on certain predetermined criteria. 

The students were judged on the creativity and artistry of the drink, 

preparation of drink (cleanliness and completion) and table presentation. 

The students got the ingredients from home and used the half hour given 

to them effectively. Their hard work paid off and at the end there were some

 great looking sandwiches and beautiful coloured drinks that also tasted

 great.The students presented some amazing mocktails which gave an elite 

look to our School Cafeteria.

The winners were:- Mocktail

First:   Paul Wilson 

Second: Aarya Kochery & Sahil Rathod 

Third:   Akash Chetiyar & Dhruv Kulkarni

The winners were:- Sandwich

First:   Isha Gupta & Jyotsna Vetcha

Second: Tanaya Patil & Saloni Kullar 

Third:   Pranay Prajapati & Harshwardhan Memane

A workshop on Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation and  ‘Life Skills’ was held at VPMS, Pune on the 2nd and 9th June, 2014. The workshop was conducted by Ms. Aarti Hemarajini and Ms. Vijaya Joshi.  Teachers from VPMS, Lohegaon and VPMS, Pune, attended the workshop. The purpose of the workshop was to familiarize the teachers with the different areas under which life skills are checked. The different types of life skills were discussed with the help of various activities. The queries by teachers on the different problems pertaining to students were answered by the resource person 

The Idiscoveri conducted training for the Xseed School Coordinator  on 21st June, 2014 at Ibis Hotel, Pune.  Mr. Shiladitya Ghosh, the Regional Manager conducted the training for the Primary section and Mrs. Jyotsana for the Pre primary Section. Miss. Pallavi Furia, the Education Coach was also present for the training session.  Mrs. Bindu Manoharan , the Primary Coordinator and the Xseed programme Coordinator of attended the training.

The topics dealt with at the training were-Meaningful learning brief  view,the XSeed Programme, Induction and coaching of new teachers, Parent communication , XSeed Implementation and XSeed Assessment.  The training proved to be very beneficial to help in the smooth implementation of the programme in the School.  

A workshop on Capacity Building Programme was held at Sinhagad Public School , Lonvala on the 27th and 28thJune, 2014. The workshop was conducted by Mrs. Priyadarshini Kelkar and Mrs. Reena Durgan.  Mrs. Bindu Manoharan and Mrs. Remmya P attended the workshop. The workshop proved to be very informative and useful for the teachers.  The teachers also received certificates from the CBSE. Mrs. Bindu Manoharan conducted an orientation for the teachers on 30th June, 2014 to share the inputs received during the two day training programme.

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