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Club and Month end activities – September 2016


Literary Club

The club conducted Problem Solving Activity with an objective to enable the pupils to take part in group discussion, summarize ideas, elicit views and opinions of others, express and argue a point of view. First, the teacher introduced the activity and then divided the club students into several groups. During the activity the students entered unprepared into familiar topics read out by the teacher who selected randomly a problem task, written on a card, from the list of the tasks. Students showed great interest and enthusiasm in sharing their views, reaching an appropriate conclusion and answering the questions asked at the end. The students’ performance was judged on the basis of the criteria as Language Accuracy, Pronunciation, Fluency and Interactive Communication.

Little Chef Club

The Little Chef Club conducted Salad and sandwich making activity on September 19, 2015. All the students of the club had brought a great variety of nutritious material like brown bread, cabbage, carrot, cucumber, onion, pomegranate, apple, banana, dry fruits, tomato etc. The students shared ideas in their groups and prepared tasty and favorite salad or sandwich. They added an appropriate quantity of spices like pepper, mustard, chat masala and salt to make their preparations lovely and tasty and offered those to their group members and the other groups. The students had beautifully decorated the dishes with their innovative ideas and offered those to their group mates and the other groups. Honorable Principal ma’am visited the club and observed the activity and asked questions based on their preparation and the nutritive values of their dishes. After finishing the activity each group leader had explained the procedure and preparation to everyone. The activity was meant to expose the students to a very common and regular life skill.

Maths Club [Sept]

An activity based on Vedic Maths was conducted to enhance the subject knowledge of the students of maths club. The teacher showed a video clip based on the same activity. The in charge teacher made them understand multiplication in the easiest and simplest way by using Vedic maths formulae.

The teacher gave some more examples to solve in the stipulated time to the students. The performance of the students was judged on the basis time, accuracy and correct answers. This activity helped the students to develop their thinking skills and maths knowledge…

Eco club -Gardening Activity

On Sept 19, 2015 the Eco club conducted gardening activity in the school premises. As per the instructions given, the students had brought saplings of fruits, flowers and show plants. The teacher gave the demo of planting trees and explained he process. She even explained the ways of protecting the plants from animals and insects. She insisted everyone to have a small garden around ones house. Further she explained how the trees and plants add beauty to the surroundings and help to maintain the temperature. Some students even focused on the importance of tree in the life of living beings. Finally the students made pots ready and planted and watered the saplings. Through this activity the club tried to generate among the students a respectful attitude towards the environment.

Science Club

To enhance scientific skills and develop interest in science, the science club conducted Book Review activity in the school library . The students were given independence to choose the book and the teacher also guided them in making the right choice of the texts. To bring out their understanding of the text the teacher suggested a criteria. The selected books were Survival Against the Odds, Space Shuttle, Planes, Biggest Highest and Fastest etc. The students wrote the review of the book within the stipulated period of one week as per the suggested criteria. Even they were given an opportunity to share their experience about the reading of the text and the knowledge gained.

Month End Activities

Story telling activity

Class I II &III

The Story telling activity was conducted for the students classes I, II and III. In charge teachers of each class guided them to select moral and value based small stories for the activity. Students came. The students came prepared with their stories to be presented in a stipulated time of 2 minutes each. The tiny tots of each class were very eager to tell their story. Each child showed great interest and presented his/her story with full of confidence and enthusiasm. This activity helped the students develop their speaking, thinking and critical skills. The Students performances were judged on the basis of content, fluency, gestures, voice modulation and overall presentation. Students enjoyed the activity a lot.

Speech Delivering Activity

Class: IV and V

To develop a respectful attitude towards animals and understand the importance of animals in human life speech delivering activity was conducted for the students of std IV and V. As the topic ‘My favorite animal was announced five days before, the students had come well prepared. They presented with great confidence and enthusiasm. Each child expressed love & feelings for his/ her favorite animal and tried to prove how their favorite animal is the best animal. Some students spoke on the importance of wild life and proved how their existence is required. The performances of the students were judged on the basis of the criteria like content, fluency, gestures, accent and overall presentation.

Social Awareness about road safety.

Class VI

To familiarize the students with Road safety, an awareness activity was conducted on the topic ‘Social awareness about road safety ’activity was conducted for the students of class VI. In this regard in charge teacher guided the students to prepare slogans on road safety. Students prepared beautiful slogans by using their creativity & innovative ideas. Each child tried to give best message through his /her slogan on road safety. The presentation of the students were judged on the basis of message, decoration, grammatical accuracy and overall presentation.


Little Flower School, celebrated its Annual Prize Day 2015-16 on 1st, 2nd and 3rd Sept. 2016 at Gungunbai Vikhe Patil Indoor Stadium of PKVMS. The function was carried out in three sections as primary, secondary and preprimary.

The 1st day programme took place in the gracious presence of Hon. Dr. Ashok Vikhe Patil, Chairman of Dr. Vikhe Patil Foundation, Pune and Pravara Rural Education Society, Loni and the Guest of Honour Honourable Sindhutai Vikhe Patil, Adarsha Mata Puruskar Awardee and Mrs. Nandini, the Secretary of VPF, Pune. On this auspicious occasion, around 93 students of secondary section were honored by these distinguished personalities for their noteworthy performance as Class Topper, Subject Topper, General Championship, Good Conduct, Good Progress and 100 % Attendance during the academic session 2015-16.

Mrs Neeti Bali, Director of PRES, Loni and Dr. Ashok Vikhe Patil graced the second day of the Annual Function as the Chief Guest and the Guest of Honor respectively with their solemn presence on 2nd Sept, 2016. 100 students of primary section were honoured with certificates and trophies for their excellence in academics during the session 2014-15. The prize distribution was followed by cultural activity for both the days based on the theme ‘Heaven Is a Place on Earth” All the students from class II to IX had participated with great interest in this play. They proved how heaven is a place on earth by performing the roles of great personalities like Padmashri Dr. Vikhe Patil, Dr. Abdul Kalam and different events of mythology and history with dance performance.

The students received special guidance from Mrs. Sheetal Upadhye and Mr. Vivek Rathod of Vikhe Patil Memorial School, Pune.

On the third Day of the program Mrs ——- Vidhate, Principal of VPMS, Nasik graced the occasion as a Chief Guest. The tiny tots of Nursery, Pre-primary and class1 rocked the stage by performing on different songs like Jungle Pata chala hain, School chale hum, Chand tare etc.

To conclude, this year the Annual Prize Day was a grand stage where the children could display their acting talent, communication skills and the values like team spirit, harmony, tolerance and confidence On all the three days the parents enjoyed the performances a lot . Our Chairman Hon’ble Dr. Ashok Patil appreciated the efforts taken by the students and the teachers and urged the parents to stand by their wards for every right cause.

Field Visit Dungarwal Rose Nursery

On 8th Sept, 2016 the students of II Daisy and Rose visited the Dungarwal Rose Nursery and Sahyadri Nursery at Rahata. The owner of the nursery provided a guide who gave information about the different sections in it. He showed the students section of flower saplings. The students were amazed to see different types of flowers with different colours and shades. He then took the students to the section which consisted only the fruit trees. Finally he showed the students the cactus section. He further gave the demo of grafting and the process of planting a sapling and explained the development stages of plants. He also gave the students the information about importance of planting saplings and encouraged them to purchase the saplings during their next visit to the nursery. The students noted down all the information in their diary. The field visit was knowledgeable and remarkable for them.

Personality Development Training

Pravara Rural Education Society, Loni organized ‘personality development ’training for its teachers in the month of August and September 2016. The resource persons Mr. and Mrs Thomas, associated with Tipping Point: Catalyst for Positive Change, guided the teachers of Pravara and Little Flower School. During the training session they focused on different areas like team work, time management, the need to bring change, circles of influences elements of learning activity, Johari Window etc. The session was full of activities enhancing teacher’s personality and made them realize how each small thing matters in achieving success. The resource persons through the ppt’s and activities focused on how to change one’s beliefs and assumptions, Practice of a new approach, Encouraging critical self-reflection, Empowering confidence and motivation, Nurturing inner self, Implementation of small changes each day and elements of learning activity. This training

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