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Club and Month End Activities – November 2016


Heritage club

A field visit was organized by Heritage club to a fortified village named Konchi. Before beginning the journey towards the village, general information regarding field visit was given to them. The students were very excited to visit the nearby place that had such a close relationship with our past and heritage. They started their journey at 10.45 a.m along with two teachers and reached there at 11: 20 a.m. Students were spellbound to see the huge structure of basalt rock wall and the arch above the main door was carved very beautifully. The structure of the village reminded the past and Jahagirdari system. The teacher explained the significance of fortification and single entrance of the village. The students also obtained information from the local villagers. This visit was very informative for the students.

Literary Club – 

Students of Literary Club were carried to see the library of PVP College on 19th Nov. 2016.The students were amazed to see the grand library. Its head, Mr. Aher explained and showed the faculty wise main and sub sections of library to the students like science, commerce and art. They saw how the books are maintained and sorted like novel, drama &fiction in the literature section. Mr. Aher also guided the students about keeping record of the books. Moreover he introduced the rules and regulations of the library. Students noted down necessary information given by him in their dairy. It was very informative visit.

Science club

Science Club conducted Power Point Presentation’ activity in computer lab under the guidance of Mrs Sangita Sonawane and Mr. Halim Shaikh. The students were told a week before to collect information about the environment. With the help of it each group prepared a power point presentation using internet and reference books. Students presented it along with some video clips on pollution and its hazardous effects. This activity helped the students develop an awareness about threats to environment. Through this PPT the students realized their duties towards the environment and how each person can contribute in making the environment healthy for better survival.

Chef Club

‘Nutritious Sandwich Making Activity’ was conducted for the students of Chef Club. As per the direction of the in charge teacher they had brought some nutritious food items such as boiled potato, tomato, cucumber, jam, butter, honey, ghee, chat masala etc. The teacher explained the recipe and guided the students to prepare sandwich. Students prepared delicious sandwiches using vegetables, fruits, ghee and got the joy of their creations .This activity enhanced their knowledge of different ingredients and creative skills.

Mathematics Club

Mathematics Club conducted ‘Similarity Criteria activity’. The students were divided into four groups as per their houses. It was told to students to do the survey of regular and irregular shapes and find out the similar figures. As per the guidance the students surveyed the school building, computer lab, science lab, math’s lab and sports room and prepared the list of things with similar features like table, key board, window, trampoline, ball etc. Each group drew a system of similar squares and similar triangles, to establish the criteria for similarity of two triangles and find out the relationship between areas and sides of the similar triangles. Each group explained collected information. This activity helped the pupils to understand concept of similarity. The in-charge teacher examined the performance of each group as per the criteria as Co-ordination, Interpretation, Time Management, Confidence and Presentation.


Fancy Dress Competition

Classes Nursery, UKG and LKG

The students of Nursery, LKG and UKG enjoyed the ‘Fancy Dress Competition’ held on 30th November, 2016.There was an overwhelming participation in it. Under the guidance of teacher students selected characters based on different themes like great leaders, fruits, vegetables, community helpers. The characters were like Pandit Nehru, Savitribai Phule, doctor, police officer, fruits, vegetables etc. Each participant was dressed beautifully and had recited suitable dialogues. It was very enjoyable to witness them performing on the stage with courage and confidence. The performances of the tiny tots were judged on the basis of the criteria like attire, theme, confidence and presentation. Everybody enjoyed this activity a lot.

Fancy Dress Competition

Classes I to III

‘Fancy Dress Competition’ was organised for classes I, II and III on 30th Nov. 2016. Students were draped as freedom fighters, politicians, actors, farmers, fruits like mango, apple, banana etc. The in charge teachers called each child to speak something about his / her role. Everyone came ahead with great interest and spoke suitable words to their appearances. It was very beautiful scene in the class to watch the students in different costumes. Some of them gave very important messages like save water, save environment, Jai Jawan Jai Kisan , Mera Bharat Mahan etc. The performance of each student was examined with the criteria as richness of content, fluency, confidence and presentation. It was really very remarkable and enjoyable activity

Best Out of Waste

Class IV and V

In order to make children aware about the reuse of waste material and save environment ‘Best out of waste’ activity was conducted for the students of std. IV and V. The students were informed to bring waste material like water bottle, paper, bangles, glass, boxes, ice cream sticks, CDs etc. to prepare useful things. Students participated enthusiastically and prepared very beautiful articles like chalk box, flower pot, wall hangers, teddies, flowers by using their creative and innovative ideas. This activity helped the students to develop artistic, thinking and creative skills. The teacher appreciated the efforts and their ideas.

Fine Art

Std. VI to VIII

To enhance students’ imagination and thinking skills ‘Fine Art’ activity was conducted for std.VI to VIII. The In charge teachers guided and informed them about it a week before. Students brought things like stones, waste papers, bottles, sticks, hay, threads, waste CDs etc. They used their innovative ideas and prepared very beautiful things like posters and frames, rangoli, glass painting, pen stand, chalk box stone art etc. Everybody used his/ her hidden talent and tried to prove the best. This activity helped the students to go out of box. The performances of the students were judged on the basis of aesthetic skills, usefulness, innovative ideas and overall presentation

PPT On Food Wastage

Class X, IX

To create an awareness about wastage of food in India and develop a respectful attitude towards it the school conducted the above mentioned activity. As per the directions from the class teachers, the students prepared PPT on ‘Food wastage in India’ in one period. It was conducted in group. Each group worked enthusiastically in obtaining the related content and organizing it effectively. During the second period the students gave an oral presentation with the help of the PPT and provided valuable information which helped in promoting respect towards food. They focused on the wastage during the domestic and public celebrations and on the harsh reality about how the poor in our country suffer due to shortage of food. Each member of the team participated actively and gave the message to overcome food wastage at all the related places

Excursion to Laxmi Agro Tourism, Shrirampur

(Nursery, LKG and UKG)

On 19th November 2016, Saturday, the Students of Nursery, LKG and UKG enjoyed their picnic at Laxmi Agro Tourism located in the beautiful natural surroundings at Ashoknagar phata, Shrirampur. The students spent the day very happily on the lush green lawns playing different kinds of events. They enjoyed seeing the statues of animals like cow, deer, fountains, small ponds, with ducks floating. It was a kind of visual treat. The experience of playing on the slides, swings, boating and horse riding were amazing and exciting. The students also loved the rain dance. During this picnic the students learnt to be co-operative, courageous and adventurous. Finally at 4.00 p.m. the students returned with sweet memories of the beauty witnessed and the joy obtained.

Excursion to Laxmi Agro Tourism, Shrirampur 

(Classes I to III)

The students of I to III classes enjoyed the excursion to Laxmi Agro Tourism located in Shrirampur on 26th Nov. 2016. Along with 7 teachers and 3 attendants the students reached the venue with great enthusiasm & curiosity at 10.00 a.m.

The students got down at the venue and felt amazed at the beautiful entrance with the statues of cows and deers the small pools with ducks floating in it. After having their breakfast the students enjoyed playing and dancing on the vast stretches of lawns. They found boating and horse riding much exciting activities. The statue of the giant fish and the huge dragon were great attraction to them. After spending a few hours in playing the see-saw, slides and ladders, they enjoyed rain dance on different songs. The teachers arranged the games for the students such as musical chair and cricket . The trip was very enjoyable where students learned to share, care and be friendly.

Finally after playing different games in the spacious garden, they left the venue and reached Loni at 6:00p.m. with sweet memories of the picnic.


On 26th Nov. 2016 the school had organized trip to Watermelon Resort, Nashik for the Classes like IV Daisy and Rose, Class V and VI. On reaching the venue the students felt much amazed at the set up arranged there. After the breakfast the students were given the necessary instructions. The resource persons introduced the students with different types of adventurous activities and also guided them about the necessary techniques and safety measures. The students enjoyed Rope Climbing, Rappelling, Rock Climbing, High Rope Course activities and Low Rope Course activities, along with Fire Fox with great excitement and adventurous spirit. The students also enjoyed team events like three legged football, gesture game, memory games and few team events. On the way back to home at 5.00 p.m. the students shared their experiences about how they learnt to take precautions, work in team, behave independently, courageously and responsibly.


A seminar on Use of Digital Classrooms was organized in P.V.P College, Pravaranagar on 16th Oct.2016.It was held in the presence of Hon. Chairman Dr. Ashok Vikhe Patil .The teachers from the English medium schools of PRES and Little Flower School attended the seminar. Mr Philippian, the resource person of Colombia guided the teachers about barriers in teaching and learning process and introduced them with the new digital classroom technology invented by AMIGAS Company. He showed video of new technology used in digital classroom and tried to prove how it facilitates teaching and learning. The seminar was very informative.

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