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Club and Month End Activities – November ’18

Saturday Club :


1. Sensitize the students to crime Hacking. 2. To Design Game using Software -Kodu.

The main objective of the activity was to teach creativity, problem solving, storytelling, as well as programming. The students spent the first hour watching a short film on hacking and how hacking can be harmful.

The students were already familiarized to a software namely Kodu. Kodu lets kids create games on the PC and Xbox via a simple visual programming language. The teacher explained how to develop games using Kudo and were given time to explore the same.

In the second half the students were asked to form pairs who had to work as a team and every group had to write down the objective of the game and design and develop the game which they were delighted to play later.


Name of the Activity: Visit to Aaryan World School

Nature Trail Club had its next club activity in the Aaryan World school Bhilarewadi, Katraj. The Resource persons were well-trained instructors. The main objectives of the adventurous sports were to achieve and develop self-confidence, by overcoming fear and experiencing the thrill along with amusement and excitement. Children saw various types of birds and did the horse riding activity . It was a beautiful and enriching experience for both the teachers and students.


Name of the Activity: Visit to the Parvati Hill Museum

The club members got an opportunity to visit the Parvati Hill museum situated on the Parvati Hill, which is in the southern end of the city, and it takes 108 steps to get to the top of the hill to get a magnificent view of the city. The hill has four temples dedicated to Shiva, Ganesh, Vishnu and Kartikeya respectively situated on top of the hill. The place also has a close association with the Peshwa rulers and is a part of the Maratha history. Apart from the temples, also a Parvati museum houses replicas of old manuscripts, weapons and coins as well as paintings. The wooden pillars and ceiling present in the museum is of the original dwelling. The museum is a commemoration of the Peshwa rule and has a collection of portraits of the Peshwa rulers. Adjoining the museum is the deathbed or Samadhi Sthan of Shrimant Nanasaheb Peshwa which also has a history behind the choice of the place.

The students also visited the museum that gives a bird’s eye view of Pune’s glorious past under the rule of the Peshwas by Prof. Ganesh Raut. The main objective of the activity was to equip children to understand and explore their local history and heritage as well as gain a confident sense of self.


No activity was conducted for this month


Name of activity

Level 1: a) Automatic pencil sharpener.

b) Remote for the Aqua Robot

Level 2: a) Automatic Street Lighting System

Level 3: a) Android Mobile Controlled Wireless Robot.

Level 1:

  1. Students prepared the sharpener by understanding the polarities of the battery.

  2. Students prepared the remote by connecting the DP switched properly.

Level 2:

  1. Students soldered the components on the PCB and prepared the street lighting system

Level 3:

Students connected the Bluetooth module properly with Arduino board and also with the mobile


Name of activity : Star Gazing programme

On Friday, the 30th of November, 2018, five VPMS buses, packed with 148 students and 14 teachers headed towards Heritage View Resorts, set at the base of Fort Raigadh, for the much-awaited activity of the year…. Star Gazing!! They reached the resort at about 6 pm where they were welcomed with lip smacking onion pakoras and piping hot tea.

Thereafter they were put in smaller groups which were named after various constellations like Cassiopeia, Sirius, Auriga, Hamal, Orion, Scorpius and Perseus. The activity was conducted by Mr Jameer (Electrical Engineer at IUCAA) and his team consisting of seventeen volunteers. There were seven telescopes in all; one for each group for their observations.

In the session post dinner, they got an opportunity to observe the red planet ‘Mars’ and even the ‘Moon’ in its waxing crescent phase, which the students voted as the best experience of the night as they could even observe the craters on the surface of the moon. It was exciting to see the reactions of the lucky ones who could catch a glimpse of falling or shooting stars.

At 2 am in the night they were again served a cup of hot tea to keep them from falling asleep and were shown a presentation on stars and constellations.


Name of the Activity: Basics of stitching

The Students were divided into groups in this session. They learnt the basics of stitching, embroidery and cutting fabric to make a cloth bag and tie and dye. 


On Saturday , 24-11-2018 Mrs. Shilpa Pungalia, was invited for the Gourmet club activity. She demonstrated simple baking techniques and recipes for cookies and naankhatai. Ma’am showed us the recipes for tuttifruiti cookies, Chocó chip cookies and coconut cookies. She stressed on “exact measurements” to be taken so that the cookies turn out well. She showed different types of baking, using oven, cooker and pan. The students were given the recipes to note down. At the end there was a question and answer session where the students got all their doubts cleared. The recipe was discussed in brief once again. Each student was given a packet of four cookies each


The Students of the Club were introduced to Gond Art, a very famous art form from Madya Pradesh. The Resource persons were Mrs Renuka Patil and Mrs. Smita Pandya.


Seed Ball – an innovative & economic way of growing plants ensuring their survival

Bringing innovation into environmentalism, a group of activists have come up the unique idea of using ‘seed balls’ to increase the city’s depleting green cover and increase the presence of native trees. The “ANJANEYA SATHE GROUP” business firm is into large-scale event management & film production sector, organized seed ball making activity for students of IX C & IX D

The objective of the Eco Club activity was increasing green cover, enlarging diversity of flora, extending size of forests, ensuring regularity of monsoons and restoration of natural resources.

The students assembled on the school ground for the seed ball making activity. Volunteers instructed students to mix red soil and bio-compost by adding little water proportionate to the quantity of mixture after which rain seeds were inserted in it. These semi soft seed balls are allowed to dry in the sun and stored to be used later.


No activity conducted for this month


No activity conducted for this month

Month-End Activity : STD: I-III ‘Best out of waste’

“When learning is purposeful, creativity blossoms; when creativity blossoms, thinking emanates; when thinking emanates, knowledge is fully lit; when knowledge is fully lit, life flourishes”

Keeping the above viewpoint in mind, ‘best out of waste’ activity was planned for the students of Std. I, II and III. The students were instructed to use scarp and waste material to make various items, avoiding plastic and thermocol altogether. The students of Std. I made creative bookmarks, greeting cards, pen-stand and photo-frames. The students used colourful papers, pencil shavings, dried flowers, stickers etc. for the same.

The students of Std. II made imaginative use of waste material like old CD’s, card-board cut outs, feathers, old bangles, rope, bamboo sticks, pistachio shells, woollen thread, mirrors, ribbons, coconut shell etc. to make beautiful torans, wall hangings, wind chimes and envelopes.

Std. III students made piggy banks, fridge magnets, paper weights and handmade jewellery. The students made beautiful earrings and necklaces out of paper quilling, decorating it further with colourful beads. Stones were painted and used to make paper weights. The best part of the activity was that the students only got the material from home, executing and making the article was independently carried out in the classes. The criterion for the judgement was creativity, usage of material, display and finished product

STD: IV: Funky advertisement

The students were divided into 5 groups with 7-8 students in one group. Students were given different topics for each house : Ruby – chocolates, Coral – icecream, Sapphire – Pizzas and Emerald – Fruit juice. They were given time to prepare and practice for the advertisement. The Elimination round was held on 27th Nov 2018 in the classes. The groups were judged by the House teachers on their Preparedness, Cooperation, Presentation and Creativity. 2 groups per house were chosen. Other groups shared their props and helped their fellowmates for the Final Round which was held on 30th Nov 2018 in the AV Room. The Final Round had the topic “Food App”. Students performed very well displaying their hidden talents in them. The audience enjoyed watching the advertisements. The judges were Mrs Smitha Rakesh and Mrs Neha Puranik. Coral House was declared winners.

STD: V: Story telling Competition through puppets/origami/Charts The objectives of the activity:

* To encourage the children to use their imagination and creativity. * To encourage co-operation between students. * To enable children to appreciate the language and to take pride in using the language in proper way. * To increase verbal proficiency.

Month End Activity for Std V was conducted on 27th November 2018. The children enjoyed the activity to the fullest and participated with full enthusiasm. It was a wonderful learning experience for the children. Selection round was held on Monday 26th Nov, and final round was held on 27th Nov.

STD:VI: Healthy Snacks Making

The students were divided in groups according to their houses. They carried the material from home and the chopping of the vegetables and friuts was conducted during the first period of the activity.

Students made delicious snacks like Fruit Salad, Chaat, Sprouts Bhel, Fruit Sticks etc

  1. First Position: Coral

  2. Second Position: Ruby

  3. Third Position: Emerald

  4. Fourth Position: Sapphire

STD: VII Rangoli Making

Materials Used : Indigenous products brought from home

The students of Class VI used Indigenous products such as flowers, shells, stones, leaves etc for making beautiful Rangoli patterns . They were divided into groups- House-wise and they used their creativity to draw various Rangoli patterns.

STD: VIII: Interhouse Math activity

The Interhouse Math activity was based on number board games. The students devised board games like snakes and ladders, luddo, multiplication games which helped them build their math skills like reasoning, logical thinking and speed math skills to name a few. Overall, the activity was a success with all the houses who participated enthusiastically.

STD: IX Sports Quiz

The Class Teacher’s of STD IX organized the quiz as a Power Point presentation, as they were all House Mistresses, Mrs. Sandhya Kotbagi was the unbiased quizmaster. Students participated with true competitive spirt. Though the competition was tough, Coral House emerged winners followed by Ruby, then Emerald and last Sapphire.

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