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Club and Month end Activities – June 2015


Eco Club To sensitise the students towards the cleanliness of environment, the Eco club conducted a cleanliness awareness activity on 20th June, 2015 between 10.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. Thirty students of the Eco- club were divided into two groups. Group ‘A’ prepared a skit on the side effects of consuming contaminated water and group ‘B’ prepared beautiful posters with attractive slogans on keeping the surroundings clean and green. The students displayed their creativity and respect towards environment by presenting the skit and using the slogans in an effective manner.

Literature Club The Literary Club conducted story telling activity as the first activity of the academic year 2015-16. In the beginning the teacher introduced all the twenty-six students from class VI to X with story as one of the oldest form of literature and explained its types and advantages. After dividing the pupils into five groups, they were provided visuals associated with the themes like – earthquake disaster, importance of life insurance policy , floods in cities , fast food , and a toiling farmer . The parameters of storytelling were announced and explained. The leaders and their teammates were given time limit of twenty minutes to prepare themselves to narrate their stories. During this the teacher took a review of the students preparation and made suggestions where required. Finally each group shared the ideas, co – ordinated well and came up with fine stories. Each member of all the groups narrated his/ her part of the stories and was judged in the light of the criteria as content ,fluency, confidence, voice modulation, expression and group dynamics. The students were provided an opportunity to do peer assessment. It was a great experience to do this activity. The teacher discussed the merits of each group and suggested the areas of improvement.

Maths Club The students of Maths Club were divided into ten groups each consisting of three students, who enthusiastically participated in the activity -“ Find out Area and Perimeter.” As per the guidance of the teacher the students successfully measured the area and perimeter of the objects of different shapes and size such as cupboards, windows, doors, green board, boxes of different size, triangular objects and playgrounds. The pupils were able to produce accurate measurements by using their mathematical skills and application of appropriate formulas. The in-charge teacher examined the performance of each group in the light of the parameters as Presentation, Co-ordination, Accurate Measurement and Time Management.

Little Chef Club To enable the students to understand the importance of balanced and nutritious diet the Club in-charge teacher assigned different tasks to each group comprising six students and saw that everyone gave his / her input for the activity. The first group prepared a menu list of healthy meals and explained why it considered those healthy. The second group composed slogans on promoting healthy eating habits and stated their significance. The third group showed great enthusiasm in creating advertisements for selling healthy food and suggested ways to promote healthy eating habits among the peers. The last group had a discussion on how media influences the eating habits of young people and prepared charts and slogan as per their knowledge. All the students showed great enthusiasm and displayed their creative skills. Finally the teacher addressed all the club students and urged them to have regular and balanced diet and healthy eating habits.

Science Club On June 20, 2015 all the students of Science Club enjoyed watching a two hour film in the A.V. room on Blue Planet and endangered animal species of the world . The objective was to develop their interest in them. Students were amazed to see the beauty beneath the ocean, the formation of coral reef and shark hunting. They also learnt about the facts related to the endangered species of animals and noted the terms associated with them. They were curious and amazed to see the endangered species like loxodonta ( an African Elephant), Eubalenaglacialies (whales), Balaenopteramusculus ( Blue Whale) and Unciauncia ( a Snow Leopard) During the fifteen minutes session after viewing the film the pupils shared the facts and information about the rare species and even raised lot many doubts and queries about marine life. The teacher solved them and shared additional information to enhance students’ interest in oceanic wealth and life. This activity enabled the students to obtain additional information about the blue planet and rare species of animals.

June Month end activity Reports

Primary Section A grand and gorgeous fancy dress competition was conducted for the students of std. I to III on 30th June 2015.Children from each class ware participated with great interest and performed well. Students selected characters based on different themes like mythology, community helpers and nature under the guidance of in charge teachers. The characters were like Lord Krishna, Janshiki Rani, Doctor, police officer, butterflies, flowers, fruits, and plants etc. Each participant prepared his/her dialogues and dressing very beautifully. It was very enjoyable to see and listen the performance of tiny tots. This activity helped the student to develop their confidence and expression. The performances of the tiny tots were judged on the basis of the criteria like attire, theme, confidence and presentation. Everybody enjoyed this activity a lot. The winner were I Daisy I –Rose 1] AherManas 1] jondhaleShravani 2] Bhandari Ruhi 2] Surana Daksha 3] Khatode Shweta 3] MhaskeGayatri 3) Thete Avni II Daisy II Rose 1]AsawaSumedh 1] Dengale Shreya 1] Shetty Dhanvi 1] GaikwadSaisha 2] GiriSuyash 2]DeshpandeAtharva 2] Khamkar Saish 3] LadaneYash 3]Saini Swapnil III Daisy III Rose 1] BhosaleVedika 1] Gaikwad Susana 2] MhaskeShena 2] VikheSwayam 3] AnshulKalebag 3] Bora Krishna 3] Kharade Aditya

Secondary Section Each student is born with some talent. With an objective to discover it and sharpen the required skills, we conduct a host of activities on month ends. On this month end i.e. 30th June the school had class decoration activity for classes IV to VIII. This activity was carried out under the guidance of the concerned class teachers. All the students participated in the activity very enthusiastically. They displayed their aesthetic and creative skills in preparing a large variety of decorative items and charts designed in different shapes which included the content in the form of poems, slogans, quotations, biographies of great leaders, amazing facts, essays , scientific information, amazing facts, cartoons ,drawings and good thoughts. The pupils showed their artistic talent in arranging their creations in a decorative manner. To motivate the students, certificates were awarded to three students from each class who performed the best. The class wise result of the event was as follows: Class IV 1] Kharde Kasturi Mahesh [ Coral] 2] Choudhari Shruti Sunil [ Sapphire]] Thigle Srushti Sachin [ Ruby] 3] Deokar Samruddhi Shailesh [ Sapphire] Kharde Raj Kishor[Emerald]

Class V 1]Kharde Ruturaj Pravin [ Emerald] 2]Lamkhade Janvi Sandip [ Emerald] 3]Kulkarni Vallabh [ Emerald]

Class VI 1] Mahadik Arpita Dattatraya[ Coral] Vikhe Tanisha Dattatraya[ Coral]/Sachdev Diya Pradip[ Coral] 2] Wani Asmita Bimashankar [Coral] 3] Andhale Khushi Suji [ Emerald]

Class VII 1] Wahadane Krishna Chandrakant [ Sapphire] 2] Gaikar Sarthak Raosaheb[ Emerald] 3] Dongre Vikas Prabhakar[ Emerald]

Class VIII 1] Kharde Shriraj Mahesh [Emerald] 2] Gaikar Kirti Raosaheb[ Emerald] 3] Gawade Srushti Bhaskar[ Sapphire] Awareness of Adolescence Issues – (IX – X) On 30Th June 2015 with an objective to make the pupils accept that change is an inevitable part of life and to appreciate that growth and development is a continuous process, an activity on ‘We are Changing’ was conducted for the students of class IX and X .The class teachers worked as facilitators and divided the students into different groups. Each group was provided with a separate case study and given a time limit of ten minutes. The volunteers from each group discussed the given case studies and answered the doubts and queries raised by the peers. The facilitators concluded the discussion by stating the adolescents need to be prepared for the physical, mental, psycho-social and emotional changes that takes place during this phase of life and made the pupils feel that they are not anxious about them and respond to these changes in positive and responsible way. Investiture Ceremony For honing the skills of potential leaders of the future, Investiture Ceremony of our School was held on 26th June 2015 with great enthusiasm. The ceremony started with garlanding the portrait of Late Padmashri Dr.Vitthalrao Vikhe Patil and lighting the lamp followed by welcome song.

The Head Boy Sanket Chavan and the Head Girl Pratiksha Sawant of class X along with their team of office bearers as Sports Captains, Shreya Kharde and Abhishek Ambre along with House Captains Vice House Captains and House Prefects took the oath to hold the school motto of Making Life Meaningful in high esteem and to deliver their duties to the best of their abilities and honour the trust bestowed upon them. The Principal along with the School Co-ordinators and House Masters pinned the badges on the shoulders of these newly elected office bearers. The Principal Mrs. Swati Kharde addressed the Office Bearers to perform their tasks and responsibilities with utmost sincerity, diligence and stressed upon the need of assuming responsibilities by each one in the best interest of the school. The Co-ordinator Mrs. Anu Malik inspired the students to develop the qualities of leadership in themselves. The ceremony concluded with National Anthem. The programme was entirely compered by Komal and Dhanashri of class X. Teachers Training Programme On 8th June, 2015 the school had organised Teachers’ Training programme ‘ for the secondary section teachers at VPMS, Pune. The Vice Principal, Mrs. Kiran Jadhav and the Secondary Co-ordinator introduced the teachers with the maintenance of Scholastic and co-scholastic records and evidences for the board. This was followed by the guidance from the subject experts who trained the teachers in the areas like individual and multidisciplinary project writing, conducting of oral and written activities, maintenance of evidences in the form of answer papers, worksheets, photos, CDs, videos activities and anecdotal records. In short it was a brain washing session.

XSEED Teachers Training Report To create an awareness about the changes and new trends of XSEED the school had organized a teachers’ training program in the school itself on 9th June 2015. AII the XSEED teachers enjoyed the training programme under the guidance of the resource person Ms. Rachana Singh. During the first session she had a discussion with the teachers and jotted down the problems faced by them while teaching. She discussed these one by one and threw light on the strategies and remedies to be adopted to overcome them. In the second session she had explained very important point that was Blue Scale which included the points like Aim, Action, Analysis, Application, Notebooks and Reading Comprehension. She explained the blue scale points very systematically and guided about yearly plan, weekly plan, syllabus completion and clubbing of the lesson. The training was really helpful for the teachers to clear their doubts and get new ideas for the new academic session 2015-16. Xseed Training At V.P.M.S, Pune Teacher Training Programme was organised in VPMS Pune for Xseed teachers of Little Flower School on 8th June. The primary co coordinator Mrs. Upadhye began programme very enthusiastically and guided the teachers for logbook writing, group activity, class control, notebook correction, remedial and time management. She specially focussed on remedial and types and activities and their objectives. She explained how to conduct individual and group activities very smoothly. Even she guided about effective ways of conducting remedial. During training period time was given for interaction with Xseed teacher of VPMS. It was really fruitful and informative training.

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