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Club and Month End Activities – June 2018

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Saturday Club


Name of the Activity: JavaScript Programming For A Game

The students were explained that they would be using an object-oriented computer programming language commonly used to create interactive effects within web browsers called as JavaScript to develop a simple game software. The students were asked to open the website jsfiddle.net to write their programs. jsfiddle.net provides an environment to test your JavaScript code in your browser.

After a short introduction, Vinay Phadnis started the activity by showing how to write the script the students were explained what each of the statement meant and then the students typed in the programs.The program was demonstrated on the projector.


Name of the activity: A trek to Rohida fort

The objective of the trekking is not just the particular destination, but the journey itself. You travel at a modest pace, observing nature, rural communities, and spectacular hills. Trekking is the best way to experience natural beauty. The first activity of the Nature trail club was a trek to Rohida fort. The Rohida fort is also known as ‘Vichitghad’ or ‘Binni fort’. The guide Mr. Vidyadhar Rairikar told the students that the fort was built during Yadava period. Shivaji Maharaj won the fort from the hands of Bandal-Deshmukh of Rohida in a close battle. Later we were shown a series of Ganesh idols at the first entrance gate which also has an arch on top. The Second gate had an underground water cistern which holds water throughout the year. These two gates are strongly built and have some artistic carvings in Marathi and Persian. The fort has a temple of ‘Lord Rohidmalla’ with idols of ‘Bhairoba and Bhairavi’.


Name of the Activity: Manuscript Making

The students of the Heritage Club learnt the traditional art of making folders with manuscripts. They brought the required material, a shloka/ poem/ treasure map or quote required for the activity.

They made a folder to maintain all the reviews of the activities held in the club throughout the year.

Materials used– Coffee decoction, a white chart paper, candle, black marker pen. The objective of the activity was to enable the students to understand the significance and usage of manuscripts in History. They were excited to dip the chart paper in coffee, dry it up and burn the edges to give it an old manuscript look.


Name of the activity: ‘ Understanding of Cinema’.

The first session of the Media Appreciation club was an interactive session/talk on the topic ‘ Understanding of Cinema’. Prof. Pradeep Kumar Mane was invited as a resource person. The session began with the screening of the short -film ‘ Prism’ followed by a discussion. Mr. Mane explained all the technical aspects with the help of the short-film. Additionally, he talked of the grammar of the film-language with a lot of examples. The session was very interactive and enriching. All the students have been asked to write the feedback of the session. 


Name of the activity: 1. Model of a standing pencil- Magnetism. 2. Making of a JCB model 3. Making of a laser security alarm

Level 1:

In the first half: Students successfully made the model of Standing Pencil Model based on principles of Magnetism. In the second half: Students made a game that increases their concentration steadiness based on the principle of completion of a circuit

They enjoyed both activities with a better understanding of the underlying principles with a hands on experience.

Level 2:

In the first half: Students made the model of JCB model based on principle of hydraulics.In the second Half: Students made the working model of a wind mill based on conversion of energy principle. It will be continued in the next session.

They were very happy to successfully complete the models and make them work as they understood the principles better.

Level 3:

Students efficiently made the model of a Laser Security Alarm based on the principle of laser rays. They were delighted to made a working model and learnt more about soldering etc.


Name of the activity: artificial satellites –

The students of the Astronomy club were explained in detail about artificial satellites, structure of Earth etc. by Mr. Parag Gore. The students also made a working model of the artificial satellite. It was an enriching, fun filled and knowledgeable activity for the students.


Name of the activity: Basics of stitching

Name of the Activity: Basics of stitching

Everyone should know the basics of hand stitching like tacking, hemming, sewing buttons etc. It is made compulsory for the students of Std. X to know the basics of stitching. The students were provided with material like cloth, needle and thread, buttons, press buttons, embroidery thread and scissors. Students were divided into groups to learn the basics of stitching like tacking/ running stitch, hemming, few embroidery stitches like blanket stitch and herringbone stitch. They were able to complete all the stitches and also showed interest in learning the same.

Name of the Activity – Tailoring

The activity was conducted in X A Mrs Athale and Mrs Menon explained and demonstrated folding, cutting and stitching a cloth bag. Mrs Menon explained the application of Mathematics seen in the activity.

Each student used one metre of cloth to cut and stitch the cloth bag.

Name of the Activity: Tie and Dye

  1. Students assembled in the Chemistry Lab for a short introduction of the Basic Science of Tie and Dye by Mrs. Joseph and Mrs. Wadhwa.

  2. Students viewed the teacher do art samples of tie dye to motivate them in doing the same.

  3. Teachers demonstrated the first phase of the activity i.e tying of the basic Knots.

  4. Then the students were shown the demonstration of dying the knotted fabric to get beautiful designs.

  5. The students were given a hands on experience of the activity.

  6. This activity enhanced their Visual, Spatial and Kinesthetic skills.

  7. This activity enhanced team building and co-operation.


Name of the Activity: Making Veg and Non-veg wraps

The students of Std Xth C & D divisions were divided into two groups vegetarian and non-vegetarian. They were assigned different tasks like cutting the vegetables, kneading the dough for the wraps, rolling the dough into a chapati, grating the paneer and making the filling with vegetables, chicken and spices. 

This was one dish every student could relate to and the students went about their tasks efficiently May be they could not wait to taste the “Wraps” of their labour!!!

It was heartening to note that even boys involved them in this activity enthusiastically. They showcased great teamwork and. A perfect beginning to the Club activity for the new year.


Name of the Activity: Come-Post the Waste & Take Out The Best

The objective of the Eco Club activity was to create awareness amongst the students about the need for careful waste disposal and teach the students how to make their very own compost pit at home. All sections of Std IX students had gathered in the AV Room.

The session was conducted by the members of FORREST- Forest Regeneration and Environmental Sustainability Trust. The resource team representing FORREST comprised of Ms. Neha Singh (Founder, Managing Director), Ms Nivedita Kulkarni (Founder Director) and Ms Prachi Mhaske (Project Coordinator).

The session commenced with a presentation wherein Ms. Neha Singh spoke to the students about the concerns over the careless disposal of waste and their role in upsetting the ecological balance were discussed. Solutions to combat waste disposal issues were also discussed extensively.

Ms. Singh along with her team members demonstrated before the students the method of making a compost pit at home. The students were instructed to make a compost pit at home for the disposal of the green kitchen waste. For this very purpose each student was given a packet of compost. They were also instructed to document all their work.

The office bearers of the Eco Club were also selected in this inaugural session.


Name of the Activity: Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Case Studies of Entrepreneurs.

To make the students aware of entrepreneurship and to inculcate social virtues, i.e. trustworthiness, integrity, hard work, discipline, honesty etc. as constituents of entrepreneurship.

The teacher introduced the topic, objective, mission and defined and explained the term using a power point presentation. Then the students watched short films on success of-

  1. Dhirubhai Ambani- highlighting his life, achievements and his struggle to become a successful entrepreneur.

  2. Varun Agrawal- from failing in engineering to co-founding a million-dollar company

  3. Jack Ma- his biography and starting of Alibaba.com

  4. Bhavish Agrawal- inspiring story of the brain behind Ola Cabs

  5. 10 self-made teenage entrepreneurs

  6. Top 5 entrepreneurship lessons from successful entrepreneurs like Ratan Tata, Jack Ma, Mark Cuben, Kevin O’leary (Canadian- Irish Businessman), Sunder Pichai (Chief Executive officer, Google)

The session concluded by an ice-breaking session wherein students introduced and described each other through an activity – ‘Get to Know One Another’


Name of the Activity: Building a Spectroscope using old CD’s and study spectrum.

  1. Students were provided with the material to make the instrument.

  2. Students used white light (sun light), led light, candle light and light emitted by the burning of various salts like copper sulphate, Ammonium chloride, NaCl and zinc and compared the spectrum emitted.

All light is made up of waves of electromagnetic radiation. A spectroscope spreads each different wavelength to a different position within a spectrum of light. Music is digitally recorded as circular tracks of ones and zeros on the mirrored surface of a CD. These circular tracks are so close together that they can act as a diffraction grating for light. When the light enters the tube, it is spread into a spectrum perpendicular to the CD tracks. This is why the slit and the viewing hole are located at right angles.Each color bends at a particular angle. For you to see the spectrum, the light must diffract off the CD and reflect into your eye. Adjusting the tilt of the CD allows you to properly bounce the spectrum into your eye.

The students were asked to examine the spectra produced by other light sources, such as light-emitting diodes (LEDs), sodium-vapor streetlights, and neon tubes.

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Month-End Activity: STD: I /II/ III: ‘Collage Making’

The first month end activity for the year 2018-19 was held on 29th June 2018. The activity conducted was ‘Collage Making’. The activity was conducted house wise and the topics given to the students were as follows.

Std 1 – Nouns Coral – Persons, Ruby – Places, Emerald – Animals, Sapphire – Things.

Std 2 – Animals  Coral – Land Animals, Ruby – Domestic Animals, Emerald – Water Animals, Sapphire – Wild Animals.

Std 3 – Environment.

Students of class 1and 2 were told to get the pictures on the given topics from home. They made a beautiful collage in their respective houses. Std 3 students were told to get paper bags. The theme ‘Environment’ helped them to make amazing collage on burning issues like water scarcity, air pollution etc. The students enjoyed the activity and it also helped them to use their thinking skills, to increase their knowledge and develop their finer motor skills They also learnt to work together as a team.

STD: IV: Inter-house Spell Bee

After the initial selection round, four finalists from each of the houses were selected. The Spell Bee consisted of six rounds. The first round was ‘Say it Aloud’ wherein each team member had to spell the word asked. The second round was ‘Sort it Out’ where the contestants had to unscramble the hidden words. Round 3 was ‘Add the missing vowels’ and in Round 4 the teams had to correct the spellings of the given words. The Audience Round allowed an active participation of the audience. The concluding Buzzer round ensured that the levels of excitement and enthusiasm were maintained till the very end.

The teams exhibited excellent team spirit and determination while attempting every question. At the end the results were declared and they were as follows….

1st position– CORAL (16 points)

2nd position– RUBY (13points)

3rd position– SAPPHIRE (11 points)

4th position- EMERALD (6 points)

This activity was an excellent learning experience for not only the finalists but also to the other students who were present as the audience.

STD: V : Spell Bee Competition

The introduction of the ‘Spell- Bee Competition’ in the curriculum has led to the development of the students’ skills in spellings and improving their vocabulary. An Inter-House Spell-Bee competition was held on 27 June 2018 for class V

All students were given a fair chance to qualify for the competition through performance being rated on the number of correctly spelt words. The winners of these rounds were finally selected for the main competition through an elimination round held house wise.

Anxiety filled the hall, as the spell bees (participants) took their seats on the stage and the ‘Arena of Spell’ came alive for the ‘Inter House Spell Bee Competition’. A competition filled with rounds like ‘Say-Spell-Say, unscramble the word, Fill the missing letters and the most exited round the buzzer round where the contestants were given 30 seconds for individual and 2mins for group rounds. 

The competition was well received by the students and they participated with great enthusiasm and zeal.

Result and the Score:

1st position – Coral house — 67

2nd Position – Sapphire house – 59

3rd Position –Emerald House – 45

4th Position – Ruby House — 40

STD: VI: Flower Arrangement

The June month end activity for Std VI was Flower Arrangement. The students were divided into house wise groups. They were advised to use only paper to make the flowers. The students made flowers using colorful paper in the class during the time allotted to them for the activity. The presentations were very innovative and creative which literally left the judges in a difficult situation to judge the best among the best. The students thoroughly enjoyed the activity as they felt responsible contributing to their respective house points.

STD: VII: Collages Making

Activity-The students of Class VII made collages of various Heritage Sites.

They brought the required material required for the activity.

They enjoyed the activity and worked with a competitive spirit as they wanted to win points for their respective house.

Materials used– A chart paper, colored paper, pictures of the Heritage sites, Fevicol or glue.The main objective is to enable the students to know various heritage sites, monuments and their significance and also the art of making collages. They chose places from around the world and worked in a team to make a collage.

STD: VIII: Sand Paper Art

The students were instructed to bring the material prior to the activity. The students were divided into 4 groups as per their house and were explained the objective and the judgement criteria. The students had already decided their themes and very enthusiastically made various collages. The teams had decided their coloring team, drawing team the pasting team .This activity helped the student to distribute their work as per their expertise and build team work. It brought out creativity and developed a competitive spirit. 

The judgement parameters were team work , presentation, creativity, neatness and aesthetic sense.

STD: IX /X: Inter House Competition: Salad making, Card making, Flower decoration and Mocktail making.

Students of classes IX and X participated in an inter house competition as their month end activity this included Salad making, Card making, Flower decoration and Mock tail making.

Since it was an inter house competition there was a healthy competitive spirit amongst the participants. All four houses Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire and Coral were given their respective venues to prepare and display their work.

This activity tested the group skills, artistic skills, presentation skills, team building and creativity of the participants.

The students made healthy nutritious salads with the nutritive value displayed, artistically displayed flower arrangements, a great variety of exotic and colourful mock tails with interesting names and very creative and well decorated cards with valuable messages on them.

The techniques like paper quilling and shaking were used in making the cards. With their eye catching displays they turned the yummy salads into beautiful creations. The flower display added colour to the activity and the ingredients used in salads definitely catered to health and wellness.

The activity proved to be great fun and a learning experience for the students.


Young students have an ocean of hidden talent amongst them and it was on full display at the Inter- house “show your talent” contest which was the month end activity for the month of June for students of classes XI and XII.

The main reason behind organizing this competition was to nurture the intrinsic qualities of students and remove the fear of stage among students, which helps in personality development too. Performing for gaining house points was the main reason behind an overwhelming enthusiasm in participation.

Performance ranged from solo singing, group singing, playing instruments like guitar, mouth organ and piano to solo dances and group dances. Every performance was well rehearsed and performed to perfection. Audience encouraged every performance through applause and kept the atmosphere charged. The best performing house was declared as Sapphire and Emerald.

Other Initiatives : The VPMS Pune School organized the two days Intra School Conference and orientation programme on Physical Education and Sports. The primary objective of this conference was to provide a platform for exchange of ideas and interaction among teachers from the field of Physical Education and Sports.

The Programme began with the lighting of the auspicious lamp and introductions of the members present.

The first topic for presentation was ‘Role of Physical Education Teacher in School’, which was presented by Mr. Deepak Poria (VPMS Lohegaon), Mrs. Meena Pulate (VPMS Loni) and Ms. Sapna Yadav (VPMS Pune). There were questions raised such as “how would a P.E.Teacher actively participate in general as well as when he/she is unwell”.

The next presentation was by Mrs. Suchismita Mishra (VPMS Pune) who spoke about Yoga and its importance. Then Ms.Priyanka Auti (VPMS Lohegaon) and Mr. Bharat Solanki (VPMS Nashik) presented on ‘Age appropriate games for different age groups’. The questions raised here were- What is the Importance of Minor Games and Difference between minor and major games.

Post lunch Mrs. Sandhya Kotbagi (VPMS Pune) told us about Swimming and Physical Fitness.

Mr. Prakash Poojary (VPMS Lohegaon) and Mrs. Ashwini Shinde (VPMS Pune) presented their topic ‘Communication for different age groups’. The next topic for presentation was ‘Activities to encourage motor development, mental stability, emotional balance, appropriate care for athletes’ presented by Mrs. Sucharita Mishra.

The concluding session was on Track and field events which was presented by Mr. Suresh Kumar (VPMS Pune). Mrs. Ashwini proposed the vote of thanks.


  1. The French Connection- from Pune to Quimper

On 15th April 2018, sixteen excited students set forth on a journey which was to be the culmination of planning and organisation that had lasted nearly a year. They were accompanied by two teachers: Ms. Pranoti Neurgaonkar and Ms. Deepti Prasad.The Student Exchange Program with Le Likès, a Higher Secondary School from Brittany in France reached its final phase with the visit of these sixteen students from Class X (Batch of 2017-18) to Quimper. The students had hosted their French ‘correspondants’ in the month of November 2017 and now it would be their turn to experience life in a French family. A very heartening sight was the Indian tri-colour on the roof of the building, fluttering alongside the flags of France and the EU. Le Likès does this for every foreign school that visits them for an Exchange Program.

The school and the coordinating teachers had spared no effort to make the group feel comfortable- from allotting them a room where the students could assemble and relax to organising several interactive sessions and classes for them to participate in. The group was taken on a guided heritage walk around the city, shown its beautiful cathedral and the Musée des Beaux Arts. They were invited to the Town Hall where they were addressed by one of the officials Mr. Thomas Couturier; who told them that “the differences which separate us are not as great as the ones that bring us close”

The highlight of these visits was undoubtedly the trip to Mont St Michel- a 12th century abbey built on an island off the coast of Normandy. The students were awed by the magnificence of the edifice constructed on and around the rocky cliffs.

The students left France with experiences that had changed their lives and memories that would last them a lifetime. It was truly an enriching visit which taught them about responsibility, adaptability and how to accept differences.

The group at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

2.International French exchange programme

The third batch of the french exchange programme visited France from the 27th of May, 2018 to 10th of June, 2018. The group comprised of 13 students from Std X, namely – from X A- Snehan Chauhan, Aabha Galande, Krisha Surana and Saloni Jahagirdar. From X B- Naad Dantale, from X C- Yashowardhan Bapat and Sahil Purandhare, from XD- Ayushi Barve, Nandini Trivedi, Saish Ambasankar, Aditya Mohite, Sayali Bhamare and Isha Supekar. They were accompanied by two staff members- Mrs. Bharati Kudchadker and Mrs. Manisha Joseph. They stayed with their corresponding counterparts from College du Chateau in Morlaix, France. They attended classes at the school every day and participated in English, French, Spanish, Math, Science, Social Science, IT, Cookery and Physical Education activities. In addition, the students also engaged in climbing and badminton classes. The French teachers were impressed by the quick grasping skills of our students and praised their intelligence.

The students also had the opportunity to take part in accrobranches, which are tree top adventure activities at the Taule Adventure Ecopark, along with the 22 French students who will be visiting India as part of the exchange, in November, 2018. The Indian group was given a tour of the town of Morlaix and had a reception at the Town Hall. They also learnt a few basic traditional Breton dances at the school. Our students presented a prayer song in Marathi, a traditional Rajasthani dance- Ghoomar and also sang a medley of Hindi songs. Our students also presented a power point presentation on India and also provided information about our school. They also performed yoga asanas, which were received huge applause. The group received press coverage and their pictures appeared in two different newspapers.

Celebrations : International Yoga Day Celebrations

The International Yoga Day was celebrated on 21st June, 2018, on the School Basketball Ground. A special assembly was organized to commemorate the occasion. The programme comprised of a yogic prayer in Sanskrit, followed by a speech about the origin of Yoga, its significance and the origin of the celebration of this day. Subsequently, students enumerated the various benefits of yoga for school children, along with demonstrations in which Teachers and 1600 students of STD II -XII participated. A special Yoga session was also organised for the staff IV employees. The benefits of the various asanas students to overcome stress, stiffness, anxiety, improve concentration and obesity was explained to the students. The programme concluded with pranayama being performed by all the Teachers and students, followed by meditation and oath taking or ‘Sankalp’ by all the students. A rousing rendition of the National Anthem culminated the celebrations.


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