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Club and Month end Activities – June and July 2016


Std I

Name of the Activity: Clay moulding

Students were asked to get clay and all other required material for it. Clay moulding , apart from being a fun filled activity for children, helps to develop their imagination and also to build their motor skills. Young minds used their little fingers to sculpt beautiful, creative and unique models. Children let their imagination loose and were able to mould small blocks of clay into different figures. The classrooms were set up with different miniature models of deities, flowers, animals, cars, jewellery created by our very own tiny tots. 

Std II

Name of the Activity : Wall Hangings.

The objective of the activity was to enhance the creativity of the students. Children were told to bring the required material from home. The students made beautiful wall hangings by using different things like ice cream sticks, old CD’s, artificial flowers, pictures etc. They learnt to recycle the waste material into beautiful wall hangings. 


Name of the Activity: String flag making

Students were told to get the necessary material required for the activity. This string of flags can be made using materials found in your home-all you need is some art supplies and a little imagination. Colourful flags of different countries (10 to 15) and strings were brought by the students. In an orderly manner students started pasting the flags on the strings with appropriate distance and accuracy.

Std :IV

Name of the Activity: Clay for Funn.

While it has been proved that clay modelling can be fun, creative and therapeutic to children it is also highly beneficial in the development of agility, fine motor skills and social skills. With an objective of providing all these, a clay modeling activity was organised for the students . To add more fun and integrate literacy with arts, the students had to mould the characters from their favourite stories into shape. Turbos…Angry birds…Mermaids…The hare and the tortoise….The thirsty crow…. all found their ways into the childrens’ imagination…

Std V

Name of the Activity: Wall Hanging

The Objective of this activity was creating Environment Awareness and Sensitivity through Art and Craft The students unleashed their artistic skills to make unique pieces of wall hangings. The theme selected was ‘Nature’. The students used their imagination and creative minds to make beautiful wall hangings from the material they had brought. They explored the various aspects of nature….right from its ethereal beauty to the current environmental issues.

Std VI –

Name of the Activity: Mime and write

The students of Class VI were engaged in Miming the various verbs and adverbs. The students had to guess mimes which were being acted simultaneously.

Std: VII

Name of the Activity: Collage Making

Topic: Seasons

Students participated enthusiastically in the collage making activity. Since it was a group activity, it gave them an opportunity to work as a team. They also exhibited their creative talent collaboratively.


Name of the Activity: Talk on Adolescence Education

Dr. Sonali Choudhary, the resource person showed a power point presentation on the changes which students are facing in the adolescence phase of their life and how they can deal with these changes. She also spoke about the importance of personal hygiene and balanced diet during adolescence Overall it was an informative session for the students.

Std IX and X

Name of the Activity: Flower Arrangement, card making, salad and mocktail making.

There were various activities planned such as Card Making, Salad making, Mocktails preparations and Flower arrangement. Students were divided into different groups and were assigned the responsibilities with regard to the activities.. Without doubt, students came up with a lot of creativity while displaying the items they had prepared. Each and every member had to contribute in the group activity which was the major highlight of these activities. An ex-teacher of VPMS Pune, Mrs. Malik and the present teacher Mrs. Rizwana Shaikh from the art department were the judges for these activities.



Name of the Activity: Paper Bag Making

The purpose of this activity was to make the students aware that use of paper bags is very important to save our eco-system. The students got paper bags and material to decorate them. This activity was a step to encourage the students to give up the use of polythene/ plastic and use paper/ cloth bags instead.

Std – II

Name of the Activity: Book Mark Making.

The students made innovative and splendid bookmarks. The students used materials like cardboard, glitter, satin ribbons, mirror, laces and beads. The students made diverse designs to showcase their talent. The students enjoyed making the bookmarks as it was an opportunity for them to display their talent and creativity.

Std – III

Name of the Activity: Fridge Magnet Making

The students brought different kinds of raw materials required for making Fridge Magnets from home. The students brought a variety of material ranging from ice cream sticks, beads, clay, paper quilling, bottle caps, etc. for their activity. The teachers as well as the students had a great time putting together different types of fridge magnets like photo frames, flowers, and cartoon and animal figurines.

Std IV

Name of the Activity: Best out of waste

Students made beautiful, useful and creative things out of waste. They were engrossed in the activity and exhibited values of sharing, helping, empathy, respect for each other’s hard work etc…..

Std V

Name of the Activity: Nutritious salad/snack making

The students made Nutritious salad and snacks . They were asked to check the nutritious as well as the calorie content in the item they were to make. They were asked to wear hand gloves and lay the table with a napkin for hygiene.

Students brought cut/diced/shredded/chopped/boiled/baked pieces of the ingredients of their choice to prepare their dish. They had a bowel and a spoon/spatula to mix the ingredients.

Std: VI

Name of the Activity: Spin a Yarn

The students were asked to carry 3-4 pictures (random pictures) to class. They were segregated into groups of 5 each and given a chart paper each. They were told to stick the papers into a story format and compose a story keeping all their pictures together. They later presented their story before the class. This activity enhanced the team spirit, co-operation and collaboration among students.


Name of the Activity: Advertisement presentation

The students worked in pairs to make an advertisement for a product. The objective for this activity was to encourage team spirit, enhance thinking creatively and test their language ability. This was planned as one of the activity for English and the students would be judged by the language teacher. They worked on a card sheet and were given the freedom to express themselves using the material of their choice.


Name of the Activity: Collage making

As a part of the month end activity the students of standard VIII made collages on ‘Heritage’ as an extended part of the Heritage project initiated in school . The students used waste eco-friendly resources like newspapers and magazine pages to make collages on diverse pictures pertaining to various aspects of ‘Heritage’ like monuments and festivals. This was an individual activity and was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Std IX and X

Name of the Activity: Physiological awareness Dates : 25th to 29th July 2016

The objective was to create awareness amongst students about the Physiological Changes that their bodies go through. It brings about Emotional and social changes too. These sessions were conducted separately for boys and girls by the Health and Wellness Teachers Ms.Priyagee Rudra and Ms Shraddha Mokashi. Then a Power Point Presentation was shown where Adolescence was defined and explained. The characteristics were mentioned and discussed in detail. Then a 15 min video on physiological and emotional changes in adolescence was shown to them, which described each physiological change in detail giving them solutions and options and difference in opinions. After the Video, the PPT was again shown, where the Emotional Changes and the social changes were listed and an interactive session on each one took place. After this 20 questions were handed out to the students, and they had to give the group their opinion and their preference. These were situation they face in their day to day life with regards to these changes, their reactions and feelings etc.

Std XI and XII

Name of the Activity: Inter House Debate

The first round of debate was between Sapphire and Coral House. The topic for the debate was ‘Use of social media has tarnished the beauty and standard of the English language”. The Coral house was in support of the topic and Sapphire house was against the topic. The Judges for the debate were Prof. Madhuri Gokhale from Fergusson college and Prof. Meena Harisinghani from the British Council. It was indeed a close clash and all the speakers put up an animated debate. The Sapphire house finally emerged as winners.

7. CLUB ACTIVITY – JUNE Saturday, 25th June 2016

  1. Nature trails club – Adventure

Name of the Activity: Trek to Sinhagad

The opening activity for the club “Nature Trails” was a trek to Sinhagad Fort. The students climbed the fort with a lot of enthusiasm. The beauty of the trees, rocks and greenery were the driving force for all of us to climb it. The view was exotic and breathtaking. They then moved towards ‘Wind Point’. After experiencing the pleasant atmosphere at the wind point the students and teachers started their way back to the base and from there back to school.

  1. Heritage Club

Name of the Activity: Visit to Vishrambaugwada

As a part of an initiative to inculcate and save the cultural heritage this year saw the inception of a new club named ‘Pune Walks ‘conceptualized with an aim of creating awareness and an understanding about the cultural heritage of Pune. The club saw a stupendous enrolment of 250 students from classes 6 to 10

The first activity conducted on June 26, 2016 was a field trip to the splendid architectural beauty of Pune, Vishrambaug Wada, the palatial residence of Peshwe Bajirao II. The beautiful wada has an eye catching wooden facade and columns carved in Suru form .Today it houses a museum on Maratha artifacts as well as beautiful miniature models of the famous buildings of Pune. Its unusual entrance and the beautiful woodwork makes it a must visit on the tourist itinerary.The students of classes VI to VIII presented a folk song Krish Pethe, a student of class 5 recited a ‘powada’a cultural song, narrating historical events in an inspiring manner glorify the acts of valourof ShivajiMaharaj.

A talk on the glorious history of Pune during the reign of the Peshwas by Mr Ganesh Rauttrans was arranged. The walk in the galleries helped them understand the architecture plan of the heritage site as well as the glimpse in the old Pune enriching their insight into Indian heritage and culture at large.

3. Young Entrepreneur’s Club

Name of the Activity: Introduction to Entreprenuership

The students were introduced to Entrepreneurship and case study of Dhirubhai Ambani The objective of the activity was to make the students aware of Entrepreneurship and to inculcate social

virtues i.e., trustworthiness, integrity, hard work, discipline, honesty, etc as constituents of entrepreneurship. The teacher introduced the topic of entrepreneurship and defined the term using a PowerPoint presentation. The students watched four short films on Dhirubhai Ambani highlighting his life, achievements and his struggle to become a successful entrepreneur. The students had a brain-storming session followed by discussion on the secrets of his amazing growth. The session concluded with a narration of a path breaking story by a student inspired by the above discussions.

4. Scout and Guide

Name of the Activity: Pravesh Requirements.

(i) History and origin of scouting/ guiding.

(ii) Scout/Guide promise and law

(iii) Good turn

The Objectives of the activity was

(i) To brief the students with the history and origin of Scouts and Guides

(ii) To make them understand the law and promise of Scouts and Guides.

(iii) To explain the meaning of good turn to the students and also how to implement them in their daily lives.

1st Session: The students were given the introduction and history of Scouts and Guides. Then, they were divided into three groups and these groups. The students were asked to discuss in groups their expectations from this club, what activities they would like to do etc. Then, these activities were written down by each student group.

2nd Session: On the ground- The Students were taught the 9 laws of Scouts and Guides through a game.

5. Tout a la mode

Name of the activity:– Introduction to sewing

Objective of the activity:

  1. To enhance creativity and concentration

  2. To develop finer motor skills and eye hand coordination

  3. To facilitate peer learning and teamwork.

The children were introduced to this club with a short introduction on what needle work is all about, how handwork enhances creativity and concentration, develops finer motor skills and eye hand coordination, peer learning and team work. They were also shown the samples of the work done by the children in the previous year.

The children were then provided with a material on which they were taught to sew the edges. They drew lines on their cloth so as to be able to practice the series of stitches that they will be learning in the course of the year. They were then taught the Chain Stitch.

6. Media Appreciation

Name of the activity:– Animation ki Duniya

As this club focuses more on the Media and its aspects, the first session was based on ‘ Animation ki Duniya’. The resource people from the Small Bean Media were invited to conduct the session. It began with the introduction of animation in short films. The talk covered its history, journey, importance and its application in modern times. Various short films and clips based on animation were shown to the club members. The technical aspects were explained subtly. The session concluded with hands on experiences on Animation. Each and every member was asked to draw some painting/ picture and use it from an animation point of view.

7. Space and Astronomy Club

Name of the activity:-: Aeromodelling (Making of a Glider)

Guest Lecture: Mr. Sandip Bajare

The main objective of this activity was to enable students to know the working of planes and make their own plane models. A Video was shown on the making of the first airplane by Wright Brothers and the students were explained the working of different models of aeroplanes. Aero Modelling workshop was conducted. Students made their own model of a Glider and decorated it.

8. Gourmet Central Club Name of the activity:– Preparing Veg cutlets and Mango smoothie An interesting activity was planned for the students . The menu for the day was Veg Cutlets & Mango Smoothie The students were divided into 7 groups and each group was given the name of a fruits or vegetables.

9. Eco club

Name of the activity: Collage making

The objective of the first Eco Club activity was to create unique magazines collages by reusing old magazines and inculcating value of Upcycling in students and to make them understand to think and consider possible other uses before throwing items into the trash bin. 100 Green warriors were divided into five teams for the activity. Students used their creative and innovative ideas to construct the collage. This activity increased awareness of environmental responsibility in students and different ways to save money and the planet.

  1. Cyber Masters

Name of the activity: IT Quiz

The activity planned was a Quiz based on IT, hosted by one of our ex students, Krunaal Tawkar. The activity was planned with an objective of getting an overview about the level of knowledge of the students who had opted for the club and to expose them to the wide arena of subjects related to the field. The activity flagged off with all the 35 students taking the first round of the quiz, which was a general visual round.. The highlight of the quiz was the feature called the theft. It did away with the buzzer seen till now in the past quizzes and the confusion created by it. Dhrupad and Neil B.were declared the winners Sahil S. and Neel M.were the runner up team Sharun S. and Atharva J were the second runner up team. Krunaal Taavkar , an ex Vikheite had created the quiz software himself and had done meticulous planning of the same.

11. Cyber Genius club

Name of the Activity: Animation

Introduction, Presentation of Pivot Stick figure Animator, Activity done by students, Theme- Any sport animation to be created.

  1. Report of the Activity:

The students first introduced themselves.

Here the students were shown a presentation on how to create simple animation which can be used for their future purpose anywhere. Students had a hands on experience about animation wherein they created animation figure using the option available on the software. Also they learnt how to create frames and load them. The students were given a Theme (Any sport) to create an animation on it. Students were told to download the software and create their own theme at home.

12. Robotics Club

Name of the Activity:

Level 1 – Standing Pencil, DC Motor

Level 2 – JCB Arm

Objective of the activity:

Level 1:

The students prepared a standing pencil using magnets in the first half. The principle behind the activity was magnetic levitation. The material used for this activity was pencil, magnets and foam pieces. In the second half the students prepared a DC motor using a 6V battery, copper wires, safety pin and magnets. The principle used behind this activity was when a current carrying conductor is placed in a magnetic field, a mechanical force is exerted on it.

Level 2 – Students assembled a JCB arm using foam pieces and syringes. The design of the JCB arm was based on Pascal’s law which states that pressure applied to a liquid is transferred in all directions equally. The students prepared a JCB arm using foam pieces, syringes, IV tubes and nails. The principle behind this activity was Pascal’s law. It states that pressure exerted anywhere in a confined incompressible fluid is transmitted equally in all directions throughout the fluid such that the pressure variations remain the same.

13. Eureka – The Science club

Name of the Activity: Journey of water from solid to gaseous state

The objective of the activity was to familiarise students with inquiry based learning and to inculcate scientific methods in practice. Water has a unique curve of change of state, and the students explored the concept of latent heat of vaporisation, latent heat of fusion, melting point, boiling point etc. The curve explained the heat energy utilised in changing the state of water. Starting from -10°C to above 110°C , water undergoes a change from solid to liquid and finally to gas.

Students also used the same method to study change of state of glycerine, and compared it with the standard result of water. Every group compared their graphs and discussed how they were similar or different .The aim of this activity was to facilitate self-learning through close interaction, and encouraging independent thoughts and inquiry-based questions.

JULY 23rd July 2016

  1. The Media Appreciation club report

Name of the Activity: ‘Media Writing’

The second activity of the Media Appreciation club was based on ‘Media Writing’. The renowned journalist Mr. Shriram Shinde was invited to deliver a talk on the topic. He began a session with a short film and then brought about the difference between newspaper writing and the magazine writing. The rules and techniques for the writing were explained. The topic was slightly difficult for this level but Mr. Shinde simplified all the technical aspects of writing. In the second half of the session Mr.Shinde spoke about the short-film making. He himself is going to conduct the short film festival in two months. He gave an interesting assignment to the students. The students have been asked to make a short film on ‘Road safety’. In the last half an hour students were shown a short film called two sisters. Students were asked to make the presentations after the film.

2. Scout and Guide club

  1. Name of the Activity: Pravesh Requirements.

  2. Objectives of the activity:

(i) To explain the students Motto, Sign, Salute, left hand shake in Scouts and Guides

(ii) To make them understand the law and promise of Scouts and Guides.

(iii) To explain the meaning of good turn to the students and also how to implement them in their daily lives.

(iv) To make them understand the meaning of the scouts and guides flag.

1st Session: 8.00 am to 9.30 am: Classroom session

The first session was conducted in the classroom. The students were told about the Scouts and Guides motto, the sign, the salute and also about the left hand.

They were asked if they have started doing good turns and also writing the same in a book. They were also told about the Scouts and Guides promise.

And lastly, they were explained what does the Bharat Scouts and Guides flag mean.

2nd Session: 9.45 am to 11.00 am: Seminar Hall

The second session included some physical activities and games.

3. Space and Astronomy club

Name of the activity: Guest Lecture by Mayuresh Girish Prabhune.

Mr. Prabhune is a Reporter of Maharashtra Times (Science Technology and Weather), founder of Vishwa Scientific group and Khagolwish. 

Objective: Students will get to know about the evolution of the Earth and Human being also learn to make the Sun dial and Spectroscope

Students were given presentation and explained about the importance of 10(macro to micro)

  1. As per the Big Bang theory the Earth was formulated 13.7 years ago. And evolution started.

  2. 14 billion years ago our Cosmic evolution started and then formation of the stars.

  3. 10 billion years ago the Sun formed.

Evolution of HUMAN BEING was discussed. After the discussion students made Sun dial and Spectroscope.

  1. Young Entrepreneur Club

Name of the activity:– Guest lecture by Mr. Sandeep Saxena .


  1. How to become an Entrepreneur?

  2. How to make a business proposal?

Objective:- To make the students aware of Entrepreneurship, objectives of business and making a business proposal.

Activity Plan– Mr. Sandeep Saxena introduced the topic of entrepreneurship and objectives of business with examples. He further elaborated on the difference between conventional business (garment factories, sweet shops) and new-age business like online shopping, games etc. He also highlighted the importance of innovation to capture larger markets. He emphasised on the idea of ‘No pain, No gain’ in business, and also that risk and profit go hand in hand. He also guided the students on making a business proposal.

At the end of the session Mr.Sandeep shared his experiences on importance of success and failure in business.

  1. Gourmet Club

  2. Name of the Activity: preparing corn bhel

The Club planned an interesting dish for the students. It was time for Nutritious Corn Cheese Bhel which was greeted with much delight by the students. The students were divided into different groups and they were told to give a name to their group. They were given the necessary instructions by the teachers who explained the recipe and the nutritious value of the all the ingredients. The students were taught how to garnish & present the dish.

  1. Eureka –The Science Club

Name of the Activity: Creative Writing in Science

Creative Writing in Science provides engaging literary exercises that use the world around us to inspire. It helps students increase both their writing skills and their knowledge of science. The students were given basic idea of the type of articles which comes under “creative writing in science”. 

The vast range of scientific writing covers writing blogs, fiction, newsletters, essays, proposals for grants and scientific papers. Students were given various examples of how to start a story, by spinning around the core idea, or scientific concepts. They were encouraged to be imaginative and create unique things and characters.

Following were the tasks assigned to them:

1.Write a travel blog about the Digestive System.

Students were asked to apply their knowledge and vocabulary related to the human digestive system to compose a blog post from the perspective of a bit of food on a journey through the human body. Students were required to capture all of the twists and turns and use personification to convey this trip of a lifetime.

2. Write a fictional story

Students were asked to write a fictional story and use their imagination to weave few scientific laws or phenomenon.

  1. Cyber Masters Club

Name of the Activity : Introduction to Photoshop Software.

A guest lecture was arranged to introduce Photoshop software to the students. Dr. PravinYadav, who conducted the workshop has over 20 years of experience in the Multimedia, 3D Development and Animation field.

Firstly, Dr. Pravin Yadav took students on a Journey to the World of Art. He explained that how there is a large amount of math involved in art and the intricacies of art can often be described using math. He further explained that a work or art can be analyzed by considering a variety of aspects called as elements of art which include line, shape, form, colour, texture, space etc. He also explained about Principles of Design which are concepts used to organize the structural elements of design which include Rhythm, Harmony, Proportion, Symmetry etc. Different pictures were shown to identify different elements of Art in the picture. Later tools of Photoshop software were explained. Students had hands on experience wherein they follow steps told by Dr. Yadav to draw a scenary using different layers.

  1. Heritage Club

  2. Name of the Activity : Class VI- Pottery making

Class VII- Manuscript making

Class VIII- Poster and Slogan Making

  1. Objective of the activity– the students will gain a hands-on experience while doing each activity.

Class VI– The students of Class VI learnt the ancient art of pottery and a resource person had been invited for the same.

Class VII– The students dipped the paper in coffee and learnt to make manuscripts and give them an old and preserved look. They burnt the edges to enhance the looks of the manuscripts.

Class VIII- They made posters and slogans which would be help in the Heritage walk in the future to the heritage sites in Pune. The posters tell about the Preserving the heritage sites for posterity.

This was followed by the Vegetarian and Non- Vegetarian lunch where the students savoured the ‘Tambda and Pandhra Rassa.’ They loved the lunch.

  1. Cyber Genius Club

  2. Name of the Activity: Animation

Theme- Any sport animation to be created.

  1. Report of the Activity:

The Students had hands on experience about animation wherein they created animation figure using the option available on the software. Also they learnt how to create frames and load them.

10. Tout a la mode

Name of the activity:– Educational Trip to SNDT College, Karve Road, Pune

The children were taken to SNDT College, Home Science Department to view and learn about the different kinds of handwork done there which are specific to India and its villages. There they visited the Fashion Designing and Handwork department headed by Dr. Rachna Vishwanathan. The children were introduced to various forms of handwork namely ‘Tie and Dye’, ‘Batik Printing’, ‘Block Printing’, ‘Screen Printing’ and styles of embroidery specific to India and its villages. Dr Rachna began the session with a short introduction on what needle work is all about, how handwork enhances creativity and concentration, develops finer motor skills and eye hand coordination, peer learning and teamwork. She also spoke to the children how they can consider Fashion Designing as a career option. They were explained the process of making fabric on the loom, dyeing it and then marketing it. The children got to experience first-hand how a loom works and how cloth is woven. The children were then provided with a material on which they were taught to sew a stitch used widely in Karnataka, called the KASUTI STITCH. They were taught this stitch by the students present there.

  1. Robotics Club

Name of Activity:

Level 1 – Air Pump, Hovercraft.

Level 2- Magnetic propeller, Hydraulic Jack.

Level 1: 

Air Pump: Students prepared air pump using the principle of a unidirectional valve. Students learnt to make a unidirectional valve. Simple material like 2 empty plastic containers, 15 cm of old cycle tube, a stiff straw, cello tape, scissors and clay.

Hovercraft: In the second half students made a hovercraft based of the principle of air pressure. Material used was C.D, sketch pen, rubber band, balloon, glue and foam. The air cushion helped free movement.

Level 2:

Magnetic propeller: Students used the principle of accelerating an object (plastic fan) by making use of magnetic field created and specific placement of magnets.. Simple material like pencils a piece of CD, ring magnets, plastic fan, foam rubber etc.

Hydraulic Jack: Students began the construction of Hydraulic jack. Basic material like ice-cream sticks syringe etc were used. Students completed making markings and punching holes in the sticks.

  1. Eco Club

Name of the Actitivy: Budding Alchemists and Blooming Leaders

In order to encourage students for plantation and to make them aware that used tyres are a threat to our environment, an activity of Tyre painting was conducted. Each group was given one tyre, stones, paints and brushes for painting. Group leaders distributed responsibilities to their team members.

Paper weights were made from stones that go unnoticed on the ground. These will be used for philanthropic cause. These designed tyres and stones will be used for herbal gardening. Students enjoyed the activity and learnt the concept of Reuse and Repurposing of used Tyres and stones.


Name of the Actitivy: Trek to Vetal Tekdi

The second club activity for the nature trail was trekking to Veetal hill which is also known as Veetal Tekadi. The trek started at 8 am. Students started climbing the steep hill with excitement. They gathered information on different trees and birds. The sight of the tekdi was amazing with

many exotic varieties of trees on the hilltop. Students were told about the birds which are extremely

popular on Veetal tekadi. The tweeting of birds like Bulbul, Indian Robin, Peacocks were amazing. The green pastures on the hill top and the cool breeze really helped the students to experience the beauty of nature.

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